How Was God Born And Who Created The Human Race?

In the beginning there was a pool of infinite random pure thoughts that held the hopes, dreams, and creation of all reality. Over unimaginable expanses of time these waves of pure thought gradually coalesced until one day a sentient consciousness emerged. He was the original eternal God, aka the Macroverse, who sparked the reality we now live within. Within the Macroverse are near infinite Omniverses which are in turn made up of Multiverses that are made up of near infinite parallel Universes encompassing nearly every scenario within reason.

The creator, and God of our Omniverse was once a biological being like us that existed in another Omniverse, and ascended to Godhood after death in all the parallel Universes he existed in.  He created humans through his pure thought programming which played out in the evolutionary process since he created reality to look natural.  Someday all who are worthy will also ascend to Godhood, and start their own Omniverses.

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