Is There A Cartoon Universe?

SimpsonsEvery TV show, movie, and book exists as reality in a parallel Universe whether by natural chance, or via the God like powers of the human collective consciousness.  The sheer belief of the self-aware masses manifesting a new reality out of phase with our own.  In the case of cartoons they may exist to an extent in other Universes as life action, or realities with varying laws of physics.  Places where everything literally looks like a cartoon,and life is just as wacky defying all logic!  In some cases cartoon beings are unknowingly 2-D energy entities existing in a world that appears 3-D to them.  Most of the time cartoon realities with sapient beings exist within advanced computer simulations. Top flight psychics, seers, and mystics have sensed such sentient cartoon simulations in our future, on alien worlds, and in high tech civilizations within parallel Universes.  So yes indeed cartoon characters, such as Homer Simpson, are in fact real animated people somewhere in our vast infinite Macroverse where everything is possible!

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