Haunted Werewolf Rug

I know what you’re thinking about this horrifying Werewolf Rug[Ad] brought to you courtesy of brave Werewolf Hunters! What an atrocity to skin a Werewolf when it’s a human being during the day along with most nights of the month. They’re humans cursed to become monsters on Full Moon nights.  Not to mention the fact that a dead Werewolf almost always reverts back to human form.  Fear not for this rug was made from a rare soulless Albino Werewolf.  Not to be mixed up with the cuddly sweet white Werewolves of the Christmas Yule Moon.  We’re talking about a Werewolf that is the result of two Lycanthrope’s mating in their wolf form.  This is quite rare since most werewolves are mindless monsters who will attack even each other. The last thing on their minds is mating!

Those in control of their supernatural transformations, with some manner of self-awareness while in Werewolf form, know better than to engage in such an unholy act. An atrocity that would produce a Werewolf abomination without human form or a soul! A pure deadly demonic animal on the prowl for human flesh every night of the year regardless of Full Moon status! An apex predator among monstrous abominations!

The Werewolf Skin Rug From Hell!


These demonic animals are so metaphysically unique that even skinning & dismembering them isn’t enough to eradicate their existence.  The Werewolf Rug[Ad] in the video greets Halloween guests with growling and glowing eyes. This courtesy of its demonic energy living on until the entire body is destroyed in holy fire blessed by a powerful priest!  Fortunately, as a rug draped on your floor, it’s harmless…just stay away from the mouth or you’ll get a chunk bitten out of your ankle along with becoming a Werewolf!  It’s a great way to deter potential intruders on those long cold Autumn and Winter nights!  Click Here To Learn More About The Werewolf Rug Or Purchase This Wonderful Wolfy Decor! [Ad]

A True Alarming Atrocity!

Pictured above is a standard Werewolf preserved as a rug via deep dark magic. It halted the return to human form at death. The meat was eaten at a blasphemous banquet of wicked wealthy elites! The horrifying rug lies at the altar of demonic worship in one of their basements. The beast comes alive during the Witching and Devil’s hours courtesy of a demon possessing it!🐺

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