The Dark Witch Of Stolen Souls Animatronic Prop

Indeed practicing the dark arts gives one great power yet obviously doesn’t do much for ones complexion. This dark witch carries the fabled mystical Lantern Of Stolen Souls. Technically a magical consciousness absorption device since human souls can’t actually be stolen. How many unlucky trick o treaters, and parents have fallen prey to this maniacal … Read moreThe Dark Witch Of Stolen Souls Animatronic Prop

The Zombie Gas Station Of The Damned

You’re running low on gas as you drive down a rural road in the middle of nowhere in the dead of the night. With barely fumes left you’re relieved to see a gas station, and pull in. However things seem amiss in the unusual silence that’s even devoid of crickets. Suddenly you hear unholy growls, … Read moreThe Zombie Gas Station Of The Damned

Devils’ Due Baby Prank

The magic of animatronics created a hilarious prank by scaring New Yorkers with a Demonic baby guiding his stroller through telekinesis.  The little ghoul even projectile pukes.  It’s apart of the promotion for the new motion picture The Devils Due. Mystic Investigations encountered a real demonic child some years ago in Tibet at a monastery.  … Read moreDevils’ Due Baby Prank

Hellishly Horrific Animated Demonic Zombie Prop

True zombies themselves are a result of the supernatural zombie virus which is not of a demonic nature. However in some cases where a demonically possessed human falls prey to a zombie you will get a rare Demon Zombie. A terrifying creature you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Spirit Halloween brings this horror to … Read moreHellishly Horrific Animated Demonic Zombie Prop