The Forever Knight Vampire Cop TV Series Review

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Forever Knight was an early 1990’s series chronicling three years in the life of a vampire Cop. Nick Knight was an 800 something vampire brought across into the dark shadows of eternity in 1228 by master vampire LaCroix who was pushing 2000 years old! Nick felt guilt over the humans he killed over the centuries due to his insatiable lust for blood. So he became a Toronto Cop to repay society for his sins.  Conveniently he used a “Sun Allergy” excuse to get the night shift where he served as a homicide detective. I’d think acting as an anonymous vigilante superhero would make more sense for maximum repayment of sins. Especially if part of that was stealing from the criminal rich to give to the poor.

Over the centuries Nick has sought cures for his vampirism with little success. Coroner Natalie Lambert was the most recent one to aid him in his quest. In fact she found a temporary cure that was extremely short lived, and caused him to become a drug addict of sorts. Did Nick ever find a permanent cure for his blood thirsty plight, or the absolution of his atrocities against humankind by the end of this science fiction series? Find out by getting all three seasons on DVD, or watching it online now! The video review above may help you make that decision as it summarizes the entire series including its move from CBS, The USA Network, and finally to the SyFy Channel.


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