The Zombie Gas Station Of The Damned

Zombie Gas Station AnimatronicsYou’re running low on gas as you drive down a rural road in the middle of nowhere in the dead of the night. With barely fumes left you’re relieved to see a gas station, and pull in. However things seem amiss in the unusual silence that’s even devoid of crickets. Suddenly you hear unholy growls, and groans as the living dead stagger forth from the partially moonlit shadows. This gas station has been overrun by a hoard of zombies! Most likely from the cemetery you saw a mile back down the road.  You quickly re-enter your car but it’s too late. You feel a bite on your shoulder coming from the backseat. Your fate is sealed as you make a dash for it down the road. Before long you lose all sense of yourself as you fade into cannibalistic madness.  You’re now a member of the mindless living dead.  Paranormal necrosis sets in while your soul disconnects from your body that now runs in a horrifying automated mode.  As a ghost you look upon the terror of your zombie self before entering the light to higher dimensions of peace, and happiness.

Bring the frightening magic of Halloween into your haunted house, or Halloween yard decor with one or more animatronic zombies. Click here to search a wide selection of spine tingling animated zombie props sure to scare the living hell out of any trick o treater big or small!

Zombie Coffee Mug

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