The Office: Jim The Vampire

In an episode of NBC’s The Office titled Business School a bat flies about the office scaring everyone. Dwight Schrute is on the hunt for it amid Jim Halpert making him believe he was bitten by the bat. The intent was to trick Dwight into thinking he was turning into a Vampire. If this was real it would need to be a vampire bat. In which case Jim would face a long-lived, yet not immortal, future as a Nosferatu variety of vampire. They are hideously monstrous beasts who can never blend into society, unlike the beautiful vampires who descend from royal vampire lines. Those type of vampires don’t come from bat bites but rather a bite from another vampire.🧛

If Jim met this fate he would be a danger to everyone around him including his precious pretty Pam. Dwight, an experienced Werewolf Hunter, would be forced to do his duty and become a Vampire Slayer in order to put the Nosferatu Jim out of his misery! Of course, there’s always a chance Dwight might concoct an enchanted elixir from beets as created by his Amish ancestors. Hopefully, he could cure Jim before full blood-sucking transformation takes place. Thank God this sinister supernatural scenario never saw the light of day on this delightful show!📎 | Watch This Season 3 Episode Of The Office Online [Ad]