When Will World War III Happen, And What Will Be The Supernatural Consequences?

Nuclear Ghost EventVarious futurists, psychics, and geopolitical forecasting experts, such as Joel Skousen, are predicting World War III will happen sometime before 2020.  Most are predicting a limited nuclear engagement initiated by the Russian and Chinese allied forces against the United States, and it’s European allies who continue to perpetuate war around the globe.  Russo-Chinese forces will strategically take out Washington DC, and various major cities across the United States along with targeting US military bases at home, and abroad.  They only do this due to the spread of the American Empire being sold to us as the war on terror, and missions of mercy.  After these attacks government officials will emerge from their bunkers, and inform us that we’re too weak to fight the enemy, and we must turn over our government to UN authority.  This has been the plan all along of the corporatists currently running our Federal government.  These corporatists work for the Illuminati (wealthy demon worshiping plutocratic elites) who want a New World Order one world government.  A world war is the perfect excuse to rally everyone around that to fight Russia, China, and their other smaller allies including the middle eastern nations not already run by US puppet regimes.

The real purpose of invading various middle eastern, and African nations is not only to provoke the Russo-China alliance into striking us but to also commandeer resources for the mega multinational corporations, and banks that are Illuminati owned.  The banks who run our Federal Reserve, and other Central Banks of the world who collect our taxes as interest on the debt from their fiat currency.  Once they have their income tax they then control the populace, and can bleed incrementally them dry of any wealth.  Russia, and China would have attacked us some time ago but they’re simply not ready to go up against the immense technological power of the US government thanks to trillions sank into top secret technology, and reverse engineering of alien technology.  Technology from the Roswell, New Mexico incident in particular.

Some are also predicting that WW III will be the trigger that sets off Armageddon, aka the final battle between the forces of hellish demonic evil, and the forces of heavenly angelic goodness.  Others think it will come much later.  However most of the psychics say the visions have a duality to them which means they’re not set in stone.  They’re borderline because more, and more people are waking up to the reality of our governments tyranny, and the nature of the world in general.  There’s still time to elect people to power who will reverse this path to doomsday.  The various experts agree with these visions as well.

If the nuclear war does happen there will be supernatural repercussions.  One already mentioned is the possible triggering of Armageddon.  One guaranteed fact that most Cryptozoologists agree upon is the creation of new mutant paranormal animals, superhumans, and supervillains as well.  Some of the psychics do see a sharp increase in humans gaining supernatural powers via nuclear radiation exposure.  This includes the much coveted, and written about gamma radiation responsible for creating or activating super powers in latent DNA present in some humans.  The majority will get radiation poisoning, and die but there’s a special group of people who will look upon the mushroom cloud as a blessing.  Certainly the governments of the world hid the fact that a large percentage of superheros, and supervillains are Japanese due to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki in WW II.  Quite a few superhumans were recently created in the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  These new breed of superhumans will test the power of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact which expires upon the breaking of the first seal that commences Armageddon, or the Apocalypse.

We will also see a variety of new ferocious paranormal beings including current ones being hulked up.  Nuclear blasts will produce ultra hellish vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more beyond your wildest nightmares!  In blast zones we will see an exponential increase in metaphysical activity due to all the ghosts of the instantly dead being totally confused, or angered by what has happened.  The awesome energy of the nuclear fission blasts will power up any current ghosts, poltergeists, or non-corporeal demons near ground zero.  In fact many ghosts will have their powers upgraded to poltergeist level.  Some demons may even be able to take corporeal form as well.  These areas will mainly be the major metropolises where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will perish.  Not only will there be major non-corporeal entity activity along with biological demons materializing, but also current supernatural beings will flock to the carnage.  Especially with the darkness of the nuclear winter, and the burning cities.  Vampires in particular will be out of blood of those still alive on the outskirts of these population centers.  Practitioners of magic will also swoop in salivating over all the bodies as they marshal the immense supernatural forces to raise zombie armies to do their sinister bidding.  These cities will be hell on Earth, and are to be avoided at all costs.  Of course eventually these hells on Earth will spread to the countryside, and all hell will break loose in the land of the free, and home of the brave.  It will be an all out Mad Max post-apocalyptic society with a major supernatural twist.

The Founding Fathers spirits are already angry, and restless over the perversion of their once grand Constitutional Republic.  With a nuclear holocaust in Washington DC it’s almost a certainly many of them will come back in poltergeist form to exact revenge against various  traitors. Some may even materialize in physical form in an effort to restore the Republic.  However most won’t believe they are the real deal, and not enough of the people won’t rally around them.  However a handful of psychics say they, and resurrected former Presidents may amass a powerful army to take back America, and fight UN forces while attempting to appease the Russo-Chinese alliance into a cease fire.

So let us hope this horrific future doesn’t come to pass by us taking back our nation, good supernatural intervention, or by some fluke.  There’s also the option of willing yourself out of this future reality scenario.  Just as we move through time four dimensionally one plank length at a time so to do we move through hyperspace five dimensionally with each thought we have.  Merely thinking of a positive future, especially if many others do, gives us the chance to push ourselves to another near identical parallel Universe where everything is okay, and humankind spreads to the stars, galaxies, and beyond in peace.  A Universe where humanity eventually ascends to Godhood as a whole meeting their final destiny in the ultimate evolutionary process, and purpose of life.

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13 thoughts on “When Will World War III Happen, And What Will Be The Supernatural Consequences?

  1. Xavier.. My mouth is dropped. wow… That was beautifully written. I seriously hope none of that happens. Perhaps this is also what I seen of our future? Mostly a natural disaster. Vampires were starving. If this happens, I wonder if the gods will get involved? I hope so. It makes sense what would happen to the paranormal beings of this world. Very scary.. Thank you for this story.

    • Thanks! This could have been prevented by a Ron Paul Presidency but he was defrauded during the primary process. He was clearly winning, and was the number one choice among members of the military. I doubt Romney will halt the march toward war since each President is hand picked to continue the New World Order agenda. If Obama is re-elected then expect all hell to break loose. Without worry of re-election he will go full steam ahead with the police state, and WW III.

      The Gods, and Goddesses, Especially Mother Earth Gaia, are the wildcards in the battle between the super forces of Demons, and Angels. Gaia is the Earth itself, and she doesn’t like war upon her body. A living planet like Earth is such a complex entity that it actually will sometimes materialize a consciousness like Gaia. Both Angels, and Demons have tried to exorcise her from the planet but it’s impossible to separate the two.

  2. I hope so.. We don’t need anymore monsters in this world. Not super monsters anyhow! Xavier why would they want to exorcise her from the planet? Wouldn’t this rip our world apart! Or bring hell upon earth? Makes sense. I know there’s a strong light withing me. They’ve tried to take it out of me. But failed! It’s like apart of me. So I understand why they can’t get Gaia out! Why would the Angels do this? Isn’t Gaia good? I’m not familiar with any of this. It’s the first I’ve heard about Gaia. She’s probably in place to ensure no one takes over completely.

  3. I’m looking this up now.. I see her as a goddess of the earth. From the pictures I’ve seen. Xavier, do you think perhaps she could be reborn here as a powerful elemental? To further protect the innocents and life on our planet? What if she’s here now.. Also she probably wouldn’t know she’s Gaia. I wonder. She would have many powers over nature and the weather. This is my theory.. if it’s true! Why would she want to stay hidden and isolated. What better way to hide than to mingle into society as a normal person. Trying to be normal herself. They should make a movie about it lol. I find this very interesting.

    I know I’ve seen myself sleeping under very clean and clear water deep within a cavern. Drips of water sooth me. I love the sounds and the coolness of the clay and stone. I felt very safe there. Even now when I feel irritated with my life! I go to this special place in my mind. My way of being one with my self and the earth. I’ll continue to read more about this. Sorry I write so much! 🙂

    • It depends on a variety of specifics but Superhumans are more likely to have immune systems that can at least fight off the zombie virus. They could plausibly become temporary zombies, and then revert back to Superhumans status.

  4. Question for Mr. Xavier Remington what happen if you time travel to the past and die there? will you be born again in the own timeline? write back just wonder

    • If a time traveler dies in the past they’ll still be born in the future unless they altered the past to such an extent that they now exist in a timeline they never existed in. The only issue is the fact that dead time travelers have a tendency to become ghosts, or resurrect as sapient zombies in their time of origin.

        • Only extremely skilled psychics, and practitioners of magic can gleam a difference in parallel Universes. One method is feeling the difference in the vibrations of the metaphysical energy foundation of reality. There’s also advanced equipment that measures the general frequency of the energy strings that make up the Universe. Something that might currently only exist in top secret circles.

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