The Last Visit Of A Ghost

A guy having relationship issues with his girlfriend devises an interesting plan to get her back. He comes to her door declaring his love for her, and urgently says he has little time to say good bye. She tells him to go away but then goes back to the door to find him totally disappeared. Then he has a buddy call her from his phone pretending to be the police saying he had died in a car accident. This insinuates that she had been talking to his ghost. She frantically runs outside screaming for him!👻

He goes back to her house finding the front door wide open, and his girlfriend sitting on the couch. He attempts to speak to her but she just silently walks off into the bathroom. There he finds her in the bathtub dead, and bloodied from slitting her own wrists over the news of his supposed death. Then from behind she appears again in a horrifyingly angry manner. More than likely mad enough to muster the energy to physically affect her boyfriend in her ghostly form. Odds are good she probably murdered him!  His hurtful prank created a real ghost. More precisely a vengeful spirit that could possibly turn into a full blown poltergeist! An entity that could go on to harm numerous people over the course of several decades. Such emotions can go on for eternity outside the confines of a biological body without the calming influence of the Heavenly afterlife. Plausibly the light to Heaven may never appear to her, or she will choose to ignore it!

Let this be a lesson to tread lightly in performing pranks that could cause undue emotional harm. Especially those faking deaths! They could seriously backfire, and cause an unwanted tragic suicide! This could in turn spawn a sinister supernatural entity hell bent on performing acts of evil that could affect countless innocent souls!👻

About Xavier Remington

I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of darkness.
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