Supermarket Werewolf

The video above chronicles a group of people trapped in a supermarket late at night with a ferocious Werewolf. The supernatural scene is in the Spirit Of Halloween where the terror is lessened with a bit of comedy. In reality, this would be a deeply dangerous situation! It’s likely a person would have no idea they were infected with the Lycanthrope virus. It takes some people a long time to realize they’re a werewolf when they can explain things away as blackouts or nightmares. So they wouldn’t know to lock themselves away for everyone’s safety on a Full Moon night.

The first transformation on the Full Moon doesn’t always happen immediately so they could be shopping at a store that’s open very late when it suddenly happens. You’d have only a handful of people in the establishment as the creature transforms in a quiet aisle alone. Roars may bellow about the store but people always explain things away as something logical and not worth the trouble to interrupt their shopping. An employee might investigate and find itself face to face with the hairiest of horrors!

Deathly screams echo through the store amid guttural growls! The blasphemous beast consumes the poor curious fool! Naturally such blood curdling screams would get everyone’s attention as they run toward the scene and then almost instantly run away once spotting the bloody mutilated corpse and the werewolf! Those closest to the exit go for it and fail miserably while others hide about the store. The Werewolf stalks its prey as it gets the scent of human fear afoot! Odds are good nobody would survive unless they happened to be trained in werewolf hunting and evasion. Perhaps one person wears a lot of silver jewelry with at least one item being a religious artifact. The werewolf would be repelled and crash out the glass doors into the dark shadows since it already had its fill of humanities meat! Local law enforcement reporting the horrifying scene would trigger the US Paranormal Defense Agency to swoop in and cover up the entire alarming incident!