Krampus Attacks Super Halloween Kids!

Krampus by Jakub Różalski

When most people gaze upon the horrifying image above they probably think that’s Santa Claus being attacked by the monstrous Krampus. A diabolical Krampus who then sets his illuminated eyes of evil upon some helpless kids! However, the devilish depiction is not what you think! That Santa is actually Claude Claus, aka the Anti-Claus. The Demi-Demon master of Dark Christmas. Santa Claus’s twin brother who was once a Demi-Angel that fell prey to the dark side! Krampus was the original Anti-Claus long before Santa or his brother ever existed. This was back in the days before Christmas when the magical winter wonderland of Yule witches and winter Gods like Jack Frost were all anyone knew. At some point, Krampus was ousted by the Anti-Claus and he’s never been happy about it! Despite being the Dark Claus’s right-hand man for a time they ended up parting ways as frenemies and eventually full-on enemies! Read The Rest Of This Story On Our Christmas Blog…

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