Can The Eyes Of Unenchanted Humans Glow?

Human Eye GlowWe know that supernatural beings, and humans practicing magic can display brilliant glowing eyes far beyond that of animals with natural nocturnal luminescence. In paranormal cases this enchanting eye illumination is caused by extremely high levels of metaphysical energy. Quite often it is a signal that the person, or creature in question is linked to higher dimensional beings in some way. It’s Mother Nature’s warning us about dangerous things beyond our understanding. You can learn more about this here.

So is it possible for an average human with no paranormal powers, or relation to anything supernatural, to display glowing eyes? Indeed it is! In fact almost everyone has had such an event happen. When the human eye glowing occurs it is almost exclusively the same color as the person’s eyes. Or more precisely the glowing effect appears some shades lighter than their natural eye color. Almost as if the eyes are being lit from behind. Unfortunately the vast majority of the time it is extremely brief, or happens in our sleep so nobody sees it. It can occur in our REM sleep when having intense dreams, or when our soul astral projects out of our body.

While awake in moments of heightened emotion, particularly bursts of anger, a metaphysical energy surge initiatives ocular illumination that might last for a mere blink of an eye. This is most likely to be seen in longer lengths in those displaying super strength when saving someone’s life. The quintessential lifting of a car off someone explained as mind over matter, or an adrenaline rush. However in a fair amount of cases the sub-conscious mind is willing metaphysical energy to join with the adrenaline. Naturally as the person is straining to lift something immensely heavy their eyes are often closed. Bright daylight could also dull the appearance of the lit eyes as well.

When such eye glow is displayed it can be mistaken as being demonic, and the first instinct is to lock the person away while calling an exorcist. Generally demonic possession results in crimson colored, or totally pitch black eyes. Really though if the human origin eye glow lasts long enough, or repeats for people to see then it can be a sign of something serious. A continued over charging of metaphysical energy in the body. In a non-magical human, death is most likely very near since their biological body can’t take the power. One cause of this could be a person who’s totally mastered their sub-consciousness mind willingly or unknowingly. Often seen in advanced monks, and hypnosis, or meditation masters. Once they die they usually become ascended higher dimensional free spirits! Of course another cause could be a malfunction in the body at the quantum level where the physical energy matrix meets that of the metaphysical. The reasons for this can vary but it’s usually exposure to something supernatural. Plausibly metaphysical radiation infecting the body! The result can be Spontaneous Human Combustion!

There’s also a rare chance that the enchanted illumination comes from some practitioner of magic who has hidden some power, or mystical object within you. In essence you are acting as an unwilling vessel. In this case there would be intermittent noticeable eye glowing near your same natural eye hue. Again there’s a chance of sudden death or Spontaneous Human Combustion! Any other colors indicate a power awakened within you, or something sinister lurking within your mind against your will! If you notice your eyes glowing you should immediately contact your local psychic, witch, or paranormal professionals for help! At the least you want the peace of mind that nothing is wrong with you!


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2 thoughts on “Can The Eyes Of Unenchanted Humans Glow?

  1. Is it possible for the eye illumination in a non-supernatural human, being from a Higher Dimensional Entity hiding power within the human rather than it being from a practitioner of magic?

    • It’s possible a higher dimensional being could hide their power in you for a worshiper of theirs to retrieve. Or plausibly they would need to descend in a certain human vessel that couldn’t hold the power, or would draw too much attention. Then they’d get the power from you. Both scenarios indicate the entity has other higher dimensionals ready to thwart their efforts to manifest here.

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