Gory Gruesome Animated Halloween Props

The video above includes some of the most horrifying Halloween yard, and haunted house decoration props for 2013. These include a frightening fortune teller, clown zombie at the morgue, demonic clown, specter of death ghost, pumpkin demon / Jack O Lantern monster, hellish head on a wall, huge hell bug, spooky talking gravestone, electrocution chair … Read moreGory Gruesome Animated Halloween Props

Condemned Criminal Executed In Electric Chair Halloween Prop

What could be scarier for your haunted house guests than an actual execution of a condemned criminal at the hands of your own prison electric chair prop? An animatronic death row criminal strapped into a realistic electric chair called the Shake n’ Bake Electric Chair Haunted House Prop makes this possible. It’s a dynamic Halloween … Read moreCondemned Criminal Executed In Electric Chair Halloween Prop

Monstrous Animatronic Talking Vampire Prop

This horrific looking vampire is far more monstrous than the human looking vampires known for their seducing of humans for blood.  We would guess he’s an extremely ancient vampire since he appears almost demonic.  Demons being the source of the vampire line.  This animated blood sucker taunts trick-o-treaters with his subtle threats of blood draining … Read moreMonstrous Animatronic Talking Vampire Prop