The 13 Nights Of Halloween

All the nights beginning on October 19th leading into October 31 All Hallows Eve are collectively known as The 13 Nights Of Halloween. These nefarious nights are a tumultuous time of perplexing paranormal activity! The alarming activity grows exponentially more frightening with each successive night. These nights extend from dusk to dawn as the holy rays of the sun quell a great deal of the Halloweens horrors. The metaphysical maximum of this madness is reached on Halloween Morning from the Midnight Witching Hour through the 3:00 AM Devil’s Hour. The final night on October 31st aka All Hallows Eve goes from dusk to Midnight as November 1st is All Saints Day aka Hallowmas. A time when Angels and saintly spirits descend from Heaven to clean up various metaphysical messes in compliance with The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Due to the impending Hallowmas, The Spirit Of Halloween, and its caretaker Halloween Queen Shala there are much less sinister supernatural shenanigans on All Hallows Eve. A magnanimous measure to protect innocent kids merrily Trick Or Treating for sweet candy. Read More On Our Ask Mystic Blog…

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