What Are The Various Types Of Apocalypses?

An Apocalypse is a global disaster that more or less ends the world as we know it.  Human civilization is virtually wiped out along with a great deal of humanity itself. This includes blatant death or transformation into some manner of supernatural creature. An Apocalypse is a forced descent back to the dark ages as we deal with the horrifying aftermath of any given apocalypse.  The grand daddy of Apocalypses is of course Armageddon which is the battle between higher dimensional supernatural forces over who will rule over the planet Earth, and its populace. Amid Armageddon one or more of the major apocalypses could transpire forming a truly nightmarish planet of darkness!  We’ve categorized End Of The World Scenarios as Supernatural, Non-Supernatural, and Future Apocalypses Currently Considered Science Fiction:

Supernatural Apocalypses

  • Alien Apocalypse – Extraterrestrial invasion forces lay waste to Earth! Then they either enslave or exterminate humankind as they plunder our planet’s natural resources! Just like the aforementioned robots they might very well cage us in zoos here on Earth, on their home planet, and around the galaxy.
  • Magical Apocalypse – A clandestine cabal of Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Witches let loose their magic to the max around the world causing catastrophic calamity!
  • Monster Apocalypse – Any group of Monsters suddenly grows rapidly in numbers by various means, and proceeds to do what they do best. Terrorize, and kill humans while destroying massive amounts of property!
  • Zombie Apocalypse – The most famous of the supernatural apocalypses is almost synonymous with the word apocalypse. Second only to the Nuclear Apocalypse. The Zombie Virus is notorious for resurrecting the dead, and turning the living into Walking Dead who mindlessly cannibalize humans. They are in turn devoured completely or turned into zombies themselves.  Should a strain of the virus be strong enough to be transmitted with greater ease then this apocalypse could be a reality.  So far you must be bitten by a zombie or come into contact with nasty zombified fluids. Read The Rest Of The Amazing Apocalypse List On Our Main Website…

Hit The Superhuman Jackpot With A Ground Zero Nuclear Blast!

In a previous article, we discussed the metaphysical implications of being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion. In particular, the potential of your consciousness time traveling back or even forward in time via the immense energy infusion. A power push so off the scales that it surges into your very metaphysical energy soul. Your consciousness travels along the four-dimensional expanse of your 3-D minds and bodies throughout every point in time like a temporal railroad. Once in the past, your future consciousness assimilates the new brain while your past self takes a back seat split-personality style. However, over time there is usually a gradual melding of the two before memory of the future is lost. Although it may still exist in the sub-conscious. After this prolific Déjà vu often occurs. This paranormal phenomenon is known as Nuclear Temporal Self-Possession.

If the energy from the nuclear event is too great then the non-corporeal time traveler might shoot past their birth thereby becoming a standard ghost in the distant past. However, the technical term is Nuclear Temporal Ghost. When traveling to a time when the traveler is still in the womb, or while a baby, the developing brain would most likely be unable to accept the massive information of the future mind. It would either be condensed in the sub-consciousness or shot forth to become a ghost completely bound to their own body. At some point, they would attempt to possess themselves and the normal process of Nuclear Temporal Self-Possession mentioned above would begin.

The Superhuman Lottery Happens At The Moment Of Conception
If a traveler manages to infuse their metaphysical spirit into their essence at the exact moment of conception a unique enchantment occurs. The baby will be born as a Superhuman with the potential to possess all manner of powers including super strength, speed, agility, senses, and various psychokinetic powers. Of course, this depends on the person looking to discover and exercise said abilities. They will also possess strong healing abilities, immunity to all disease, immortality, and extraordinary intelligence! They have the best potential to ascend to higher dimensional Godhood within their lifetimes. The theory behind this power is the fact that the human soul wouldn’t yet connect at this early stage of pregnancy. This occurs when there is adequate brain development. With the traveler’s unnatural connection, a magical activation of super genes occurs.

The traveler’s spirit doesn’t become a ghost but rather immediately connects with the natural higher dimensional soul. Melded together they create an aura around the growing child until a brain emerges for the soul to merge with. There are varying degrees of powers if the spirit is infused beyond this point up to the exact moment the brain is developed enough to accept alignment with their higher dimensional soul. However, the traveler is a ghost and does not merge with the soul thereby lessening the power effect greatly. If they possess their child self and eventually merge with the mind there might be some above average abilities present.

The Source Of The Fabled Neutral Christ’s Powers
It’s rumored that the Neutral Christ, a champion of humankind to rule themselves free of higher dimensional beings, may acquire his powers in this way. A person at a ground zero nuclear event in the future whose spirit is sent back to their conception. They eventually have a strong sub-conscious urge to prevent the demise of humankind they were apart of! Their paranormal powers would most likely develop over time. The unique nature of their melded spirits would make it difficult for anyone to detect said powers. They would easily pass as a normal human. A natural protection mechanism to prevent extermination by various minions of darkness! There is also some other unknown unique factor setting them apart from other nuclear spirit travelers.

The Odd Tale Of Nature Deity Who Was Former Human

On an interesting side note, if you’re far enough from ground zero not to get killed then you could become an Incredible Hulk. However, you need to have the right genes to absorb the gamma radiation in the proper fashion to gain Hulk powers. Otherwise, you just get cancer like most people!

The Paranormal Post-Nuclear Apocalypse

Post Nuclear War SocietyNothing strikes terror in the hearts of Humans than the thought of a nuclear holocaust that destroys an entire nation, or the world in a nuclear apocalypse.  Whether it be two stubborn nations locked in battle, an accident, or a terror attack, the invention of nuclear bombs has put the entire planet in danger of extinction.  However things might be far better or far worse for yourself depending on what hand your dealt in the very real world of the supernatural.  A Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic world would be full of a variety of new Supernatural Beings whose latent powers were activated by gamma radiation, x-rays, and even high level ultraviolet radiation.  Although a great many would die in the blast epicenters which would include the creation of Nuclear Ghosts thereby spawning a remarkable increase in hauntings.  Even those not at ground zero who died traumatically would probably become conventional ghosts.  Many others would eventually die of cancer while those in far out rural areas would have to face the hardship of living in a post-civilized world.

A large scale global nuclear event would create an unprecedented quantity of humans with Urban Nuclear EventPsychokinetic Powers.  Humanities status of simultaneous higher dimensional Godhood through our souls existing outside time in the Heavenly realms is reflected in our latent Junk DNA.  In some people these genes naturally activate giving them various paranormal powers while in most with potential a catalyst is required.  Almost always this is some manner of radiation but it can sometimes be high level electrical surges (lightning), or a chemical cocktail of some sort.  A nuclear holocaust would provide the best large scale stimulus to activate latent genes allowing for the maximum activation of a wide array of psychokinetic & magical powers, enhanced superhuman abilities, and even the notorious ferocious Hulks.  Some would become superheroes while others would join the forces of darkness as super-villians.  Everyone fighting to reclaim the planet, and rebuild civilization in their own Utopian or Dystopian image.

Most supernatural beings would not be negatively affected by a nuclear holocaust.  In fact Apocalypse Capitolsome might become more enhanced by high levels of gamma radiation.  Case in point Nuclear Werewolves who would be far more monstrous, and powerful than the standard Werewolf. Also if the timing is right you could get a Hulk-Werewolf Hybrid! It’s also very likely there would be a mass of Zombie uprisings as Practitioners Of Magic, Necromancers, and others looked to amass armies amid the plethora of dead corpses scattered across the planet.  In addition samples of the zombie virus along with zombification bio-warfare weapons could be released on purpose or by accident.  Since Transylvanian vampire royalty are the closest thing to a supernatural government they would be the first to vie for control of the planet.  Especially with Demons being on their side.  They may even initiate a vampire apocalypse in an attempt to shape the planet in their bloody image.  It’s unclear if the Supernatural Secrecy Pact would become null and void after a large scale apocalypse of any sort.

So if you manage to survive a Post- Nuclear Apocalypse it wouldn’t just be fighting for radiation free food, water, and shelter amid wild animal attacks, and the rise of human warlords. It would be a far more frightening paranormal world with blatant magical battles between the forces of good, and evil.  Giant angry Hulk monsters would run rampant while zombies stagger about eyeing you as their next meal.  Malevolent, confused, and even some benevolent ghosts will swarm about looking for resolution to their situation.  Without the confines of human society dark beings, such as Vampires, will be far more free to openly prey on humans.  There’s even the possibility of various animal-human hybrid experiments escaping from top secret government, and private corporate labs from around the world! Hopefully such a horrifying paranormal planet will never come into existence…at least not in this particular parallel Universe! Of course if you end up acquiring extraordinary powers you might consider an apocalypse to be a lucky break for you.

Horrifying Halloween Animatronics

Handy Pre-Apocalypse Tip: If you get warning in advance of a nuclear attack, and there’s a good chance you will be at ground zero you can utilize Astral Projection as a unique escape.  If don’t want to suffer afterward, straight out die, or become a ghost who may not have control over their fate then Astral Project during the nuclear blast.  When you die the awesome energy of the blast that would normally create a Nuclear Ghost will instead energize your Astral Metaphysical Energy Body allowing you to become a being known as a Traveler. From there you could pretty much travel to any place, time, Universe, or dimension as a being made of pure light!  Click Here To Learn How To Master The Art Of Astral Projection.

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