Is It True Nothing Exists Except Pure Thought Waves?

Veil Of RealityYes it’s true that everything we see around us is a programmed illusion, and we’re in essence living in an infinite virtual reality simulation. Ultimately our so called physical Universe is programmed from pure informational thought waves that are apart of various higher dimensional Gods.  Gods that culminate in the one original eternal Macroverse God, or possibly an infinite pool of pure thought waves.  However if reality spontaneously spawned from such a non-conscious sea of random thought waves then so did conscious beings who became Gods.  Gods who could act in concert as a Macroverse God. The only real things are the pure thoughts of our consciousness, and all sentient beings that generate a higher dimensional soul.  Everything else is merely stage scenery, and props.

Pure thought becomes reality through a process only known to Gods in which their thought waves gradually transition into spacial dimension waves, and then energy string waves.  Energy that eventually transitions into the matter we see around us including our bodies.  Thanks to the programming of our bodies, and the channeling of our souls through our physical brain we are trapped, or tricked, by this illusion.  Only those with special powers can escape this reality, or at least see past the veil of thought wave deceit. If someone was to see past everything they would see directly into the mind of the Macroverse God which is where we’re all standing as we speak.  It’s thought that only Omniverse Gods might have a shot at this.  Since nothing exists,and therefore has no real size, the illusions are technically in the same space.  An infinite myriad of vibrating energy, dimensions, and thoughts all actually existing in no space but for visualization purposes we can say on the head of a pin in the vast oceans of infinite thought in the mind of the Macroverse.

That’s right the entire expanses of the Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and the Macroverse along with every temporal expanse, and higher dimension exists on the period at the end of this sentence.  That’s how the Macroverse God would view the whole Macroverse. If you had the complete power to piece the Macroverse veil you could go anywhere in any time frame instantly.  All you’d have to do is change the vibrational frequency of the programmed space around you to match the time, and place you wanted to be in. You could also create your own Universes to generate amazing fantasy worlds.  Obviously you could also alter vibrational frequencies, and re-program thought waves to change anything in the Macroverse thereby achieving the highest levels of Author Authority powers.  Something to look forward to in the afterlife which is the eventual ascension to various levels of Godhood.  There’s also the general ascension of intelligent civilizations to Godhood status as well.

So next time you feel bored, or yearn to travel across the Universe to infinity, and beyond just realize you’re already there.  You just can’t see it!  You’re everywhere in every time at one with everything.  In addition you’re a few vibrational alternations away from the most amazing life you could ever imagine leading!  You only need to open your eyes to all the vibrating waves that circulate within you like a latent God.  Astral Projection, born out of lucid dreaming, is one of the first cracks in the veil witnessed by the average person.

Creative visualization of the amazing lives you lead in parallel Universes can stimulate your subconscious to make your dreams come true.  The self-improvement program called Quantum Jumping is an excellent tool to send you down the path to the life you always wanted to lead.  Click Here To Learn More About Quantum Jumping! | Quantum Jumping On Ebay |

Do Humans Truly Possess Free Will?

Free Will In The After Life, And Beyond.  The Choice To Exist Or Not.

angel-devil-free-willYes recent revelations from ancient scrolls, including the word of top flight mystics, indicate humanity was created under the Heaven mandated “Free Will Accords” .  Outside of this temporal space we already exist in various forms in the higher dimensions looking back on our life since it’s already occurred in their, or our, eyes.  In this four dimensional Universe our three dimensional self is linked to our 4-D spirit, or soul that exists in the 5th dimension.  We come into existence in this particular Universe as that completed 4-D form, and our Guardian Angel asks us if we want to exist as we peruse all the memories of our life here.  If we say no then we are blinked out of existence.  There’s no alternative since deleting our life would leave us with no identity.  Although if a person asks they can have all memories, and knowledge of their life deleted.  They would then be left with a base programming as a four dimensional entity, and would have to find a way to navigate the 5th dimension to make an life for themselves since they would no longer have a Guardian Angel.  They would need to discover how to be free, and travel to any place, time, or dimension as a Traveler.  It’s unknown how many choose such an option.  Read The Rest Of The Article At Godhoodism.Com

Are There Too Many People On Earth?

With each passing decade the wealthy elite Illuminati, their paid scientists, and their various billionaire minions including the United Nations have called for “Population Reduction” or “Population Control”.  Keywords for sterilization, and extermination all supposedly in the name of human carbon emissions, and saving limited resources.  Carbon dioxide, and carbon are apart of nature, and the trumped up alarmist rhetoric is merely to control all human activity, enact a carbon tax paid to the wealthy elite, and eventually carry out the Illuminati agenda of exterminating most of the human populace of Earth.  Their master plan is to keep a small number of non-Illuminati humans to be slaves while their royal bloodlines re-populate the Earth in their dark skewed image.

Global Warming is a scam concocted by corporate paid scientists.  Just as the Global Cooling craze in the 70’s was.  Although human made population might increase the global temperature slightly, any fluctuation in temperatures can usually be attributed to the activity of solar cycles.  However if we do see a consistent rise in temperatures around the planet over the next century that isn’t related to the sun then we can blame the Illuminati, and their ChemTrails.  For decades they have been using airplanes to spray the skies with various toxic chemicals including aluminum, and barium in an insane GeoEngineering experiment meant to cause global warming, poison the populace, and destroy the planet so they can re-make it in their sick disturbing image.  In addition various Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Wicked Witches have been doing their part to help this diabolical experiment along as well.  Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth, has fought back in what we see as increased violent weather, Earthquakes, volcanic activity, and more!

The fact is that our planet Earth, as with most planets in the Universe that evolve intelligent life, were meant to sustain that life until it acquired the power to leave said planet.  Clearly non-sentient life can be managed by the Mother Nature’s, and natural cycles of the planets but once the evolve to a certain intelligence, and create civilizations they can override that.  Then there’s a pretty sizable window before they overwhelm the capacity of the planet to support their rise to power.  We still have a way to go before our planet collapses.  Instead of having a rotten elite class plotting to enslave, and destroy us, and this planet to their own insane detriments, we should be spending the billions, and trillions on bettering humankind.  We need to end the wars, and raping of the environment for profit, and global domination while looking toward making our societies more efficient, and in tune with the environment while looking toward the stars.

Our space program has been stagnant for so long.  We should have manned stations on the Moon, and people exploring Mars by now.  Our destiny as a species is to explore the Universe, meet the other countless forms of extraterrestrial life out there, and eventually find a way to escape this reality exploring countless other parallel Universe, and beyond!  Eventually we’re meant to interbreed with the various intelligent alien life, ascend to Godhood as a Universal species, and meet our maker, the God of this Omniverse.  Goddess Gaia, and the Omniversal Gods vision is for us to be fruitful, and multiply.  Our natural evolution is precision planned for the planet to last until a good number of us leave to populate space, and the planets beyond.  Humans are meant to spread across the solar system, the stars, and into all the galaxies.  To reduce our population is suicidal, and risks the natural order of things.  We need to prepare technologically for the eventual meeting of hostile aliens along with being strong in sheer numbers.  However many extraterrestrials are peaceful, and enlightened but there’s still those blinded by ignorance who are ruled over by an elite class who doesn’t have the masses best interests at heart.  Those who will blindly attack people if their government tells them they’re evil.

Our future doesn’t lie in exterminating our populace, and letting the inbred genetically flawed human elites re-populate the Earth along with the various supernatural beings of evil who are in league with them.  In fact we feel the insane Illuminati will either destroy themselves, or be betrayed by the paranormal powers that be, including the Devil, and demons who would probably create new beings in their image to dominate the Earth.  We must repel, and expel these powers from our planet, and enlighten the populace to grasp the full scope of their purpose on this Earth.  We must reverse the damage,  and have as many kids as possible to increase the genetic pool while helping our evolution along.  The greater the populace the greater the probability of more geniuses being born.  Hopefully geniuses who will better humankind rather than be corrupted by the Illuminati.  This course of action can only increase our rise to power as a species, and insure our continued survival into the coming Millennia so our ancestors lives were not in vain.  God bless humanity, and may we populate the galaxies into the nonillions, and beyond!

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