Detail Your Car Or SUV For The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse can be a horrifying thing to live through. Hopefully, society does eventually get back on its feet courtesy of brave visionary leaders like The Walking Dead’s Negan. Despite the living hell, there’s no reason not to inject some humor into it, and make life at least a bit bearable. One way to … Read moreDetail Your Car Or SUV For The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Hoard Pandemic Siren

It’s a little known fact that the government has a special zombie apocalypse siren separate from the nuclear, and tornado sirens in every community. Once you hear that distinctive siren blasting you better start packing, and head for the hills. Otherwise barricade yourself in your house, and hope for the best as the walking dead … Read moreZombie Hoard Pandemic Siren

The Walking Dead Zombie Girl Animatronic Prop

The Walking Dead Gas Station Teddy Bear Girl Now you can own an almost living dead replica of the infamous Walking Dead Zombie Girl.  The little zombified girl in the gas station scene in season one that picked up a teddy bear before eying Sheriff Rick Grimes as her next meal.  This quality life size … Read moreThe Walking Dead Zombie Girl Animatronic Prop