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Wonder Woman (2011 TV pilot)
We Apologize In Advance If Any Videos Get Removed From The Various Sources We Culled Them From.  The Forces Of Evil Really Don’t Want You To See This Incarnation Of Wonder Woman! Since it clearly is never going to air anywhere the only motivation is sheer embarrassment!
2011-Wonder-WomanThe above video is the un-aired 2011 television pilot of Wonder Woman that was never picked up by NBC as a series.  This particular take on Wonder Woman, starring Adrianne Palicki, portrays her as the CEO of a huge corporation where the entire world knows she’s Wonder Woman.  Somewhat like the Iron Man films.   In other words the government, and everyone else, knows where to find her. However she does have a Diana Prince identity that involves her living with a cat in a small apartment seemingly with no real life.  She comes off as a somewhat vulgar corporate sell out who markets her own line of dolls while donning her costume to go hunt down criminal scum.  She even kills a guy in the pilot without remorse!  Sure Amazon’s don’t particularly like men but they don’t kill unless absolutely necessary.

As the latest Wonder Woman she displays violent, and angry behavior most of the time.   Perhaps she need a boyfriend or more sleep. The majority of her justice jaunts see her wearing the iconic American themed Wonder Woman costume with the big difference being her tight pants.  At the end she finally wears the familiar snug fitting blue shorts during an awesome fight sequence.  Virtually the only high point of the pilot minus the part where she kills the guy by flinging a pipe into his neck.  With her strength, and speed she really wouldn’t have to finish anyone off.  Generally anyone with superpowers doesn’t have to kill anyone unless they recently acquired said powers, and have no idea what they’re doing.

The entire premise of her life, without any Amazon Princess back story, along with her demeanor certainly isn’t the Wonder Woman many of us know.  Especially if you’ve seen the 70’s Wonder Woman TV series starring Lynda Carter.  It’s not at all clear why the government wouldn’t just shut down her corporation, or why it wouldn’t be sued by numerous people, due to her extremely public vigilante threats, and exploits.  I guess they wanted to explain how she could have such a cool high tech jet that oddly enough isn’t invisible. Realistically the government, and several nefarious private organizations, would want to get hold of an Amazon for scientific study, and exploitation.

We chose to review this now because we actually had an Amazon warrior woman visit the Wonder-Woman-2011offices of Mystic Investigations today.  Her name is Adonia, and she was disgusted by the show for the most part, and said,”A sacred sister of Amazonia would never partake of the masculine world of corporate greed that ultimately exploits women, and children around the world!  We have no need for money for we are one with nature.  We have no need of publicity for we are humble in the shadow of our Goddesses who bless us.” Adonia the Amazon also stated, “She wouldn’t wear a ridiculous costume to perform public deeds of daring.”  Although Adonia did say that this incarnation of Wonder Woman did have the general “blazing determined spirit of justice” of an Amazon warrior unlike the 70’s version who was more gentle in nature.  However Lynda Carter actually received the blessing of the Amazon people before taking the part of Wonder Woman as she happened upon their hidden compound in Brazil while researching the role.  In addition Adonia had no issue with the guy being killed, and in fact said in such a dangerous situation an Amazon Warrior would have most likely “eradicated all men in the attack for fear of risking a woman’s life later on”. Oh my I stand corrected!

For the record Adonia is the closest thing to Wonder Woman we know of. She is one of the few Amazonians sent out into the world to assess the various dangers of human civilization, specifically males, as it pertains to the hidden stronghold of Amazons in the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil.  These woman are sent out on missions for an unspecified period of time to not only size up threats to Amazonia but also help any women in need.  So basically if you’re a guy caught in a burning building she will most likely not help you.  Yeah they’re kind of cruel that way when it comes to men but they take an oath to only use their powers to rescue fellow females, and children of both genders.  Their hope would be to influence a boy at a young age so he follows a more nature friendly female worshiping path. If Amazons had their way they’d take over the entire planet in the name of womanhood. Despite their disdain for the male dominated civilization of Earth Amazons will also be sent out into the modern world to mate with men in order to father their daughters who the men usually never end up knowing about.  These are one group of women who never stick around asking for child support!

Watch The 1970’s Wonder Woman Series In HD Online.  Starring Lynda Carter.

Wonder Woman 2011 Opening Credits

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