The Boss’s Day Baby Ghost

The generous administrative assistants, and wonderful supernatural support staff here at Mystic Investigations threw the executive’s a surprise Boss’s Banquet in honor of Boss’s Day. We donate a small amount of every case we solve to a General Employee Cash Fund.  It’s a cash safe in our place that the employees can collectively vote to … Read moreThe Boss’s Day Baby Ghost

Wisconsin Dells Haunted Halloween Boat Tours

The Wisconsin Dells is known as a Summer water park destination for tourists around the nation. However as the leaves change color, with a chill in the air, the waters turn wayward! Ghost boats slink silently among the gory gorges of the glacial cliffs amid the dark sinister shadows. Only the moonlight illuminates your way … Read moreWisconsin Dells Haunted Halloween Boat Tours

The Tragic Last Visit Of A Ghost?

At first it appears we have the classic ghost visitation. A man dies in a car accident and frantically visits his girlfriend to make amends for some wrong he committed against her.  In his mind this unfinished business is just enough to keep him as a temporary ghost while simultaneously fighting the force of Heavens … Read moreThe Tragic Last Visit Of A Ghost?

The Haunting Of Henry The Train

Henry The Green Engine of Thomas The Train Tank Engine Fame deals with spookiness on the mystical railways of Sodor. A very real Island off the shore of Great Britain that exists in a parallel Universe where these sentient anthropomorphic trains live out their very useful lives.  So far we’re only getting sparse psychic visions … Read moreThe Haunting Of Henry The Train

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