Can Vampires Survive Being Baked Alive In An Oven?

High TempAs long as the oven isn’t shooting flames of fire about then they can indeed survive.  However they can survive flames for a certain amount of time so as long as they’re not Holy Flames.  Heat alone will not affect vampires to a certain point.  Cryptozoologists have run experiments on evil vampires captured in the midst of committing unspeakable acts.  In one heat experiment the vampire remained calm while lying in the laboratory oven since he was promised fresh blood for his trouble.  As the oven approached 4000° Fahrenheit, close to the melting point of sand into glass, the vampire showed some discomfort, and actually started sweating.  At 5000° the vampire got extremely angry, and demanded to be released as convulsions began.  This lasted for thirty seconds until the temperature reached 5500°.  The vampire then lost consciousness.  The science oven temperature rose to the maximum of 25,000° with the vampire displaying no signs of actually being baked.  He was not killed, and awoke from his slumber within eight minutes of being released from the oven.  Upon awakening he ravaged the blood supply provided for him like a mad dog.  He was none the worse for wear after being super heated.

The vampire in question claimed to be 478 years old, and had no idea how many generations removed from the first vampire who ever existed.  Cryptozoologists estimated he was somewhere within the 18th, and 20th generation range based on living dead DNA testing.  His demographic is representative of the average vampire.  Vampire powers increase with age, and are greater in the earlier generations.  Experiments with older vampires yielded a vampire who never complained about the heat at 25,000°.  There is also anecdotal evidence of vampires surviving nuclear detonations at ground zero which can be millions of degrees.  So we recommend to all vampire slayers to never rely on heat alone when looking to eradicate a nefarious Nosferatu.

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74 thoughts on “Can Vampires Survive Being Baked Alive In An Oven?

  1. That’s very impressive! 🙂 So if someone were to get turned into a vampire right now! They wouldn’t have such a high tolerance to the heat?

    • Yes say you were a normal human, and you were in a dark abandoned factory with Drake going after a filthy fiend. You both fall through a trap door as a sinister foe maniacally laughs. You find yourself in a room, and all the sudden stripes on the walls light up hot red. You’ve fallen into a small oven room. The walls have been reinforced by thick steel dunked in holy oil during production. Drake cannot penetrate the walls, and it seems death is near for you as the room heats up hundreds of degrees. Drake decides to bring you across into the dark shadows of the vampire world. Although you have died as a human you are now alive as a vampire. You bask in the 800 degree heat with no problem although as a new vampire it does feel hot but barely enough to cause a mild sweat. Luckily it will take a higher temperature to feel painfully uncomfortable because you’d be a sixth generation vampire. Once the oven goes off you wait for the trap door to open above. Then both of you leap out, and take down the pathetic villain!

  2. Hi Xavier .. that is really amazing. Sorry for the late response. So as the generations keep making new vampires. Do they get weaker over the generations? Or are they more powerful if they are bitten by a first generation Vampire?

    • Anyone brought across into the darkness by a first generation vampire will be a powerful second generation vampire. The incremental weakness comes when each successive generation removed from the first continues to transform new vampires. There may come a day when there’s a 10,000th generation (just a random number) that will be so weak that they won’t be able to turn anyone into a vampire. The demonic DNA will be so diluted that the person will be more human than vampire. At some point there will be a last generation of vampires who will basically be just not much more than super humans. However the powerful generations will still be able to bring new vampires into the fold.

    • The United States has the largest prison population on Earth. Half of those are non-violent drug offenders. I came to the United States because it was supposed to be the land of the free but it has now become a tyrannical domain of the New World Order. No government should have the right to tell a person what they can, and can’t put inside their own bodies. The war on drugs is an unconstitutional joke that only creates violent crime, and an excuse to search peoples personal property, and lock them up. The US also likes to keep drugs illegal so they can have their own drug cartel to raise money for off the books CIA black ops.

      Of course there are still plenty of violent scum in prison that require the attention of vampires out for blood, and justice. I’ve known some vampires, including myself, who have posed as prison guards. It’s not really that hard for us to get fake ID’s, get entered into computer databases, and hypnotize our way in the right place. If we’re not going to be there long then our mind control powers are all that’s needed. Many times “accidental deaths” or deadly attacks from other inmates are actually vampires having at the refuse of society. There have been a handful of times in the 20th century where I entered prison as a guard, or prisoner for cases. Indeed I intervened in some violent altercations saving inmates that clearly don’t belong in jail. I then took out the trash that clearly lacked humanity, and shouldn’t ever have existed to begin with.

  3. I know. Seems they are taking our rights away piece by piece. Sickening really.. And yet it’s legal for them to drug us up and kill us off that way. I have almost died so many times in the hospitals. They are nasty! I won’t explain all the details. But I really have been wronged by the hospitals. I don’t trust them anymore! I was thinking about moving to Canada. Since my grandfather always wanted to live there. The people are cool. I have a few friends from there. Great sense of humor. 😉 I’d fit in I’m sure.

    Drake that’s awesome! I am glad you punish the really psycho people. ((I bet you looked so sexy in that uniform.)) ;)- Okay I’ll try to behave myself. Also, I had a very good dream about you last night. I know it was you. That was really amazing! I hope I get to see you again! You are very sweet Drake! I’ll send you more energy at 1:30am tonight. I know it’s later. I can’t sleep. 😉 good night sweetie.

    • Sorry I missed this post. Yes hospitals are horrible places. They’ve improved over the centuries but in this day, and age their still breeding grounds for bacteria. You’re odds of getting even more sicker are increased greatly once you are admitted to a hospital. Also their costs are beyond ridiculous for the average consumer.

      Canada is also making it’s way into the New World Order. Technically most the land is owned by the Illuminati Queen Elizabeth. Switzerland is actually closest to what the USA should have been. There’s also some South American nation free of the NWO grip but it’s not exactly safe to live there. I believe the forces of good will take back the planet someday, and it will be a paradise of enlightenment once the Illuminati is eradicated.

      I’m not sure if I look more sexy in a uniform although I don’t walk around admiring myself in the mirror. That is when I can get a clear reflection anyway. However more women seem to flock toward me when I’m in a uniform whether it be law enforcement, or military. I remember that time I was a Sheriff in the old west, and my only uniform was the tin star. The ladies seemed enamored with just that alone. The citizens were very understanding about my rare “sun allergy”. It was amazing they didn’t suspect I was a vampire…well until later when one scared little man exposed me. So I patrolled the town at night, and my Deputy was on call during the day. Of course there were times I had to make daytime appearances. I had to be real creative to make that work.

      The town made me their Sheriff when I saved the town from a Werewolf pack attack which turned out to be local Native Americans wanting revenge for atrocities committed by the Union army. The towns people had no control over what the army did but the Indians were hell bent on killing everyone in the town, and reclaiming what they considered to be ancestral land. I couldn’t blame them but I couldn’t let them kill innocent men, and women. The tribe vowed to kill no children, and they said they’d adopt them as their own. I tried to be civil with them but they were rage filled. I was forced to kill the pack leader which technically made me the Alpha Male despite not being a Werewolf. This still didn’t quell their anger so I re-directed their anger to the army which was stationed in the next county over, and I agreed to exact revenge with them. This particular platoon was notorious for committing atrocities on Native Americans, and I had no moral issues with taking down these blood thirsty thugs on a power trip. The Werewolf tribe felt satisfied, and agreed to leave the towns folk in peace.

  4. Hello Drake. 🙂 Wow that’s amazing! You were a sheriff in the old west. Pretty cool. Also, a hero! Times were hard back then. I won’t get into what I’ve seen of the old West. I had visions I was there. And that was real freaky. So I probably shouldn’t say to much! Other than I was allot like you! I took in the Orphans. I lived by my gun.. lived before the town. So I could see who was coming in. And I had my gun right there. I grew herbs (Medicines) For the people of the town. etc. Was pretty hard living back then. I’m proud of you for being good to the people less fortunate.

    As for the women. I’m sure they’ll always be attracted to you no matter what. 🙂

    • Sounds like you lived a past life in the old west or are seeing things through your ancestors eyes. Perhaps you were in Annie Oakley’s company of 50 women sharp shooters who wanted to fight in the Spanish-American war. I saw Annie a few times in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. We spoke after she saw my face transform it’s vampire features while taking down a gang of thugs. She then told me one of her fellow female sharp shooters was a Werewolf who was the protector of a town but would occasionally perform in other towns to raise money. Perhaps that was you?

    • I was in a number of gun fights in the old west. I had to be creative because of the insistence that the shoot outs be at high noon. I remember once I had a giant tarp hanged between two buildings just so I could stand underneath it. I told people it was to catch drinking water during a drought just in case it rained. I did get pretty good at slinging the guns around, and doing tricks. Naturally I was the fastest gun in the west…well except that time I went up against another vampire cowboy. Our guns were loaded with silver bullets which can be lethal to a vampire if it enters the heart. As you know silver bullets are more known for causing death in Werewolves since a bullet penetration anywhere will kill them.

      Our vampire gun fight took place at Midnight under a full moon. We stood four times as far away from each other as a normal gun fight due to our amazing eye sight, and accuracy. When we shot our bullets ended up meeting half way, and bouncing off each other. It then turned into a physical fight to the death. I emerged victorious as my adversary burst into unholy flames, and lie in ashes as I hopped on my horse and rode away into the dark horizon.

      I still occasionally take out my old leather gun belt still holding my six shooter loaded with silver bullets. I put on the belt, and my tattered dusty grey cowboy hat. It used to be white. Sometimes I shoot cans or match sticks in my backyard, or go our into the Mystical Forest and wait for evil creatures to attack me.

  5. Perhaps that was me. Except in the visions I was a man. lol 😉 Why I said that was freaky! lol hahaha’ I looked like a chip n dale in the ol west. A pretty boy. 6’2 or more. Wavy blondish hair .. I know because in the vision I was looking at myself in a faded mirror. They weren’t as nice as we have now. I was a virgin until the famous show girl raped me. lol All the religious women were waiting for me. And this wild cat game into my room and had her way.. That was GREG as a woman. This is what I say.. She got pregnant immediately.. SO I married her. The other women would spit at her.. I said to them. She’s my wife.. and having my child. I demand respect from you all! She’s as good as you! lol weather that was only a wild dream or real. I’ll never know. But it was very real. The great part about it.. She had the babies .. I didn’t 😉 She was a beautiful show girl. Probably why Greg’s gay now.. he was a wild cat then. Only explanation I can think of.. Maybe the other side wanted me to understand him better. Why he’s the way he is. Give him slack?

    Yeah I know it sounds very crazy. I’ve seen allot! That’s not all Drake. I also seen that I was a boy before that. In the west but I died early. In a small town a woman had a child and left for NY. She never told the father about him. Back then having a bastard child was rough.. So she gave her son to family.. They ended up giving this boy to a man out of town. They were too poor to take him in. Well he didn’t treat the kid as his other 3 kids. He treated him like a slave. He decided to take his kids on a small trip for a week. And leave the boy at the ranch to take care of the animals. Well there was a bad lightning storm and the horses were going crazy… The boy -Me… Couldn’t bare the thought of these horses getting struck by lighting. Also didn’t want to get in trouble by the man taking care of him. So he went out and the lighting struck down and killed all the horses and the boy’.. When the man returned with his sons.. He found their bodies chard up from that night.

    At the boys funeral, The mother came back from NY and she was devastated. She asked what happened? Well here to find out the man who was caring for her son.. Was the father to her son and never told him. She hugged him and said.. David was your son… OMG! That story lingered for so long in that town. The ghosts have told me this.. showed me. They felt so bad about it.. They just want me to have a good life! But I wonder why they showed me? Well when I had my ranch here in IA.. The same thing happened. My horses were frantic and stuck in a pasture I had to run out in the bad lightning storm.. Everyone told me not to go.. I did it anyway… No more than 5 mins I got into the house.. It stuck 3 times in that pasture.. I would have gotten killed if I had waited. And my horse would have died too.. I almost repeated history.. Maybe this is why the thought they’d show me what happened.. Since I still take great risks for animals. Sorry this is long. But yeah… I only remember being a male then. Not to freak you out.. Thanks for reading. I do wonder if our paths crossed in any of my other lives. Since I’ve had so many.. But those are the only two where I seen I was a man. Hard for me to believe.. but at the time when I seen it.. I was. All the emotions etc. I suppose I should get to sleep. It’s almost 3am. I loved reading about you in the old west. Put a smile on my face. 🙂 night’

    • That’s quite a unique perspective you have knowing the feeling of operating the opposite sexes equipment first hand. 😀

      I actually headed to the old west and became a cowboy after the bloody battles of the Civil War. For many decades I helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. I partook of southern hospitality, and was the guest of many Plantation owners who had no clue I was plotting to help their slaves escape. When the Civil War broke out I joined the Union Army, despite the destruction of State’s rights that lives on today. I was almost killed when President Abe Lincoln, a secret vampire hunter, discovered my true identity. We engaged in an epic battle. That big bearded bastard was a master of ax wielding. He couldn’t accept that I was good, and his missions was to eradicate all vampires from the Earth. However he had never come up against a 5th generation vampire, and I over powered him. He thought he was dead but I spared him. I told him not all vampires are evil, and as a vampire slayer he had a responsibly to make a judgment before trying to stake or behead one of us. I then gave him some secret Confederate plans I had stolen which turned the tide of the war before leaving him. Some people say he became a vampire, and still walks among us.

      The Civil War was a vampire blood fest. Vampires from around the world converged on the battlefield strewn with fallen soldiers after dusk Vampires however only preyed on the ones still barely alive or freshly dead. I fell prey to my blood lust, and joined in taking advantage of the raw carnage. I eventually became disgusted, and disenchanted by the experience. That’s when I headed west.

  6. Hi Drake, 🙂 What you said.. “knowing the feeling of operating the opposite sexes equipment first hand”. Well it’s something I didn’t really want to know. In visions I can’t stop them. It’s like when you don’t want to see something normally you can close your eyes. Well in visions I am forced to watch every detail.. Even if it’s gory. This is how I know when it’s only a dream or vision. Nightmares I can look away or wake up from. Visions keep me there through it all.

    I really love hearing about your Cowboy gun slinging days. I don’t know makes me happy knowing you were there when I might have been and you were a good guy. I don’t blame you for leaving to the West. Can’t vampires have too much blood? How often do you feed? Or have to feed? A comfortable medium. I couldn’t imagine what you’ve gone through. To see history at hand even in it’s worse moments. I have respect for you Drake. When I said I wondered if we met in the past. Well I’m glad we’ve met now. 🙂 The past is in the past. I’m moving onto the future, here and now. I think what I was shown was to stop me from making more mistakes or taking risks as I did. I’m wiser.. 😉 Whatever happens in this life.. I hope our paths meet again in the future! Take care Sweetie! 🙂

    • A vampires immortality is sealed within our living dead DNA. However the less we feed the weaker we get. If a vampire went without blood after a certain amount of time they’d fall into a deep coma like state rampant with perpetual vivid dreams. As the skin color turns gray, and muscle mass reduces a vampires mind will remain active for eternity. At least active in the sub-conscious sense. There are a few recorded cases of Egyptian mummies being unwrapped, popping to life, and biting into archaeologists. Clearly they were transformed vampires who didn’t wake up before the mummification process. The sub-conscious vampire, even in a totally desiccated state, senses blood, and a split second burst of supernatural energy occurs in the body allowing them to get that first drop of blood.

      There was a point in my past where I became totally disillusioned with being a vampire, and I refused to ingest blood of any sort. For a week I felt fine. Then in the second week I began to notice a decline in all my powers. By the third I was as weak as a human but of course still had all the negatives of being a vampire. By the end of the month I never woke up from my diurnal slumber. After three months Duanna found me, and fed me her blood. My blurry vision could barely make out my mildly gray skin turning white again.

      Most vampires feed once a day, and consume 1-2 pints of human blood. I generally consume one pint a day because I feel satisfied with that amount, and it keeps my powers constant. Usually from black market blood banks. Although fresh blood is best. When presented with a seemingly unlimited supply of blood vampires will often enter into a blood lust frenzy. I witnessed, and partook of such frenzied feeding upon various bloody battlefields of history. To my knowledge there is no limit to the amount of blood vampires can consume. The more we consume the more power we have. However the power boost from a mass feeding will subside within hours. A vampire fresh off a bloody battlefield could easily take out 10 vampires single handedly. I once took down a first generation vampire after just consuming mass quantities of blood.

      Thank you for the kind words! I’m sure our paths have crossed in the past, and will meet again in the future. Perhaps you will be reincarnated thousands of years in the future as a human alien vampire leprechaun cybernetic hybrid. Maybe I’ll be the Captain of a starship, and you’ll end up serving aboard my vessel of peace, and exploration. Yes I am a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I only hope humanity doesn’t destroy itself before we can ascend to that level. A starship would be the perfect place for me to work, and live. No worries of sunlight, and other things. Of course if we’re orbiting a star I might have to stay away from the windows. However I have a feeling the windows will have special properties by then which will conveniently protect against the sun. Also nobody knows if other stars would have the same effect as the sun on vampires. Is it any nuclear fission furnace? Only yellow stars? Or only the holy sun of Earth? Who knows if I can walk freely in the light of alien worlds? Oddly enough I enjoyed the glow of the unholy light of the fires of Hell. Xavier on the other hand got one hell of a sun burn. I feel bad for the poor bastard.

      Actually once we entered the higher dimensional hell my Demonic DNA fully took over, and I transformed into a full Demon. I scared the gang for a minute there but I regained control of my mind, and turned the tables on Diablo. Xavier will be writing about our trip to Hell in the blog sometime soon. Have a nectarous night, and a magical morning!

  7. Drake, that would be amazing if our technology accelerated to that extent. I’m also a Treky fan. 🙂 Who is your favorite character in Star Trek? Mine is Spock “Live lone and Prosper”. 🙂×240.jpg Growing up I would do that. I was a goofy kid. Would be pretty awesome if you were the captain. I could see it, exploring far planets. I did have a dream that I was on a ship with 2 other men. We were on a smaller planet like Mars. But it was so beautiful. Then all of a sudden the planet was engulfed by oil from within the planet.

    We barely had time to leap onto our ship and escape the black sludge. I was very sad, because I could see the animals at the edges of the river banks. They looked down at the blackness. They were left behind. I had this vision or dream about 2 yrs ago. I thought it was just another wild dream. But we did make it off just in time. But it really made me think about planets and our own planet. What if there is too much oil, could it destroy our water? I’m talking allot of oil. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing that our government is so oil stricken? I never thought I would ever think that. That dream really scared me. Not to scare anyone about this.

    Thank you for your honesty Drake.. And also answering my question about how much vampires need to survive. That is terrible what you went through. I’m glad Duanna came in time. When you spoke of the Egyptian mummy coming to life. I could see this happening in my mind as I read it. Wow.. what a scare that must have been for those people. I wonder if the mummy vampire survived this in the end? Or did they kill him or her? Drake I have also have seen some scary things in dreams or visions. Before I moved here, at my last place. I was being contacted astrally by some vampires. I think I did mention this in previous parts of this forum. But I also was shown that I was married to a vampire in another life time.

    Back in the 30’s? He told me he was murdered. I don’t know who did it. He showed me things of that life. And also showed me that he turned me. When I found out he was killed. I apparently killed myself in the result. I didn’t want to live forever if love must die. etc. I have seen allot of the past. I don’t know what to do or what to think of it all. I’m just saying I’m not sure if I could live forever if my love died. I don’t remember his name nor mine from then. I wish I wrote it all down when I woke. Because he tried to tell me. And he also told me names and an exact date. I know he just wants me to be happy now. I have not seen his spirit since that night. All I can do is think of the future! Hope the same .. that humanity doesn’t destroy itself. Would be something to see space. I also have a great passion to explore other worlds. But I also love Earth. 😉 I’ll send you all some healing energy tonight before bed. It’s almost 2am .. I have missed you guys. Again, I can’t say it enough.. I’m happy to see you safe! Thank you for your friendship.

    • My favorite character is actually sort of the Spock equivalent on The Next Generation, Lt.Commander Data the android. He has supernatural power in a way through technology yet yearns to be human. Naturally in the movies he gets to have emotions, and still keeps his power.

      Hopefully by the time we go to Mars we will have left our reliance on oil behind. We should have had electric cars for the last century but the oil companies destroyed that for their own selfish profits.

      I don’t think Mars has any oil, and I see it being terraformed into an Earth like planet in the next 1000 years or so.

      I know in one case the Mummy vampire killed everyone in the room, and escaped. That was back in the 50’s, and she’s still on the loose. Duanna thinks she met her at a party in Monaco in the 70’s.

      I think humankind, and every sentient creature on Earth is destined to explore space, time, parallel Universes, and the higher dimensions above until they meet God. Of course that could happen by simply dying. Still it’s more satisfying for biological beings to ascend to that level through blood, sweat, and tears.

      We’ve all missed you as well, and can feel your energy assisting our cause of truth, justice, and the global quest for peace!

  8. Yeah I’ve wondered if we’ll ever create an AI so advanced as Data. That would be cool. About that Egyptian vampire “mummy” Wow… Reminds me of that movie “Queen of the Damned”. I love that movie. Have you seen it? It’s about the first Royal Egyptian Vampire mother. She has a wicked blood lust. I don’t want to spoil it. It’s on Netflix. One of my favorites.

    Whatever I saw in that dream. I’m hoping it never happened or happens. To see a planet die like that was tragic. All I know it that it was smaller than Earth. But it was a metropolis. Very beautiful. I forgot to say something about what you said while you were traveling closer towards Hell. I bet it had to feel very different for you. To turn into a demon. I can’t help it.. Wish I could have seen that. 😉 I’ve seen them before. Some are large and others small. When humanity decides to take that leap forward and we do build a space station. It probably won’t be for another 1,000. yrs as you stated above. Be sure if I’m their. I’m going to want to be on a ship. I’ll probably be the scientist who looks at all the water samples looking & studying life. That really fascinates me. I love microscopes. 😉 I wanted to create cures for humanity as well.

    I have a good feeling we’ll all meet again in other lives. I just hope I’m not a man again! lol From that space dream I had.. I was a man again. So Drake. Would that be alright? lol Yes Captain Drake! I’m very curious about what’s going to happen on my bday. Dec 21st, 2012. Dooms day! I guess if anything I’ll go out with a bang on my big day. I hope nothing happens. Just that the world is freaking me out with all the movies and talk on youtube. Who knows. Humanity have been saying that the world is going to end for a long time. Never happens. Have a good night! Sending you all energy. 🙂

    • Computers are constantly increasing in processing power, and complexity in programming. It’s only a matter of time before humanity becomes Gods by creating the first artificial sentient life on Earth. Some rumors indicate that the US government, and it’s billions in secret military spending already has an AI that’s about as smart as a Gorilla. Of course we’re talking about a Gorilla with an amazing wealth of knowledge in it’s databases. Some say it will be the real life Skynet as seen in the Terminator movies. If that ever happens then I will be more than happy to take on an army of Terminators single handedly.

      I’ve never seen “Queen of the Damned”. Xavier turned me on to Netflix recently but it’s not online so I’ll have to rent the DVD sometime. Or maybe I’ll head over to the Woodland Springs Walmart, and see if they sell it there. It’s probably hard to believe a millionaire vampire shops there but it’s conveniently open 24 hours a day. Sometimes I like to just browse the aisles late at night. I virtually have the store to myself. Of course I do shop online, through catalogs, and my cleaning lady will sometimes run a few errands for extra cash. She drops by every day to tidy up the mansion. For a great deal of my history I have a personal valet. They were privy to my secret, and would perform various tasks I couldn’t due to the sunlight restrictions. Of course they always ended up getting killed so I decided to end that. People will come after me, and the valet would get taken down in the crossfire. The cleaning lady is only there four hours a day so hopefully nothing happens to her. Oh I almost forgot the grounds keeper who maintains the foliage, and maintains my house.

      The first female vampire, aka vampire Eve, is unknown. More than likely she existed at least 100,000 years ago when demons first started to genetically possess humans, and then mate with them. The oldest female is Queen Gula of the vampire kingdom who is over 66,000 years old.

      As I turned into a demon I felt more aggressive, and lost control a number of times. Rebecca had to keep me in line. Of course once we were in hell surrounded by Demons her magic was seriously reduced since Demons are a source of magical power. A power I then had as well. Her power base comes from the various Goddesses, and Gods. In Hell she was cut off from that. However she wasn’t helpless, and still had some natural magical power within her. I had to overcome the natural urges of evil that manifested inside me. You don’t ever hear about good Demons. I’m not sure but I think when I finally did gain control I may have actually been an Angel briefly because Demons are fallen Angels, and a good Demon would be redeemed. A Demon who found salvation would theoretically ascend to Angelhood.

      Yes I’d love to be a Captain of a Starship, and have my own Data. Perhaps sentience might spawn a soul in mechanical beings. Maybe you might be reincarnated as an android?

      As for coming back as a man that’s fine but Drake don’t swing that way. 😉

      Either way I’m sure you’d make a great science officer. It would be interesting to see what would happen if I was kidnapped by the Borg, and transformed as Captain Picard was. I’d be the first vampire Borg but I’m pretty sure I’d still be myself mentally. I don’t believe technology is a match for a vampires powers. In fact I would probably reject the Borg implants because I can’t see how it would be a match for my demonic based DNA. I probably would allow myself to get kidnapped just to take the ship apart from the inside out. Once the ship exploded I’d need to be retrieved as I floated in space. No beaming please! I think beaming technology would kill people, and make a copy of the person. The entire crew has died thousands of times. It’s a tragedy!

      What a coincidence you were born on the winter solstice, and the last day on the Mayan calendar. I hope nothing happens as well but Julia Hathaway had some 2012 visions last year located on our old Ask Mystic page before we created this blog:

      She wrote:

      “I’ve had three visions of 2012 which I’ve previously shared with Xavier Remington, and the rest of our team at Mystic Investigations. I’m not sure of the exact date but it appears to be winter and Xavier is wielding a silver sword with a large crystal embedded in the middle of the cross guard. The crystal emits a white light. He appears to be battling another man whose face is shrouded in shadows. This man is wielding a similar looking silver sword except that it contains a black crystal emitting an eerie black light. Their swords clash causing bright electrical sparks to fly about. The other man gives off a hideously evil soulless vibe. The vision ends when he appears to be looking right at me and his eyes glow red with evil. I think he might be demonic in nature.

      My second vision is of Xavier Remington placing his sword into some sort of mystical stone located at or near the North Pole. Simultaneously the evil man is at the South Pole putting his sword into a similar stone. It appears this takes place at the time of the galactic alignment on the winter solstice. I’m not sure what this vision means.

      My third vision appears to be showing me the winter solstice in 2012 when the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years. This means that whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will be even more focused on 12/21/12 at 11:11 AM Universal Time. There has already been a general increase in powers among supernatural beings. However oddly enough I sense a brief global disruption in these powers around this time due to some immense force blocking, or absorbing the Milky Way power force.”

      We’re not sure what the swords are, or who the evil man is. Julia doesn’t think it’s Diablo.

      Have a good evening Angela!

  9. Hello Drake.. You made me laugh’.. 😉 When you said “As for me coming back as a man that’s fine but Drake don’t swing that way.” LOL I wasn’t thinking we’d be gay’.. lol I should have worded it differently. When I was a man in other lives. I was into women only. Never gay’.. I don’t swing that way either! 😉 lol But when I’m a woman as now. I do love men only! Why I told those woman Vampires sorry! I’m not into sharing my man. They were like you’re stubborn as a monk. So you have no worries here. I am in shock that gay men have done what they have to me. I never expected gay men to like me. I don’t understand why’..

    I’m sorry to hear that your valet’s and help were killed. 🙁 How tragic! Well I worked as a maid when I was in high school. On the weekends I would help my mother. She was a maid for two brain surgeons. I didn’t get paid. My mother was like that. I also had to goto work with her when she worked picking in the tobacco fields at 4am. That sucked!!! I finally rebelled at her. Because When I was folding the laundry in the basement of the doctors house. I had a psychic vision. I witnessed a bloody murder that was going to take place. I began vomiting all over the clean clothes. My mom came in and started yelling at me .. Angela what is wrong with you? Get out.. I’m like Sorry… Mom I saw a murder that’s going to happen in here.. I couldn’t breath.. I ran out of the house. Mom thought I was nuts of course. 6 months later the brain surgeon couple split up and divorced. Put the house up for sale. And Sold it to a young couple who just had a baby.

    Apparently the woman was under secret protection because she was a wittiness for a drug lord. Someone powerful. He hired a killer.. They found her. Her husband was at work and he came in and stabbed her in that bathroom where I was in the basement. When the husband came home he found the sheets were bloody in the bathroom.. and the baby was crying all day. She was beheaded as well. Never found her head. My mom believed me then. But that was the last time I ever helped her at work. I know this was rather depressing. I’ve tried to turn off my psychic ability.

    That’s scary about 11:11pm. I hope nothing happens. If it does I’ll be fighting in astral. For the light! Yeah they want an answer as well. I told Rebecca about last night. Drake if I were ever an android that would be amazing. lol 😉 I do believe it’s possible for an AI to feel. Just will take a while. Anything’s possible.

    What Julia predicted.. I read it. I don’t know what this means. Perhaps there will be a battle between good n evil. I’ve been seeing a white dragon. What does that mean? Doesn’t a white dragon stand for peace? From what I’ve been told this dragon is suppose to be born now! This year it is suppose to be conceived. Sorry my mind is everywhere tonight. Just rambling.. thinking of everything at once. Sorry if I’m not making any sense. I’m rather freaked out about what I saw last night. Rebecca can tell you. I have seen a battle as well. 2 yrs ago or so.. But I was on that battle field as well. I had to choose dark or light. They looked at me. I end up fighting a big black werewolf. There will be many different fights. 🙁 I also was shown that I know this wolf so it makes it even harder for me to fight. Very long story!

    I hope we can keep our world in one piece. Also, Drake I want to say something to you before I leave.. Whatever happens to me. When I die in this lifetime. I don’t want you to shed any tears for me. Because I know I’ll return in another life form.. I’ve done this throughout the generations. I’m not afraid! I don’t want you to be sad if or when it happens. Okay! I just want to make sure when I do die.. it’s for a good cause. 🙂

    Live long & prosperous sweet Drake!

    • I’m sorry to hear that your Mother indentured you into childhood slavery. I myself was a human Serf as I had told you previously and I was a mind slave to Dracula in a way for a short time. Yet I was also an actual working slave to an evil First Generation vampire who was even more evil than Dracula yet not as evil as Dimitri Diablo. This first generation royal, named Prince Zagar, set up his own Kingdom in the wilds of South Africa centuries ago. He saw humans as too weak to be his slaves, and only utilized them as food. Not only did he drink their blood but he’d eat them whole. Vampires aren’t supposed to be able to eat food but he ate whole humans including their skeletons. He claimed he ate their very souls as well, and it fueled his extraordinary powers. He always had a crazed look in his eyes, and any health professional would judge him insane. So his powerful minions of second, and third generations vampires along with practitioners of magic would kidnap lower generations of vampire for slave labor in his diamond mines, and plantations. He believed only first generation pure blood vampires should rule the Earth with the 2nd, and 3rd being loyal followers. He felt their bloodlines where just pure enough to warrant existence as free beings. The rest of us could go to hell for all he cared. Zagar was deep into Capitalism, and deemed his place in the human world as important. At least in the upper class Illuminati realm. I guess I was asking for it since I was going through a rebel phase by serving aboard a pirate ship. I admit a lot of my wealth came from that time. I can’t tell you how many chests of gold, and other treasures I stashed around the planet. Eventually I challenged the human Captain since I took issue with him stealing from common people. Whenever I acquired a treasure I usually gave some of it to the poor. I believed in stealing from the rich to give to the poor, and of course pad my pockets as well. 🙂 He loathed that as well along with me never coming on deck during the day. We finally had a sword dual, and I cut his hand off. The doc stuck a hook into his arm, and I set him adrift in a small boat.

      I then took over as Captain of the pirate schooner Cabasis. Unfortunately me, and my crew of merry pirates picked the wrong vampire to mess with. We attempted to steal Zagar’s diamonds, and he single handedly took us down, and had his minions blast our schooner straight to hell. He then ate all my men, and threw me in the dark diamond mines where I toiled away for 20 years before I finally escaped when I organized a vampire rebellion. It would have failed if not for King Dagan, ruler of the vampire kingdom of Earth, discovering Zagar’s cruelty to his fellow vampires. Despite Dagan himself being evil he believes the vampire race is superior, and only humans should be treated as slaves. Ironically Dracula had traveled to see Zagar to check on his status for Dagan. Even the evil Dracula was disgusted by his torture, and killing of fellow vampires. Dracula might mess with our minds, and play his sick games with vampires such as myself but he at least leaves us some dignity. He won’t kill a vampire for no good reason. Humans on the other hand is a different story for Vlad The Impaler. Maybe that’s the brainwashing talking again. I still think of Dracula as my friend due to his life long lasting mental conditioning powers. Dracula attempted to take down the entire operation on the spot, and despite only being a second generation vampire he took down Zagar in a fight but was captured by the Sorcerer, and the wizards. The other vampire minions feared the reputation of Dracula, and didn’t make a move on him. The practitioners of magic were unable to block Dracula’s powerful psychic connection with his vampire father King Dagan, and had to release him for fear of facing a complete royal wrath. Naturally they faced it eventually anyway once Dracula returned to Romania with word of the vampire atrocities witnessed. Zagar, and his top minions, were cast into a pit of holy fire where they died an agonizing death. I felt it was karma that I had been punished so I decided not to resume my pirating activities. I spent a lot of time roaming about Africa for many decades having various adventures.

      You might ask how I was kept in the deep dark caves, and how I could have actually toiled with my super powers. Naturally we had Wizards, and higher generation vampires guarding us 24-7. We were fed minimal amounts of animal blood since all human blood was only for Zagar, and his minions. Also a powerful Sorcerer working for Zagar blocked all psychic connections to our vampire sires who would naturally come to try, and save us. Hence Duanna had no idea where I was. I’d have hated for her to come there, and end up in the mine or in the plantation fields as a slave. She’s too beautiful, and dignified to be lowered to such a thing. In addition we were only allowed to sleep thirty minutes a day to keep us in a weakened semi-crazed mental state. So I did get quite weak, and it was hard work but since I could never get hurt or die from sickness the hell kept going onward for two decades. Me, and my fellow slaves grinned with glee as the sadistic Zagar burned in the pit of the bright white pure holy flames blessed by a Catholic Priest who ironically works for King Dagan.

    • Yes I shall try not to shed tears in the face of your untimely demise for I know your soul will live on in the cycle of life. Once a soul is born into this Universe it cannot be extinguished unless it’s unredeemable, and imbued with evil.

  10. Yess I also was looking for Queen of the Damned last night. They removed it. Darn it! 🙂 I’m sorry about that. I really love that movie. I hope you enjoy it as well. I love a man who can play the violin. So damn romantic.. with such passion! 😉 You’ll see what I mean. I wish we could watch it together. Perhaps we’ll meet one day. I don’t expect anything other than friendship! 🙂 Since friends last much longer. I have told many men this.. I have lost best friends because of a passion that never lasted. If I could change it. I would have never had passion and kept my friend. Unless if it’s real love. That’s an entirely different situation all together. That takes time.. 🙂

    • I’m actually the reason Netflix lost so many customers after they nearly doubled their prices. I was so angered by their bravado that I cursed them. Realistically it still wasn’t that much for the month but mysteriously they lost 800,000 customers in 2011. I’m not afraid to say witchcraft is the culprit, and I’d do it all over again if I could. Take that Netflix!

      • I had no idea. I didn’t even know they raised their fees. I guess I don’t really pay too much attention to my credit card statements. The credit card Netflix auto-charges has a million dollar credit limit. I’m glad your curse hasn’t affected Netflix’s picture quality. Although it may be the reason they remove films, and TV shows all the time. I know I was starting to watch episodes of “Hunter”, and then it just disappeared for online viewing. I had just begun being beguiled by the beautiful Stephanie Kramer. Damn you Netflix!

  11. I forgot to ad about you being a Cy-borge on a ship. lol That would really be pushing allot! Since you heal instantaneously. Probably would be painful for you if they did try to drill anything into you. I hope we do make it that far. Seriously.. I could see you as Captain Drake and I you’re Scotty lol or Datetta hahahha’ 😉

    Either way’ we’d be forever friends. And that is something pretty unique in itself. I’m sure Xavier & Rebecca would be there as well. Still fighting the dark forces of Universal evil. I do hope we get to have Light Speed. I love to go fast!! I have been known to speed.. lol 😉 I once followed a younger officer on the highway.. we reached 90. Should have seen everyone’s face when they saw my lil orange dodge neon chasing a charger. At the time I thought he was a punk challenging me to a race. Well it wasn’t until I noticed the looks on there faces I looked at the place and noticed omg it’s cop! lol He smiled as he looked at me in his rear view mirror.. and waved his hand for me to pass him so he could cuff and stuff me. 😉 I smiled nervously’ shook my head no no no… lol He let me go.. as I turned off my off ramp he honked and waved at me. lol omg..

    That was the closest call I’ve ever had. Since then I’ve toned way’ down. lol I figured I can’t keep staying lucky! It will run out. But yeah I love to race! My first horse was a ex race horse. I let Super Danny Boy wide open on the fresh plowed field at my grandparents… When I was 8.. It was a family reunion.. I wanted to show off! Well they were in shock.. They thought I was going to die! All I had was twine string tied to his halter no saddle. I’ll tell you what.. I held on for dear life! 😉 I’m a dare devil!- This is long. sorry! I hope to see you in a dream. I feel safer. Gnight 🙂

    • The millions of injected nanoprobes do most of the work transforming a person into a Borg. I think the Demonic based vampire virus within me would destroy them. I’ve seen the virus under a microscope, and it looks ferocious. It literally has a small evil little face on it. It’s rather disturbing actually.

      I wonder if the birth of AI would create a soul in Heaven or if souls in Heaven are just waiting for AI to be invented so they can inhabit the bodies. I’d assume everyone is an android in a parallel Universe somewhere.

      Other than my vampire family I’ve never really stuck with a gang for any length of time. People die. That would be something if some of the Mystic Investigations team was still together in the millennium. Certainly there must be millions of inhabited planets with their own forms of paranormal evil afoot. Certainly Demons had hinted that they’ve influenced countless alien worlds. Once the battle for Earth is complete, and good prevails it will only be a grain of sand in the beach of battles to finally end the Universal war of good vs evil.

  12. So far never had a speeding ticket.. But have been pulled over many times. 😉 Once a state trooper with a long mustache and sunglasses came after me.. I was doing 55 in a 25. lol he was hiding behind a semi truck.. When I looked in my rear view mirror.. I seen his brake lights come on. lol I’m like oh crap! So I immediately pull off the road and waited for him. lol Well he walked up to my car.. said ma-hm do you know how fast you were going? I said no.. He said you were doing 55 in a 25. I said really? He said you can come take a look if you don’t believe me. I laughed.. No no.. I believe you. I told him.. I said wow this puppy can move. It’s my first time driving this stick.. 😉 He tried not to smile. He then went to his car.. I was sweating bullets. He came back .. Ma hm I’m letting you off with a warning. Since you pulled over .. he said I didn’t see ur car and thought you ditched me. And was in rather shock you were waiting for me. lol So yeah.. But I’ve been a good girl. I promise. I’ll try! 😉 Way too many close calls. That’s for sure. K going to bed. Drake thanks for cheering me up. Just afraid to go to my room after last night. I hope it don’t happen again. It’s almost 3am. Wish they’d leave me alone!

    • I remember the good old days at the turn of the century when there was virtually no speed limits. Those were the carefree times when the wind soared through my hair as I barreled down the rural roadways of America at 20 mph in my 1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash. I made the mistake of traveling to Connecticut where they passed the first speed limit law in 1901. I was pulled over for speeding in New Haven which had a speed of 12 mph. I haven’t a clue how the officer even knew I was speeding. It’s not like he had a radar gun. He sure didn’t know I was going 17 mph but he was sure I was going over 12. He was screaming at me to pull over from his horse. He ties the animal to my back tire, and writes me a ticket for $2.00. The equivalent of $25.00 today. This bastard was really laying into me about safety, and dawn was about to approach. I needed to get back to my hotel before the sun rose but this policeman on a power trip wouldn’t let me go. He was clearly jealous of my $650 dream mobile which he could never afford. When he finally walked away he stepped right into a pile of horse manure. I laughed out loud as I shot away at 13 mph. I heard him yell,”Why you!” I made it to the hotel as the rays of the morning sun hit me. I started to smoke as I met the valet at the front door. I quickly pulled out a cigarette as a cover story. That brush with the law is what first got me interested in going into the legal profession. I realized later on he had no right to detain me for so long. I was free to go but I had no idea the public servant was violating my Constitutional rights.

  13. Sorry I wrote so much last night. Guess what happened? My daughter wolfed out for her first time. I was there. We both were pretty terrified. We were surrounded by so many bad werewolves. She had to wolf out to protect herself. I saw it all. She is a large calico black & brown wolf. When she killed the wwolf that attacked her. She changed back to her human form. We ran through the woods together. Got to some houses. They were everywhere. I ended up having to wolf out as well. Got into a fight with another white wwolf. He cowered and shrunk down to a wolf. I then got scared that it was my son Tyler. 🙁

    We thought he was attacking. I asked him if he wolfed out last night? He gave me a look.. then said no. I wonder? I told him if it was him I am so sorry! Mama don’t want to harm him. 🙁 I hope it wasn’t him. So it was a wild night. I didn’t sleep very good. Then the storm woke me. Hail was hitting my air conditioner. lol Samantha seems more calm. I think she’s been on edge lately because her wolf was wanting out for the first time. She don’t think Tyler and I are crazy anymore! I kept picking up on her fear.. she was feeling very confused. Kept me from wolfing out when I felt her fear.

  14. Tyler also sat next to me all day.. Spent time with me. Which is different. I hope to god he wasn’t that wwolf I beat up last night. 🙁 I feel rotten. I just thought he was attacking so I attacked him and then he cowered down. I picked him up and threw him… was bad. He did nothing. It might have been him. You have no idea how bad I feel .. Because I have this feeling it was him. I never want to harm my kids.. even if it was a accident. Just that we were getting chased from every side. How was I suppose to know. I doubt he’ll tell me if it was him. Just that he had this look in his eyes today.. 🙁 And I can’t shake it off! I would die for my kids.

  15. So you were allot like the legendary Robin of the Hood? Cool Drake! 🙂 Hi Rebecca. That’s funny about Netflix. Yeah they also were over charging me for 3 months before I took notice of it. I wished ill upon them as well. They never refunded it either. Although I love to watch Netflix before bed.

    Drake, I have a question for ya’. Did you ever bump into the woman pirate? I had been shown that I was also a beautiful tall pirate woman with long black hair. I was very good at sword fighting. I get bits and pieces from that life. The last vision that I had of that life was my men rowing I had a large black ship with dragons on the front leading. I looked both sides as I stood at the wheel. I was surrounded by the British ships. They were attacking me. I looked on in-front of me with great pride. We were moving fast. Going towards land in a hurry. I don’t know what happened. Probably was my end. In astral form I am very good at fighting with sword. It’s very strange for me. I feel like I have amnesia when I’m here and awake! When I am in astral I remember allot!

    Yeah I am very thankful my childhood is over with. I am so sorry to hear about what you went through with the evil Zagar. Something that evil should burn in a fire. “Good Rid-dens”. You are right about Duanna. She is very classy. From what I’ve seen of her. She is so motherly and sweet! I couldn’t imagine anyone hurting her. She’s a good soul. What I said about not shedding a tear.. well I know it’s only human to cry and care when someone dies. I just am dreading my own passing. I don’t want everyone sad is all. Since I even know who I’m going to become next! And I am looking forward to it. lol 😉 I was shown that I’m going to be born into a racing family. Not sure if they will already be famous.

    But I do grow up on the big track. I will become a famous woman race car driver. I even know what I’ll look like. Like the girl in Transformers 1. Long black hair’ tall and tan. Beautiful as ever! Why I say not to be too sad with my passing. I will be happier in the next life. 😉 Oh yeah’! I can’t wait! Although I am not going to do anything stupid and kill myself. Just waiting to see what happens and try to be as happy as I can now. So when you see a vibrant beautiful dare devil on that track ripping it up and showing the men who’s boss. You’ll know it’s me reborn! 😉 No tears just smile! lol Drake I do believe in other Parrnell Universes there are human like AI’s. Maybe they are god like. Since they never parish.

    I would give my two front teeth to see what the vampire DNA looks like under the microscope!! 🙂 I did say I love microbiology right? That would be amazing to see. I wonder how it all evolved into what it is now. And if it’s going to mutate into an even stronger super paranormal entity. I hope the royal vampires realize even humans are very important. They invent things here as well. Not all humans are as weak’.. There minds and hearts deserve more respect in the paranormal world. But I do believe Vampires have a duty to uphold world over population and punish the very evil humans who truly deserve to be taken down. I stand for the humans who are the thinkers and do’ers. They are the future! 🙂

    Have a great weekend Drake, Rebecca, Xavier.. 🙂 Stay sweet!

    • Yes I’ve had various Robin Hood moments including my pirating days on the high seas.

      I knew a lady pirate named Morganna. Morganna told me the day before we met that she had faced an armada of British ships but had conjured up stormy waters for them while her path remained calm so she could make her escape. Just Morganna with no last name. She was tall, had long black hair, emerald green eyes, and her ship was similar to your description. She was known as the pirate witch due to her dabblings in various magics. Our ships met once as we pursued the same treasure. We boarded each other ships, and engaged in swashbuckling sword fights. I fought with Morganna in the high noon sun as I had just knocked back a cup of Gnomes blood. I had lucked out in the last port of call when a merchant traded a caged Gnome for a bounty of gold. The little evil bastard allowed me to be in the sun for a handful of years on the open oceans. Despite the Gnomes blood, being in the direct sunlight lessened my powers which is why our dual was fair. At some point in the midst of steel clashing, and sparking our hatred turned to lust. We called a truce, and decided to work together to acquire the mother lode of all booty from the tyrannical Wizard King Fred. Yes oddly enough he also had one name, and it was simply Fred. However don’t let the seemingly dull name fool you. He was an evil warlord who conquered villages to add to his territory, and wealth as he stole from them. He also had a kidnapped Leprechaun who was used to imbue good luck upon his gold, and silver so he might acquire even more magical powers.

      The night before landfall we went over our plan of attack in Morganna’s boudoir. Afterward we engaged in sensual relations, and I was revealed to be a vampire. She said she had known since the first day we met as her magical intuition was strong. Her ship shook violently that night, and much of her crew got sea sick. Luckily they were fine the next day as our respective ships attacked Fred’s 2 ports, and we invaded his kingdom. It looked like the battle was lost but the many wronged villagers were inspired by us to mount a rebellion. Morganna marshaled magical defenses while I called out to any supernatural beings who would help. Despite our efforts the luck of his Leprechaun derailed things as his good luck caused bad luck to haunted us. Morganna then conjured up a Clurichaun to counter the Leprechauns magic. The two little people engaged in battle nullifying the good, and bad luck so we just had fate to contend with. Eventually me, and Morganna faced Fred in his royal court. He was a powerful wizard, and we were losing until I partook of Morganna’s blood to acquire her magical powers. We defeated Fred but Morganna was struck down by magical fire, and she bid me farewell as she lie in my arms telling me we would meet again in the distant future for her soul had left this world, and re-visited countless times throughout human history. Afterward a huge chunk of the treasure went to the villagers who formed a democratic confederation which I unfortunately heard was invaded, and taken over by the British decades later. The rest of the treasure went to me, my crew, and Morganna’s crew. Our crews merged, and we had two ships under our united flag for a time. I appointed two Captains for the ships, and called myself Admiral Alexander but most called me Admiral Drake. Years later there was a mutiny. During the day when I no longer had Gnomes blood. The two captains rallied some of the men who didn’t like how I was giving part of the treasure away to the poor, and they stole Morganna’s ship to find their own way on the sunny seas. While in a port tavern a year later I heard the ship mysteriously disappeared in the Devil’s Triangle.

    • I thought for sure you were going to say you would be reborn as a space racer. 🙂

      Vampires appreciate humanity in general as they provide arts, music, writings, culture, and of course blood. Although the vampire royals agree with the Illuminati royals about wanting to plunge the Earth into tyranny to control humankind they secretly don’t agree with the extermination plans that would eradicate up to 90% of the Earths human population. If the Illuminati should ever gain control of the Earth’s under an iron clad global government then the vampires might break ranks with them. Of course ultimately both factions must heed the wishes of their master the Devil.

  16. Yes evil is everywhere! As the light is there as well. The scales tip too much at times. I only wish we could keep those scales at a happy horizon. Then we’d truly have peace! I respect all. I believe there are many types of evil. Some are like a shifter.. 1st gear then 2nd..3rd so on. Every now and then in history we get a super evil kind who wants more than the 1st n 3rd. So they push turbo! Rock everything out of balance leading to ca-yous. Then the light has to jump in and calm it all down again. 😉 How I see it. Not saying I’m right. :))

  17. Hello Rebecca 🙂 I’ve watched Teen wolf on Netflix. Got sucked into it! 😉 Yeah I thought the werewolf wasn’t so nice looking. 😉 But I loved the show. Kept me glued. I watched em all till it ended and now I am in suspense. I also love Vampire Diaries. I think Ian Sommerholter is so sexxy.. I have met him a few on facebook. He’s really down to earth and loves to put his money to help animals and good causes. He resembles Rob Lowe 😉 One of my fav heart throbs from the 80’s 😉 Who is your favorite characters? I also think the bad guy werewolf on Vampire diaries is an amazing actor.

    Drake that is so amazingly cool! What if I am her reborn? From the vision the wind was strong and I felt very strong where I stood. As if I was in control of the sea & air.. It was a cloudy day as well. I still have the ability to control the wind. I try not to mess around with it now. I don’t want to cause any destruction. I do remember a black haired man I was sword fighting with. His eyes were so charming the way he looked at me.. I got the feeling he knew what he was doing and he was going to stand his ground. I have not seen too much. Perhaps he was you? 🙂 I hope so..

    Yeah who knows I just might race in space if I ever get that chance. lol knowing me of course! I love speed! Speaking of that. Today I was taking Tyler to his dental apt in Cedar Rapids again.. and I was running a little late. I decided to go 70 in a 55. I was going faster up and down the little hills.. I love that feeling. Well then a copper sped up on my tail .. I had this bad feeling in my stomach I thought I never feel bad doing this. I look in my rear view mirror oh crap! A cop !! LOL I didn’t want to put on my breaks since I know then he’ll really know I was speeding. So I let off and coasted to 55. Just in time cause he didn’t get me clocked.. I passed him a ways back maybe he noticed I was going faster lol .. He followed me for over 20mins right on my tail. I was sweating bullets! He finally turned off. So I won’t be speeding anytime soon! 😉 I know my luck is going to fail someday! I did get to the apt on time. Since I could go 70 once I got on the highway. Which that’s the speed limit. 😉

    As for the Royals and the Illuminati.. I know someone will step up and do what’s right. At least I hope they do. Royal vampires will rule eventually. Or vampires in general. And I do hope they spank down the Illuminati. Yes humans are very important. As water can be programed to heal you. Just by it’s environment and words. Sad, abused humans will not taste as good.. I’m sure of that. People who are in the sun and having a good life…. are more healthy. Just saying. lol Common sense. Drake.. I am very glad we’ve met here. I’ve had all these questions in my head for years. Nagging on me forever! Now everything seems to be coming together. You have given me allot of peace and comfort. More than anyone I know. That says allot! 🙂 Thank you!!! I also mean this towards Xavier & Rebecca.. all of Mystic Investigations. You are a blessing. It’s almost 2am I better hit the sack. I have to take Ty again tomorrow for the next 4 days. His teeth were so bad.. because someone smashed his face into the ground. Cody the other boy his age I was taking care of. While I was in NY visiting with Greg.. (((MISTAKE))) They got into a spat .. I was on the phone as this happened. I heard it. Cody hurt Tyler pretty bad. I then kicked him out immediately.. and he’s not welcome over anymore! My son comes first! It was over very stupid issues like he was eating too much and having his gf over to eat as well. Tyler told him off. Also Ty don’t like him. And wanted him out of our place. If I had been there it would have not happened. So I am making sure his teeth get fixed asap!

    Good night & Stay sweet! I’ll try to come again tom night before bed. My car also about died.. with the heat. lol poor car.

    • If I want to get somewhere really fast I generally run since it’s faster than driving a car at top speed. However in daylight I’m confined to my car with special holy glass to filter out the deadly ray of the holy sun. I was speeding at over 100 mph in my silver Aston Martin V12 Vanquish when the Woodland Springs police pulled me over. I was hoping it was the Sheriff because we’re friends, and he knows the mission Mystic Investigations is on. The police on the other hand are under the supervision of a complete ass of police chief. The officer was seriously angry as he drew his pistol, and told me to exit the car. I refused, and told him I was on a mission that could be a matter of life, and death through the window opened a crack. He somehow took that as a threat, and called for back-up. He then tried to break the window with his night stick but he hurt himself because it’s bullet proof glass. He then starts screaming in a deranged manner as he pulls out his gun, and starts firing on the my drivers side window. The bullets bounced off, and he takes a few slugs in his chest along with one in the head. Now I’ve got a real situation here so I cover myself in trench coat, and get out of the car as he lies dead on the pavement from a self-inflicted wounds.

      As smoke rises from all over my skin I bite in to my wrist, and let my blood flow upon his wounds, and into his mouth. My intention was to heal him since he must loose most of his blood to transform into a vampire. His human healing mechanism accepted my vampire blood, and he began healing as sirens could be heard in the distance. I quickly ran back to his police cruiser, and punch my fist through the dash to collect the digital recorder in his dash cam. I crushed it, and run back to my car as my hands burst into flames. Seriously you haven’t felt pain until you spontaneously combust. Once back in my car I beat my hands on the seat to put the flames out, and raced away to continue my mission. The next day I head to the hospital where I find out that the officer has amnesia. Just in case he recovered the memory of our traffic stop I visited him disguised as a doctor, and used my hypnotic powers on him. I resurrected the memory, and then delete it from his mind. He made a miraculous recovery within two days, and the doctors were amazed. He quit the force, and joined some religious cult. I guess he found God through his so called “miracle”. He now lives on a commune where he, and his cult members live off the land in peace, and harmony. I felt guilty so I anonymously donated money to him but he just gave it away to the cult.

    • If you’re Morganna reborn then perhaps your life will take you back to the high seas. Naturally the days of pirating are over with the American Empire owning the oceans. Maybe you could travel port to port raising an army of supernatural beings to take on the forces of evil on Earth!

    • As you heard the fight over the phone you should have let loose a Werewolf howl which would have bellowed forth from the phone beyond normal volume, and scared both boys into submission. If you haven’t yet learned to do this in human form then you should practice as I hear it’s a handy tools for Lycanthropes.

    • The Teen Wolf world has the alpha Werewolf being the only one that hulks out into full furry form while the rest turn into some wolf-human hybrid. As you already know all Werewolf turn into the furry type. The closest we get to those hybrid looking things are the first humans to become Werewolves who are known as Lycans. They can transform into a form where they have glowing eyes, fangs, and some alteration of facial features somewhat like a vampire. They can also go to full furry form at will as well. They’re a first generation Werewolf royalty of sorts but they don’t really rule since many Werewolves are loners or in their own local packs. Have you ever met a Lycan?

      We’ve watched Vampire Diaries as well. There’s some indication that Ian Somerhalder is actually a vampire who can really be in the sun due to a magic ring. However these magic rings are beyond rare, and almost impossible for most practitioners of magic to make. In the show they act like you can practically buy them from a vending machine. Apparently Ian found the ring in his attic, and learned he had vampire relatives from various family journals he looked through to research his role. At the end of season one he was approached by a vampire fan who offered to transform him. He’s so into acting craft that he agreed, and is now supposedly a member of the living dead. Or at least that’s the rumor flying around the Hollywood paranormal community. Drake watched some episodes to pick up on subtle cues and said he was 70% sure he was a vampire so who knows.

      I only have eyes for Xavier unless of course I’m playing mind games with Father Tom. 🙂 My favorite character from Vampire Diaries is of course the witch Bonnie Bennett played by Kat Graham. On Teen Wolf I like Allison Argent played by Crystal Reed.

  18. Before I go. Drake I also want to tell you some more things. Last night and tonight I will try to fall asleep. I will smile knowing you were a big piece of my past. And it all was good! I loved to hear about what we did. And yes for me to die is nothing new to me. I will come back again! 🙂 You’ll never lose me forever! I believe as the Egyptians.. That we are reborn over and over through time. It’s apart of life! I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for everything you’ve ever done for me through t all of my lives we were together as friends & lovers. I am sure no man will ever be able to replace you! But I do want you to know I really want you to be happy now and in the future! Whatever happened with Josephine as well. She would want you to love again! Don’t build that wall too high.. You deserve love.

    • Thanks for the kind words! In my case, since I may live forever, I probably won’t be re-born in this particular parallel Universe. However I probably have been re-born before this life. When Duanna first spotted me in a Scottish pub the night before my first death at the Battle Of Stirling Bridge she was instantly drawn to me, and told me I was most likely her security guard, and friend she visited her friend Cleopatra in 41 BC. I have one trace memory of dining with Duanna, Cleopatra, and Mark Antony in Alexandria, Egypt. If she’d brought me across then Drake Alexander wouldn’t exist. Then again who we are in this life is but a infinitesimal piece of our soul which is our real complete self. She told me we didn’t know each other for too long because shortly after that dinner I was slain by an assassin after Duanna. I wasn’t even aware she was a vampire when I jumped in between her, and the sword blade. She relayed to me that her allegiance to the Sumerian Moon God Nanna angered the Egyptian Sun God Ra. However she had been planning to make love to me for the first time that night after the dinner under the Egyptian Moon. During that magical night that never happened she was to reveal her immortal living dead status to me. She lives to reveal herself in that way to those she will bring across into her close inner circle. Duanna chose not to bring me across without me having some clue what was in store for me. She also knew our paths would cross again.

      After spending hours talking in the Scottish tavern the night of September 10th, 1297 we ended up retiring to an inn down the road. We ended up making love as the Witching Hour was upon us, and her true identity as a vampire was revealed to me. Oddly enough I wasn’t shocked since I was deeply beguiled by her supernatural charm. She asked me if I would like to become a vampire, and I said no. However she then asked me if I should die in battle that morning would I want to live forever. I agreed but never thought I’d parish. I managed to get a few hours of sleep later in the morning as dawn approached. I marched upon the battlefield with my friend William “Braveheart” Wallace where I was one of the few who died. I was skewered by two swords, and fell into the River Forth where I remember looking up at the clouds, and sun as I floated down river barely alive while bleeding forth. I washed ashore in a wooded area, and looked up to see Duanna smiling down on me as the sun filtered through the trees around her. Apparently the tree cover was enough since she can withstand more sun than me as a fourth generation vampire. She was wearing a beautiful white dress, and a diamond studded tiara. She looked almost Angelic as she pulled me from the river, and carried me in her arms to a clearing. I’d certainly never been held by a woman in that way. It was the last thing you’d expect from a slender lady. There she told me I was about to leave this life but would be born again as an immortal vampire. She bit into my neck, and drained most of my blood away as I lost consciousness. As I lie dead she tore open her wrist, and let her blood flow into my mouth. As the re-animation process began Duanna buried me in a shallow grave nearby, and did not return again until the night of September 12th when I rose from my grave. She kissed me passionately, and then took my hand as we walked from the woods into the Moonlight. The rest is history.

  19. Drake, Last night I saw something. It was very real. Could be a vision about the past. I saw you! Did you ever live in a large castle? I first seen you there. Was odd.. it skipped around allot! Then I seen a woman I believe it was Morgana then another woman.. Josephine? Not sure who they were. But it switched allot they both would talk and there body language was exactly the same.. They would move there hand. Well i do that. I figure most of us women do this. But it was so strange. I then seen you again! And you were very attracted to Morgana from what I saw. 🙂 awe.. I can’t claim it was a vision but it was very real. I woke up thinking what was this? I also seen some men were prisoner in the basement….

    I was there and I choose to be there with you. They didn’t like and were saying She’s of our people.. etc. Very strange huh? I also seen people running up stone steps.. I could tell it was a very long time ago.. not here and now. Perhaps the others on the other side are trying to show me things. Since the shadows are back! It’s late almost 2am. I can’t seem to sleep. Almost a full moon. I hope you all have a good weekend as well. gnight.

  20. Whitewolf, it is so interesting that you get to know about your past lives. I wish I could know about my own. My own dreams sometimes have significance, they are extremely vivid, but I am not good at understanding the significance of them.

  21. Hi Rebecca. I didn’t think Ian was a real Vampire.. That’s pretty extraordinary. I know he did an amazing job as a Vampire.. probably why I liked his character. He fit it to a V. lol As for meeting a Lycan? I have met the Werewolves who never change into human form. I figured those were true Lycans.. Right? I know you only have eyes for Xavier Remington. 🙂 Rebecca, so is Ian a human hybrid Vampire? Curious. I should ask him myself lol.

    Drake as for returning to the high seas? I really have no desire to return. I must have gotten it out of my system way back! That is so sweet about Duanna. 🙂 She’s an angel. I seriously don’t know if I was Morgana or not. The only way for me to believe I was. Is to contact a powerful psychic. I’ve seen my past. But I am very skeptical at times. Why I told you about it. To see what you thought? As for the howl in the phone trick! Never heard of it. I wish I knew this then. They both are werewolves. Would it have worked on them?

    That’s so scary what happened with the police officer. Wow.. I’m just glad he survived and you got away! Very kind of you to have saved him Drake. Also, it’s sad you died back in Egyptian times right before Duanna was going to have you. You two perhaps are soul mates. They say you can have more than one soul mater per life time etc. Drake I love your car. lol How fast can it seriously go? 😉 Hot damnnn..

    Hi Kinarda, It’s nice to meet you!! I wouldn’t say it’s so good to have all those memories. Because some hurt. I have seen that many of my husbands from other lives were murdered. 🙁 I also feel the sorrow from the loss. Did you know that King Tutt -(Tutankhamun) had a son? When he died his wife fled and had her son far away! On her death bed.. she told her son who his real father was. He looked just like his father. His son has been reborn in Izmir Turkey. His name is Can (John) G.. (Better not release his true identity). -Don’t ask me how I know this. 🙂 But yes it’s very painful to remember too much! Also, did you know that the Virgin Queen Elizabeth also had a son by Sir Robert Dudley. (Well not positive if Sir Robert was the father since she had many lovers.) Did you know that as well? lol She was very alone..

    Like I said I’ve seen too much of the past. Not many will believe what I’ve said. Unless if they are psychic! I’ve also seen many murders in this time. Very scary. Ghosts show me there death. I even seen a cop who shot his gf. Because she was leaving him. He ended up pulling me over .. he’s so violent. The other cop convinced him to give us a ticket. We were 2 blocks from our new house. Moving in and a tail light was burnt out. I had to pee so bad omg! He would not let us go. I thought for sure I was going to pee my pants. But yeah’ I moved out of there. His gf came to me and showed me her murder. I don’t know what to do for the victims. 🙁 I also have to protect my kids. I don’t want to get mixed up in a cop killing cover up! I asked her where it happened etc. She never told me. Without a body it’s hard to go to anyone. They won’t believe me. So it’s not always a good thing to see.

    • If you were Morganna you’d feel the salt run through your veins once you were among the wondrous waves. I always go yachting at least thrice a year. It’s mainly Moonlight boating but I love navigating by the stars without any fancy GPS taking away the magic of it. A few years ago I was boarded by some Somali pirates, and the blood flowed free. When I returned to port my once white boat was crimson red. They came on board with machetes, and tried to kill me so they were kind of asking for it.

      You seem like an Alpha Werewolf so definitely you could have gained control over what I assume are Beta Werewolves even over the phone. Your howl can have amazing hypnotic powers.

      Yes even if someone is being a total ass I will save them if I sense they are not evil at heart. The officer was evil. Just on a misguided power trip of anger.

      I would have loved to exist from Egyptian times, and all the way through the my birth in Scotland. However I am satisfied with the stories Duanna, and other older vampires have told me. There also the fact that i know parallel Universes exist, and we all get to experience everything, and anything we’ve missed in this reality. Ultimately everyone’s life must be fair, and equal to all others. Why should one person get to live a luxurious life as a billionaire while another lives in a hut foraging for chicken feed in a hellish war zone just because of where they were born or who their parents were?

      I’ve pushed my Aston Martin to 190 mph. It goes 0 to 62 in 4.3 seconds. That reminds of that time I totaled it when I crashed into a giant tree at 140 mph. A wizard popped up in my back seat while I was driving, and paralyzed me with magic as his mission was to take me hostage for an evil billionaire who apparently wanted to cage me in his private zoo. It took all my will power to move my foot so I could floor it. As I did I asked the Wizard if he liked trees. He just said,”What!” Then he screamed as we hit the tree. He went flying into the front seat, and right out the windshield. I wasn’t wearing a seat belt so I went flying out as well past the deployed air bag. I blasted into the thick tree trunk head first. I got up after 20 second as my head wounds healed. I wiped the blood from my brow, and laughed at the dead Wizard as I said,”You okay there pal?” The billionaire made a number of other attempting including sending some vampire slayers after me but eventually me, and the Mystic Investigations gang paid him a visit. He ended up mysteriously disappearing but really he now resides on a chain gang in the Amazon warriors village hidden deep in the Amazon Rain Forest.

    • If what we’ve heard on the supernatural grapevine is true then Ian is a full vampire transformed by a fan of the show. It seems he was destined for this role. After reading his ancestors vampire diaries he offered the idea of the sun protecting ring to the producers, and writers of the show. He’s the only one on the show who wears a real magic ring. He was transformed during the summer between season 1, and 2. Drake says he can see a slight difference between season 1 Ian, and Ian after that. Some rumors indicate that various vampires think his role is a little to close for comfort, and worry about exposure. If he stays in the public spotlight he’ll have to wear make-up, and prosthetics to simulate aging. The Immortal Keanu Reeves has added subtle features around his eyes to appear to age a bit. Luckily in this day and age of high quality natural diets, supplements, and longevity therapies it’s plausible for celebs, and the rich to look far younger than their actual age.

  22. I mean the other cop convinced the psycho cop not to give us a ticket.. The nice cop gave me a warning and the psycho peeled off like a baby!!! And coward that he is. I hope his gf ghost takes him out!!! Haunts him all his life!!

  23. I also saw Alexander The Greats past. He did have a son who survived him. He had many lovers .. He got a peasant girl pregnant. No one ever knew about this baby. I seen it. I have seen him astrally. He asked me if I love him? I didn’t know who the heck he was. At first I was like oh damn.. ur hot!! lol Then when he asked me if I loved him? I said no! I don’t know you. He began to cry! I thought why are you crying? I don’t know you? Then he punished me. The first thing he did to me was he sicked his black stallion on me. LOL It chased me through a house. I ran and it tried to bite me. Finally I hit the stallion in his jewel area.. umm I had not choice! Of course after that he left me alone! Then Alexander decided to put me into the Colosseum with his pet lions.

    At first I thought “AWESOME” I’ve always wanted to come here. Then I seen the lions roaring at me. And I have never been so close to one in my life. I was terrified and went into a fetal position onto the ground. lol The lion threw his paws onto the sandy ground and whipped sand at me. I then got my cool and stood back up! I then surrounded myself in a white light and orbs came out of my hands. First time ever did this. Then I threw it at the lions. They were showing there inflictions from how they died. I healed them all. When I did this they all came to me like big kittens and licked the heck out of me. I’ll tell you what that was hell. Like sand paper. lol Then Alex didn’t know what to do to me next. I will tell you he was not so nice to me.. I skipped the second thing he did to me. After what his horse did to me. He surrounded me with allot of his gladiator friends. It wasn’t good. They raped me astrally… He wanted to humiliate me. (That he did).

    -I didn’t know what to do. After the lions… I looked up to him and said WHAT DID I SERIOUSLY DO TO YOU ALEXANDER? I didn’t know who you were. He then came to me again this time nicer.. I told him he’s punishing me for not remembering? WoW.. Since he’s left me alone. I believe we are at a truce. I’m guessing I was one of his women.. And I made the mistake of pissing him off!!! I know this was long. But wow. I’ve seen enough!! lol Do I hate Alexander? NO.. I forgive him .. I told him I was sorry I hurt him. But I didn’t do it intentional as he took it. 🙁

    • Me, Duanna, and her vampire family could certainly teach Alexander a lesson in the astral realm if you like? I’ll make him give up the Alexander name since he’s tainted it for me, and all who bear the proud surname.

  24. 🙂 It is very nice to meet you as well! That whole thing about Alexander sounds freaky and scary. Is it odd that I can see memories? Not of my own past, or even my past lives, but peoples memories. It can be super freaky sometimes though, because I will even get smells and how they felt, so if its a scary memory its really, well, scary! Lol. But its not always in my dreams, like yesterday afternoon for instance, I was taking a shower and got this memory of some blonde girl, really long hair all tied in a big braid, in a beautiful Victorian dress with an odd pendant around her neck. Her and this man were arguing. She seemed to be a new vampire, and i think he was the one who turned her, not sure. She was all mad about having to stay inside, and he was trying to stop her from going out in the sun and trying to calm her down. Then it all just disappeared. Its weird because it is like i am there but not… It was his memory, not hers… usually i have some guess as to who the memory belongs to, but not much. Isn’t that freaky whitewolf? lol… And, Drake, is it yours by chance? I only know a few other vampires.

  25. Hello Kinadra, Yes that is very scary! You must be very psychic. What a gift to have yet it also can be a curse! How long have you been having these visions? Perhaps this was Drake’s later years memories. Drake did you ever have a with that description? I’m sure any newly vampire woman would have a hard time adjusting to the changes. Since us women love to go shopping at malls etc. lol That would be hard. My daughter probably would chance bursting into flames if anyone took her mall life away from her. lol I hope she never reads this. 😉
    I have seen murders and could feel there pain and emotions. I feel very helpless at times. I have saved more than one person’s life! I saved Cody’s life. He was to die on the railroad tracks. I seen it all and it was so bloody gory! It doesn’t let me stop “Makes me see all the details”. 🙁 Not good! I wake up puking and feeling dizzy. Well I seen this and warned him. He was very freaked out! Since he knew there was no way I could have known about him hanging out at that location. I just moved to that town. I described his friends and what they were wearing. What happened was they go up on the bridge it’s steep. When the train comes they panic and Cody falls and gets his food wedged in the track and can’t get out!

    He decides he doesn’t want to live without a leg so he stays there and gets run over by the train. It was so bad. I told him not to be a follower. Never go to that place again! He listened. (Wasn’t the same Cody that beat up my son.) This was the goofy Cody.. I took in two Cody’s I called one goofy and grumpy! LOL 😉 Well.. fit them both. I also have saved my mother.. Aunt Kim 2 times and my sister once. I know it’s cheating death. I feel if I don’t warn them it would be my fault. I take it as a sign to do what is right for them. I’ve also seen my own death.. There are two ways I will die. Depends on which paths I decide to take in this life. I prefer the Mac truck Logo. Since I don’t know what hitts me. All I see is a White semi and the Mac Logo and I am hit so hard head on that I get knocked out of my body and I spin fast into the air lol.. What a rush! Let’s do that again! 😉 The other way is also a car accident. I swerve to hit a deer on a rainy night and plunge into the river and drawn. All automobile accidents. Oh well. I hope you learn to control your gifts. Feel free to ask me anything you wish. I’ve also had so many visions that I don’t know who to tell them all to. I’ve also seen Natural disasters. How England is going to go out… 🙁 And even Colorado. I witnessed Yellow stones volcano eruption last year. It is so bad. Too real. There are fire balls hitting everywhere .. The grizzly bears, Elk, & Wolves all the animals run from the forest into town. So terrified they hide behind our vehicles and even behind people. I seen people hiding next to the grizzly’s and Elk.. Then they get his by the giant fire balls. And I seen it all.. The blood splatter.

    I pray to all gods great and small to never allow this to happen. There wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it! Drake, Rebecca, Xavier all Mystic Investigations needs to know about this. You guys are living on a time bomb. I don’t mean to scare you! But I seen it all. Before I met you guys. Why I’ve decided not to visit Colorado. I’m terrified to go there. If possible please relocate to a safer location. When it blows there will be no where to hide. Fire everywhere. I care about all of you! I know you have lives there. And Drake I know you’ve been there so long. It is your home. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. That’s the problem. When I see things it’s not always so accurate. I can only give an estimated time. Normally my other visions happen withing 2 days, Weeks months & years. I hope I am wrong!

    • We believe Woodland Springs would be a safe haven from any natural disasters. It’s a supernatural hot zone, and Mother Nature, aka the Goddess Gaia, would not let her fellow paranormal beings parish. We’ve never had a wildfire here. In fact the Enchanted Woodland is incapable of catching fire. The trees can only be cut down with a special enchanted silver axe. Of course it’s still a dangerous place with all the creatures less than friendly paranormal creatures roaming about.

  26. Also, when I call home and talk to my family. They get this scared silence in there tone. As if they are afraid I have more bad news for them. I feel I have become the bringer of bad news. They understand why I warn them. But when they get a call from me. I sense there fear. I feel so alone. And isolated from everyone because of this sight. But I know it is happening for a good reason. And once it happens they freak out. Even my aunt Kim learned to make money off of my predictions. I told her that her house is going to catch fire in her hallway wall. I seen a fire daemon do it. I didn’t tell her it was a demon. Since she is a Jehovah’s witness. She blames the Devil for everything bad in her life. I warned her years ago that she should not be blaming him for all. I even told her if I were the Devil I would hunt her down. LOL In restaurants she goes on and on about the Devil.

    And everyone looked at her like she’s nuts and I had to try and eat. I lost my apatite was rather embarrassed to go anywhere with her in public. Well anyhow, She maxed her insurance and left for a vacation and when she returned her home burned to the ground. I am upset at her for leaving her daughter in the house alone. She almost didn’t make it out alive!!!! And she has never thanked me for saving her life. She also got a new house and retired off the cash. So I have nothing to do with her .. I wonder if I made the right decision on saving her black soul. I feel she judges everyone! I told her off before moving away! I told her stop judging everyone! And blaming everyone else for your misery. I told her to get out of my house and never return. I had a good reason .. I’ve had it. And she also was trying to destroy my own life and gave me bad advise. Here to find out she wanted to steal my apartment building. I still helped her after that. Whatever happens to her now is upon god. I won’t help her again! I did it because she is my family. Yeah I am way too forgiving most the time.

  27. Drake I hope the ghost girlfriend does become more powerful to hurt him. Perhaps I can give her some of my energy so she can do it. I sometimes give energy to ghosts. They are around me all the time. Even this morning I heard a mans voice while I was awake! He was upset at me. I had a feeling or sense that it was Alexander again! He probably seen what I wrote to you. He told me.. I loved you! How could you.. things like that. Then I heard him say’ You’ve lost me for good! I’m like what the heck? Who is this? I said stop talking to me. Get out if you are so upset at me etc. If it is him. Well perhaps he is afraid you guys will do something.

    Drake I don’t hate him. I am disappointed in him. But I don’t wish revenge upon him. The only man I get that way with is Ricky.. since he seriously took something very precocious from me that I can’t get back! Alexander is from an era where women had no rights. He only needs to understand that times have changed. If he gets beat up or whatever! I don’t want it because of me. I have forgiven him. He knows I don’t wish for revenge or war. What he did is not right. But as long as he doesn’t continue I am fine. If he does something to me again then YESS I will either wolf out on him or you will find out. And then yes kick his but. Other than that … I hope he never does any more damage. I do have a strong will. And yes I am forgiving of people. Since I understand no one is perfect and we are only human. I know my messages in here are so long. I have much to say’ 🙂

  28. Drake I don’t think I have told you this either. My first time at the ocean was Orlando Florida. My parents were so proud of me for graduating they decided since we were always too poor when I was small. That they would take my younger sister and I to Walt Disney. That was amazing!! Well I was more excited to see the ocean. Once I got there. My sister and I ran as fast to the sea as we could. I dove right into the waves… My sister got a bit freaked out since I didn’t pop up for a while. I kept on swimming. lol I’m good at swimming under water and I can hold my breath a very long time. I use to win when I’d challenge my friends. They would come under and shake me thinking I was dead and I could stay under longer lol. They timed me 5 mins and I didn’t die.

    Anyhow.. My mom was worried I would drown since I swim under water lol they didn’t see me. So she made me wear a tube. She said stay in it so I can see you. I’m like your really no fun. lol I am 20 now mom. 😉 I obeyed her rule. I got rather bored. Wave after wave…. I had no fear. I felt as if I was soaking in all the ocean and I wanted MORE! I wanted to explore and just swim way out as far as I could go. I know not smart. But that was the feeling I had. Then all of a sudden this Pelican landed right next to me, only arms reach… I could almost touch him. I reached out my hand and he would paddle just enough so I couldn’t .. lol I then followed him. I was memorized by this bird. About 20 mins went by.. I don’t know. But I heard a far whistling in the distance behind me. I turn around look back! OMG!!! I was out to sea… That bird got me into the under toe… A river current took me out to sea. Everyone looked like little ants. I was so far out. I thought Oh cra’polla.. I’m in deep do’do’ now. lol I started doggy padding back with my lil white floaty..

    Trying to get into the rhythm with the waves. I felt as if I was one with the ocean. The only real fear I had was my mother lol. I looked around for sharks but never seen any. Seemed I was going against the current.. I grew up as a river rat. And that prepared me for this day. I knew to always swim as far to the edge never middle.. once ur on the edge you can get out. I swam as far to the side.. finally I was able to swim straight back toward everyone on the beach. The whistling was sounding closer so I knew I was succeeding to get there. Soon as I got close enough there were life guards there and yanked me out of the ocean lol and screamed bloody murder at me.

    They were like You were to stay in our area bla blah.. I’m like I only followed the bird and I didn’t know he took me out to sea. My mother came over and said Angela.. I just knew you were going to do something and get into trouble! The life guards were relieved they didn’t have to call for a helicopter. And they decided to kick me off the beach. My mom was like we were only here 1 hour and you managed to get us kicked off the most beautiful beach. You’re grounded .. the rest of this day!! The life guards were telling me that there were shark sightings the day before! I told them I didn’t see any.. and I was very sorry to have upset everyone! I was .. but I had such a pull to venture further and no fear. I am very lucky to be alive! I asked my parents if we could afford to get a charter out to sea.. my step father laughed .. no then we’d end up like the Titanic with you along lol. I’m like Hey’ now.. After that we went out for dinner and back to the hotel. I behaved myself. I wanted to go back to that beach so bad and knew I was forbidden. 🙂

  29. But yes I desire to go out to sea in a big boat. I don’t blame you Drake for taking out those criminals. They probably would have killed you and thrown you over to the sharks and taken your boat. There still are pirates in the high sea’s. If I ever go.. I would prefer to have this adventure with you! To see the full moon lighting up the starlit sky would be a sight to see. Have you ever taken anyone else with you? Do you like to fish? I’ve always wanted to catch Marlyn fish. They are very strong. When I fish the rivers here, I catch and release. Rarely do I ever keep and eat them. Since the water is polluted now days. Drake did you give your boat a name? 🙂

    • I’ve had several boats over the centuries and when I bought my most recent one I didn’t give it a name until later. I took it out on it’s maiden voyage in the Atlantic. I wasn’t privy to the exact location of Atlantis but I inadvertently came close. As I was star gazing on deck free of a telescope, thanks to vampire telescopic vision, a curious mermaid surfaced. She somehow knew immediately I was a vampire even though she had never met one before. Her name was coincidentally Atlanta from Atlantis. However I hear it’s one of the more popular Mermaid names. Sort of like Jane to humans. We talked for a few hours as she asked many questions while bobbing up, and down in the moonlit sea. Eventually I hopped into the water with her. She was young, and had never left the sea, Since it was a full Moon she though it was time to have human legs for the first time. I scrambled up the side of the yacht, and she flew out of the water landing on the deck. Her green tail flopped about like a fish out of water as I calmed her down. At the stroke of Midnight her tail transformed into legs, and she was completely naked. Only her flowing crimson locks covered her ample bosom. I quickly scrambled for a robe, and we continued talking for hours until we began kissing. She was scared at first because she was worried I’d bite her but I told her I was in control of my vampire side. We eventually made love on the high seas under the Moon, and stars. Just as we finished the sun began to rise. She said it was time to return home, and she wished I could come see her world. I told her there was a way. If I was to drink her blood then I would temporarily transform into a vampire Mermaid, or more accurately a Merman. She agreed, and I gently bit into her neck drinking only a small amount of her mystical blood. We then leaped into the sea as the colors of sunrise approached. One in the water we both grew fish like tails, and swam down deep enough that the water adequately filtered out the suns rays. Then we swam several miles to Atlantis. It only took me a few minutes to get the hang out of swimming with the tail, and since I don’t breath air I didn’t have to adjust to breathing in water through my nose with internal gills.

      I spent the day in Atlantis, and met her family,and friends. Unfortunately as nightfall approached I wasn’t aware that Mermaid vampires eyes automatically glow with fangs extending. A mob came after me as I bid Atlantia farewell. A Mermaid Witch nearly captured me but I managed to leap onto my boat, and once I dried my tail my legs came back. I looked over the deck railing, and a school of Mermaids and Mermen had surrounded my boat holding tridents in one hand, and aqua torches in the other. Aqua torches are what light most of Atlantis at night. It’s a colorful stick fashioned out of coral with what looks like a undulating wave of glowing water at the end. They range in blue to green in color. I was told it’s a form of magic that creates the so called water flame. So I was telling them I meant no harm, and was just curious about their civilization, and way of life. The group leader told me that vampires are not tolerated in their society, and a curse put in place a long time ago is what caused the uncontrollable display of my vampirism. They ordered me to never return by order of the King. I complied, and sailed away. I later christening my boat the Atlantia, and months later I was paid a visit by none other than the Mermaid herself.

      She was granted the right once in her life to come ashore, and witness the human world for a month to decide if she would rather live among humans or return to the sea forever. We had quite a torrid love affair for that month as we traveled about seeing all that we could see of the world. On the night of the New Moon it was time to make her decision, and she ultimately felt home sick. We agreed she must return to the sea, and we made love one last time on a dark Florida beach under the stars. Half way through two police officers flashed their lights on us, and attempted to arrest us for public indecency. I was naturally angered, and bluntly told them where they could take their archaic laws. I was about to seriously let loose on them when Atlantia held me back, and walked up to them naked. She began charming them with her hypnotic voice, and slightly devilish gaze. They fell into a trance, and she told them to forget everything. She then told them to strip their clothes away, hold hands, and skip down the beach along the shores until the break of dawn. It took all I had to keep from bursting out in my ridiculously loud echoing vampire laughter. As soon as they were gone we both fell to the ground giggling wildly. It was quite a naughty thing for her to do, and I had no idea she had the same hypnotic powers as vampires. We said our goodbyes just before the witching hour. She then strode into the ocean, and suddenly her tail slapped the water as she swam away into the deep murky depths never to be seen again.

    • I only like to fish on the high seas where I can be challenged by huge fish. I’ve caught all manner of fish including marlin, and sharks. I once battled a 22 foot long great white shark for 15 minutes with one hell of a strong fishing pole. Although it finally snapped, and I just jumped into the water. I then proceeded to repeatedly punch the great beast in the face before I plunged my fangs into it, and drained it of blood. I then launched it onto my big boat deck, and took it to shore. I threw it on a beach with a note saying the terror was over. For you see this was a man eater that caused several beaches to close down.

      Generally my time on the seas is alone time but at least once a year I bring someone along. Whether it’s a girlfriend, vampire friends, or the team at Mystic Investigations.

  30. Hey Whitewolf, you can call me Kat if you wish. It isn’t too scary usually, except if its a really bad memory. But besides the bad ones it is just startling, haha, imagine being in a room minding your own business, then being basically thrown into someones memory. It is usually clearer if I close my eyes, but even open the “movie” is still playing. I guess I am… I can mess with energy, see into the past, sense spirits and other entities, and very rarely see into the future. Heh, past events are useless for the most part, unless I wanna go into forensics(which I don’t, I want to be a physicist). As for how long…? Oh gosh… I don’t know. I think puberty has really kicked it into gear though. I am sixteen and it has become a very common phenomenon. Before puberty, I called it dejavu, and I would still get it a lottttt, come to think of it…

    I love to shop, when I have the money. Thrift stores are awesome in my opinion. But, when you try to find your size in pants, it is horrible. I am a size 0 to a size 4. But apparently not all pant makers go by the normal numbers. 😛

    Drake, do you, by any chance know of the girl I described in an earlier post? I am extremely interested, because my “visions” do not usually include one vampire, let alone two. Not to mention whatever pendant she was wearing that caught my eye.

  31. Hi Drake 🙂 I lost my internet again! Construction workers in Waterloo hit there cords. Very sorry for the delay. That is so amazing! You’ve had a love affair with a mermaid. awe’.. 🙂 Sweet! I’ve seen that I was a mermaid way back. But when I had these visions, I didn’t believe in mermaids then. I was wondering why I was seeing all that. Over time I have felt they are real. I kept seeing a man that I was in love with. I believe we were in Spain or France. I had to make a very hard decision. Stay or go back! We were deeply in love. I don’t remember what I did. All I knew is it hurt pretty bad. I felt very torn. I don’t know if I was Atlanta. Now that would be so unusual huh? If I were some of the women from your past! I hope so. 🙂 I get the feeling of warmth with you Drake. Like I can really trust in you. Feeling of home. “Not to scare you away”. 🙂 The man fit your description. He had dark hair etc. But I can’t claim 100% sure!

    If it is true then I know for a fact we will continue to meet up again in the future lives. 🙂 yess!! Yeah I really love being under the water. I grew up on the Mississippi River. Was very murky. I also would go to a hotel for my bday parties. Invited 10girls 10 boys lol. We’d have contests who could stay under the longest. I was under 5mins. They came under and shook me. I came up, told them I can stay longer. They wouldn’t let me. I was fine. Maybe I was. If so I hope you were the man I was in love with. Seems my heart was always safe with you Drake! Maybe why I’ve told men no all this life. Never felt really into them. I tried to love. But normally I could sense they were liars. Was able to let them go too easily. Like I had no heart! I felt bad. I just felt as if it wasn’t him.. Wasn’t the right one etc. You know what I mean?

  32. Hello Kat, yeah when you see visions it’s sometimes hard to distinguished between your feelings and someone else s. You also could have the gift of Empathy. Where you feel everyone else’s emotions etc. Can be very confusing at times. I mostly see either my own past or people getting murdered. Those are the most. Rarely I see natural disasters. Those disturb me since I can’t save anyone about those. Since no one is going to believe me when I tell them. I’m glad to hear you wish to become a physicist. 🙂

  33. Drake I do hold confidence in magic over Woodland Springs. I just don’t want that happen. I don’t want anyone to go through that. I wish I wouldn’t see these natural disasters. If I can’t stop them. I’m sorry if I upset you at all. That’s not my intention.

  34. When I first watched the Vampire Diaries I did sense something about him. I even told Greg he looks the part.. and that I thought he might be a real vampire! Greg said yeah for all we know they are. 😉 He was kidding. He loves to humor me. I have seen him astrally a few times. He came to me a month ago! When I deactivated my facebook account. I didn’t tell him I was leaving or why! I left because I’ve been getting stalked by guy from my high school. He found me on fb and even somehow found my address. He showed up here. That was bad. He’s like let’s go have coffee!

    I said WHAT!! NO… I told him I’m married w kids. And Greg was doing his duty in the bathroom thank god lol. I said Carl you have to leave and never show up here again! He’s like why not.. I’m like HELLO!!! lol He said I heard you were single. I said from who? He said I don’t know. I wanted my baseball bat. 😉 I told him Yeah Greg and I were separated when he left to NY.. etc. But he’s back and there’s just no way I would meet with a man. Not even as a friend. Especially not him. Long story! At the moment I am getting staled by two men here in Oelwein. Jeff and Carl. I’m dealing with this the best I can. I have not even told Drake about Carl. You guys probably are shaking your head at me like. wow !! 😉 I’m like WOW what else…??

    As I was saying about Ian.. That is why I left fb for a lil bit. He came to me astrally .. He’s like Angela… why did you leave? I’m like oh crap!! 😉 lol I said it’s not because of you!! I then just told him it’s a long story! I didn’t get into it. He got a little close to me. Yeah he is very charming….. I was a bit in shock! umm.. that he liked me. or got that cuddly with me. I didn’t see his fangs.

    But he did kiss me and then caressed etc… I was woo’d I can’t deny that part! 😉 lol I thought wow this is a good dream!! lol He then got a bit more close.. then all of a sudden as we were cuddling somewhere on a floor….his gf showed up and the other vampire from there cast. .She had her arms crossed.. Nina.. I’m like OMG!!! I told him to get up.. he didn’t he just looked me in the eye and smiled. I’m like oh hell no!! So I pushed him off of me. He had me under his spell until she showed up. I felt so bad. Because I love his gf she’s so sweet. He’s such a player! But anyhow.. I’ve seen him twice astrally… I don’t know how she puts up with him. And I won’t be letting him catch me off guard again! When I’m in astral I forget details like that… and I feel bad about it. I hopped back on fb when I woke. I told him don’t do that again… He sent me a wink.. he said don’t leave again! He’s really naughty Rebecca. But not evil.. he’s sly…. is that the word? lol To me Drake blows him out of the water! Since Drake is much more of a gentleman. I have allot of respect for Drake! I’m not too worried about Ian.. I’m sure he’ll be just fine as a vampire! Seducing all the beautiful women in Hollywood he could ever want. 😉

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