The Dark Witch Of Stolen Souls Animatronic Prop

Indeed practicing the dark arts gives one great power yet obviously doesn’t do much for ones complexion. This dark witch carries the fabled mystical Lantern Of Stolen Souls. Technically a magical consciousness absorption device since human souls can’t actually be stolen. How many unlucky trick o treaters, and parents have fallen prey to this maniacal menace who clearly derives power from the lost “souls” within the diabolical lantern? Hopefully some brave supernatural souls will have the power to end her reign of terror. Learn more about this frightful Halloween animatronic prop for your haunted house or Halloween yard decor.

Halloween Haunter

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We love all things Halloween! Whether it's glee of trick o treating, the iridescent allure of the autumn season, or the spooky mystique of supernatural beings. Enter the world of Halloween all year round on our All Hallows Blog.
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