Is The Philosopher’s Stone Real?

Philosopher's StoneOur extensive research leads us to believe that the Philosopher’s Stone is real, and is responsible for the birth of the ancient science of Alchemy.  Alchemists sought to replicate the powers of the Philosophers Stone in it’s absence.  Studies of ancient records, and secret government documents indicate it is most likely a gift presented to ancient humankind by friendly aliens.  In fact it was first seen 12,000 years ago on the ancient lost continent of Atlantis that eventually spawned the Mermaid race.  The ancient civilization was known to advance greatly due to aliens who also mated with the Atlanteans.  The large crystal like stone, said to be the size of a stack of three average sized books, can turn a number of colors but it’s been mostly seen as red, and at times white in color.  It’s told that by touching the stone words appear upon it in the language of the person touching it.  These word materialize upon the stone  in a way that would be described today as digital.  The stone almost sounds like a fully loaded ipad.  It’s storehouse of knowledge, and the stone itself can do a number of things such as transmutation of base metals into gold, and silver along with turning common crystals into diamonds, and other precious metals.  It also gives off a perpetual glow, and can create perpetually burning lamps.

It’s said to be the elixir of life as well.  Consuming a small portion of the stone in powder form can heal all ills, reverse aging, and instill immortality into a person. It’s even been rumored to resurrect dead life whether it be human, animal, or plant in nature.  Presumably the stone regenerates itself from a person scraping powder from it’s edges. It can also create a clone of a person among other powers rumored throughout the ages.  It’s most likely an advanced alien technology, and a perpetual energy source several thousands of years beyond our current level of understanding.  In essence a holy grail of Universal knowledge that could propel humankind into Godhood if ever found. According to legend it was last seen in the hands of the 13th-century scientist and philosopher Albertus Magnus who then supposedly passed it to his pupil, Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death in 1280.  Magnus recorded that he had witnessed the creation of gold through transmutation.  Currently it’s unknown where the Philosopher’s Stone resides.  Is it buried in the sands of desolate desert?  Lost under the dark depths of the sea?   In the hands of the wealthy elite plutocrats that run our planet?  Sitting in a museum somewhere without anyone knowing what it is?  Maybe in someones dusty attic?  Or quite possibly reclaimed by the aliens who gave it to humankind to begin with?  Such knowledge in the wrong hands could destroy our Earth!

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