5 Most Haunted And Possessed Children’s Toys Ever Made!

It’s not uncommon for demons, poltergeists, and angry spirits to possess toys. Dolls being the most common since they are the toys most near, and dear to a child’s heart. Generally the mission is to cause hellish havoc, and ruin lives while corrupting whoever they can along the way. However there is the additional prize of building enough dark energy to jump into a child or someone else for a full on possession!  Often a ghost, or other spirit will possess an object as a last ditch effort to stay in our reality while being forcibly drawn back to their realm, or hunted by the forces of good!  Many times the possessions purpose is to own the metaphysical energy of a persons soul. Especially that of an innocent child that can be molded into a loyal denizen of darkness! Certainly once the evil entity is in possession of a human form they can weave intricate plots to negatively affect a plethora of innocent lives in their despicable chess game of damnation!

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