Russian Levitation Prodigy Caught On Tape

A man walking his faithful dog Tarzan in some woods in the rural outskirts of Moscow, Russia caught a levitating girl on tape.  Further investigation reveals the girl was born with a Levitation gene in her DNA, and her powers began developing slowly since around age two. Such powers have been ever increasing manifesting among humans junk DNA as apart of our evolution process.  A process leading to Human higher dimensional Godhood where we already exist outside of this time-space.  The paranormal prodigy is with a metaphysical mentor from the local supernatural community guiding her practice in flight away from prying eyes. Or so she thought!  Once they spot the dog walking camera man, the woman, and gifted girl immediately flee the area never to be seen again!  Their identities are being protected by those of us in the paranormal community who know that the girl could be subjected to government or clandestine private corporate experimentation.  The Levitation Girl has aspirations to become a superhero who wishes to do battle against the forces of evil in order to protect humanity from various supernatural scourges that lurk about the night!

Those of you not born with Levitation powers can attempt to duplicate these abilities via magic spells.

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