Devils’ Due Baby Prank

The magic of animatronics created a hilarious prank by scaring New Yorkers with a Demonic baby guiding his stroller through telekinesis.  The little ghoul even projectile pukes.  It’s apart of the promotion for the new motion picture The Devils Due.

Mystic Investigations encountered a real demonic child some years ago in Tibet at a monastery.  Our very own Rebecca Abernathy picked up what she thought was an ordinary baby until it transformed into a hideous devilish entity.  You never heard a woman scream so loudly as she threw it across the room.  I’m afraid I actually laughed out loud despite the seriousness of the situation. 🙂 The newborn abomination actually landed on it’s feet, and started waddling toward her in a menacing manner. I stopped laughing after that because it’s quite disturbing to see a newborn walk.  Especially if it’s eyes are black, and bloodshot with green goo drooling from it’s mouth.  Drake Alexander, our vampire associate, came into the room just then, and easily subdued the demon child as it growled, and struggled furiously.

Thankfully it was only possessed, and the Monks were able to exorcise the demon out of the child.  It’s almost impossible for a demon to possess a baby unless the mother is possessed when giving birth.  This is what happened in this case.  The demon passed on to the child during birth.  Apparently demons salivate at the opportunity to possess the innocent, and corrupt them if possible.  Rebecca now thinks twice before picking up a baby.

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