The Walking Dead Zombie Girl Animatronic Prop

The Walking Dead Gas Station Teddy Bear Girl

Now you can own an almost living dead replica of the infamous Walking Dead Zombie Girl.  The little zombified girl in the gas station scene in season one that picked up a teddy bear before eying Sheriff Rick Grimes as her next meal.  This quality life size animatronic figure is officially licensed by The Walking Dead, and appears as she did in the television series before Rick Grimes finished her off.  The animated prop is perfect for any haunted house or graveyard, and will very likely scare the hell out of trick o treaters.  The zombie girl is sound activated, and can float across the floor in a stop and go stalking manner.  She also makes the classic low guttural zombie growl sound.  To learn more about this spine tingling paranormal prop for your Halloween decor, or just to have in your Walking Dead collection then click here.

Unfortunately as of 2016 this Halloween prop appears to no longer exist! However you may find used ones on Ebay here!

Walking Dead Teddy Bear Zombie Girl Gas Station Scene With Rick Grimes

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