Who Are The Amazon Warrior Women?

Rare photo of an Amazon Warrior Princess.Amazon warriors are a mystical race of exquisitely beautiful tall and toned immortal super women who live deep in the Amazon Rain Forest. Amazons possess super strength, speed, agility, senses, intelligence, and a wondrous woman’s intuition beyond that of mere mortal females! They are more or less a race of Demigods. There has been some power dilution over the centuries with each successive mating of a genetically inferior paranormal being or human male, and an Amazon female. Thankfully, their constant homage to Goddesses keeps their powers from dipping below a certain point. Those of Amazon royalty will mate only with Gods, Demigods, Immortals, or other high level supernatural beings. The first of their kind, the original Queen of the Amazons, was the daughter of the Greek God Of War Ares, and a Nereid (sea nymph) named Harmonia. Harmonia is no relation to Ares, and Aphrodite’s (the Goddess of Love) child of the same name. More than likely his love for the sea nymph inspired his daughters name. Read The Rest On Our Main Website…

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