Santa Claus Captured, And Interrogated By The Government!

Santa Claus QuestionedOkay maybe not for real but the video above is what would happen if any government got hold of Old Saint Nick.  Especially considering that Santa Claus is number one on the US Governments secret Supernatural Most Wanted List.  He’s on it merely because anyone with paranormal power is considered a threat to the government. After the interrogation there would be the harsh experimentation, and cold scientific study of Santa to discover the secret of his powers. Of course we know he’s a powerful Human-Angel Hybrid.  In order to capture him they would need to employ a virtual armada of supernatural beings, and most likely enlist the aid of the Anti-Claus.  The Anti-Claus is Santa’s evil twin brother, and a Human-Demon Hybrid.  However that isn’t likely since he’s number four on the governments Paranormal Most Wanted List. It’s only plausible if they managed to capture the Dark Claus, and then struck a deal with him if he helped them capture Santa Claus.

Thankfully this scenario is beyond ludicrous when you consider that a Demi-Angel like Santa Claus is a virtual God.  Not to mention that North Pole City is the most impenetrable metaphysical fortress on Earth!  They would most certainly have to acquire the “Claus Asset” while he’s away from the North Pole. Perhaps while delivering presents on Christmas Eve. Even if they captured Santa, and were able to suppress his Angel half thereby greatly weakening him, it’s a fair bet Heavenly Angelic forces would intervene!

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