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What Is The Purpose Of Life?  What Happens After Death?

The purpose of life is simply the acquisition of knowledge and experiences across the near infinite parallel Universe through your near infinite parallel lives.  All of which leads to the ascension to Angelhood upon your death in each Universe within a given Multiverse within a Gods Omniverse.  Everything that is, including all Gods, exist within the Macroverse which is in essence the mind of the one and only original eternal God who set everything into motion.  As an Angel you act as a servant of God and will get to interact with him.  That being said it probably will not be the original God but a God who was once a physical being such as yourself.  You will also most likely carry out missions for him, help people out in a variety of ways, and eventually rule over one or more Universes for him.  You may also have the limited ability of creating single Universes within your mind.  When the mission of being an angel comes to an end in each Multiverse you then ascend to Godhood.  Upon completion of your missions within your various angel lives within the Omniverse you are then free and become an infinite being within the Macroverse space of the original God.    Once there the original God may reach out to you at some point.  You should not take offense if he doesn't.  Now as a God you can form real Multiverses within your mind complete with sentient beings.  You will now raise angels and Gods of your own.  You can also transmit your consciousness to visit other Gods and their Universes without dismantling your own.  Being a God is the ultimate freedom and you can do anything as you please.  

The original God has never been known to interfere except when a God turns evil which to our knowledge is extremely rare due to the amazing nature of the ascension process.  On a side note the consciousness of an evil God is eradicated while leaving all his Universes and sentient beings intact to be absorbed the original God.   In order for a person to be judged evil they have to be evil in the vast majority of parallel Universes.  Upon all their passings to the afterlife in each parallel Universe they briefly ascend to Angelhood (Note I didn't mention death because that can result in ghosts, poltergeists, etc.).  They are met by Angels who inform them they are indeed evil and there's no denying it because they have all their memories from all the parallel Universes within the multiverse.  The fallen Angel is then informed that they will be blinked out of existence to put them out of their misery and insure they do no more harm to anyone.  Then God blasts their pure thought Angel form to the four corners of the Universe.  On occasion a being is so evil that they actually escape.  Angels will attempt to hunt him down.

In addition there are some who simply don't want to be Gods or aren't ready to be Gods.  They might serve as Angels forever or decide they want to be free without the Godhood or even without Angelhood.  They are released as free agents in the form of immortal Travelers.  From there they can explore the entire Omniverse.  Eventually they figure out how to leave the Omniverse and travel anywhere within the Macroverse.  At that point they can become Gods on their own anytime they wish.

All this being said our college Father Tom Davis, A Catholic Priest, does not share in this belief despite the fact that it has been gleaned by collecting information from various physics, mystics, monks, Shamans, and many others who have achieved heightened states of mental awareness along communicating with those from the great beyond including Angels.  This was all used to create the world's only religion known to encompass and explain what our reality really is.  That religion being Godhoodism.

Who will be President in 2012?

Obama will win by a narrow margin over Romney.  The Powers That Be who decide the Presidential elections aren't fearful enough of a second Revolutionary War to deny Obama his second term.

Julia Hathaway
Professional Psychic & Communicator With The Great Beyond

What happens to animals after they die?  Do animals get an after life?  Are there animal ghosts?

Animals cared for by humans receive a soul by proxy through the power of your subconscious pure thought mechanism which connects you to your spirit. In essence you imbue an afterlife force upon these little beloved creatures so that they may live on with you for eternity. Whether it’s a goldfish, a dog, a cat, a horse, etc. all animals can have a soul. When they die they end up in your personal corner of heaven or the realm of non-physical pure thought which will be the platform on which you’ll launch your ascension to Godhood. It would look something like a perfect garden to the animals. A garden full of various natural looking environments that are perfect for each individual animal. Of course you have the power to see it as they do or to see the actual pure thought information that it’s made of. You have to power to redesign it at will using the power of your own pure thought. So rest assured you that your little friends will be with you forever.

If an animal has been beloved by a human then it has a soul and therefore if the right conditions are met then it's possible for an animal ghost to exist.  Although this is extremely rare the usual method is seeing it's owner die in a horrific way.

Julia Hathaway
Professional Psychic & Communicator With The Great Beyond

Who Killed President John F Kennedy On November 22,1963?

Although this is well out of our investigative realm we stumbled upon the truth by accident when providing a poltergeist removal service to a member of the billionaire elite.  He was clearly a member of the Illuminati aka New World Order and the poltergeist was actually a demon who he inadvertently summoned due to his Devil worship which he hoped would increase his power and wealth.  Unfortunately for him he wasn't at the top of the Illuminati pyramid where they are masters of Satanism.  We found some files in a hidden safe in his basement which revealed that a CIA operative code named Timberwolf assassinated Kennedy on the indirect orders of the 13 royal and international banking elite families of the Illuminati who own the Federal Reserve and most of the private central banks of the major nations of the world.  They relayed their wishes to Vice-President Lyndon Johnson and the CIA upper echelon who had been the first to request an assassination.  The CIA did not like Kennedy micro managing them and knew of his plans to alter the CIA's global nation building and destroying agenda which was created by the Illuminati.  Johnson always hated Kennedy and desperately wanted to be President.  Johnson was a deeply corrupt individual down with the New World Order agenda so they knew Johnson could be trusted to direct what the CIA called "The Big Event".  The Illuminati knew Kennedy fought for the people and had enough of his interference in their plans along with his issuing of silver certificates which would compete with Federal Reserve notes as his plan was to ultimately abolish the Fed.  The Fed through which they collected Americans taxes as payment on the interest to the national debt along with controlling national monetary policy.

Just moments before the assassination Kennedy's Secret Service detail was ordered to stand down ultimately under the orders of CIA operatives within the upper levels of the Secret Service and he was left unprotected as he drove into Dealey Plaza.  The CIA agent Timberwolf was given the task to take out Kennedy.  He was a millionaire business man and a trusted NWO team player who lusted for power.  He let loose his deadly shots from a sewer grate along the Presidents route while CIA hired mob hit men were ordered to shoot from the Grassy Knoll as a distraction and possibly back-up if Timberwolf failed.  Lee Harvey Oswald, a low level CIA operative himself, was lured to the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building.  Just as he walked to an open window with his rifle mysteriously sitting on the ledge the shots rang out below.  He was to be the patsy and take the blame as the lone gunman in the assassination.  He called up his CIA handler, George de Mohrenschildt, to ask what was going on.  George ordered him to The Texas Theatre to meet and discuss what had went on in Dealey Plaza.  George then called the police anonymously and told them where to find Oswald.   The CIA also indirectly hired Jack Ruby to kill Oswald so that his CIA connections wouldn't come to light.

After the assassination Timberwolf easily escaped undetected through the sewer system and the mob hit men on the grassy knoll disappeared as well.  Every President since then has been informed of the true nature of the JFK assassination on their first day in office.  It's a message sent by the Illuminati and the CIA telling Presidents not to interfere in their New World Order affairs.  Realistically though most pretty much know the score and are down with the New World Order as they have been hand chosen to run for the Presidency by the Illuminati based on their known beliefs and the royal blood which they all share.   All modern Presidents are related to other Presidents and British Royalty.  With both the Republicans and Democrats along with the election process under their control it's easy for them to get their man in office.

One of the first places by brother, Michael Remington, time traveled to was Dallas on November 22, 1963 but there was too much chaos to figure out what was going on.  All he knew for sure was that Oswald didn't fire a shot and was indeed a patsy.  With the files in hand my brother returned with special photographic equipment and indeed verified shots came from a sewer grate.  He managed to find the assassin and confronted him as he came out of a sewer grate in the underground parking garage of the Dallas Police Station.  He was shocked to find out his identity which for whatever reason was not revealed in the file.  The assassin code named Timberwolf fired a silencer shot at Michael but he disappeared to another time.  We here at Mystic Investigations have chosen not to reveal Timberwolf's identity for our own protection as he is alive and very big time power player in the Illuminati.  Lets just say he is a world famous figure who attained a high political position of power.  No doubt he was rewarded for his evil deed by the Illuminati.

On a final note there may have been a supernatural element to this case.  Michael observed that Timberwolf was wearing an amulet which was a pentagram with a demonic looking goats head in the center along with an upside down crucifix beneath it.  This obvious Satanic symbol fits with the Illuminati's Devil worship and belief that he supplies them with their power and ability to deceive the people of this planet and control all the governments.  This amulet may have protected Timberwolf and granted him the power to carry out his dark task.  We here at Mystic Investigations salute the last President of the people and a great patriot whose memory will live on forever!  May his dream of a free American Republic live on and become a reality someday!

On a final note there is some good news.  As most of Michael's time travels result in him traveling to a near identical parallel reality (the Universes natural mechanism the conveniently protects against paradoxes) he returned to that fateful day a third time with me and our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy.  We saved Kennedy and exposed the plot to kill him.  We worked with him directly to take down the New World Order.  In that Universe the citizens of the USA and the world were awakened to the reality of the Illuminati's New World Order and so they were destroyed.  Johnson was forced to resign as Vice-President and placed under secret house arrest for the rest of his life.  Lee Harvey Oswald was given a high position in the new restructured CIA now truly working for the United States and not the Illuminati.   Timberwolf was put on public trial and was sentenced to 30 years in prison without parole.  He was later convicted of other crimes he committed while working with the CIA which changed his sentence to life in prison without possibility of parole.  Kennedy served the rest of his term and his brother Robert Kennedy was elected in 1968 instead of Nixon who never became President and faded away from the public spotlight.   In 1976 Ronald Reagan was elected to the Presidency  and in 1984 a well respected Ted Kennedy, who never turned to the bottle nor turned into a globalist neo-liberal, was elected to the Presidency.  The Kennedy dynasty had provided so much benefit to the world and had cleaned up so much corruption so they were trusted to preside over nearly a quarter of century of combined Presidential rule.   Due to the compassionate conservative-liberal JFK molding the Democratic Party it never became the crazy big spending neo-liberal party.  Obviously Gerald Ford and Carter never became President.  In 1992 a man named Samuel Washington, Governor of Georgia, was elected as the first black President.  In 2000 Senator John F Kennedy, Jr. was elected to the Presidency.  September 11th never happened and there were no wars, Patriot Act, and the Constitutional Republic was stronger than ever with a booming economy.  We weren't there to see who got elected in 2008 but it's a fair bet that Kennedy's popular Vice-President Sheila Winters was elected the first female President Of The United States Of America    The world in the early 21st century of that Universe was at peace and economically strong.  We seriously hated to leave because it was something never seen in world history but our counterparts in that Universe had something to say about that and our place is in this reality.

JFK is considered a hero worldwide and his face adorns Mount Rushmore.  In 2003 his son President John Kennedy Jr. commissioned a Statue Of Liberty sized statue to be erected in his honor with the blessing of Congress.  It was completed in 2006 and sits off the coast of California.

Xavier Remington
President Mystic Investigations

Does the government know about the world of the paranormal and are they involved in the battle against evil?

Most of the governments of the world are well aware of the supernatural although most of them are under the plutocratic thumb of evil human billionaires.  They have corrupted most governments via their central banks and mega corporations.  So in the case of the US government there was secret investigations into the supernatural including aliens but they were officially closed because they had no intention of helping people out.  Although these programs still exist at the most top secret levels of government.  Since the US government is a corporatist regime they no longer serve the people and therefore don't fight against the forces of evil but rather look to support the evil in their quest to undermine the Constitution. This goes for both Democrats and Republicans.  Luckily though most evil paranormal beings have no interest in the governments help so the government mostly captures beings, experiments with them, and tries to utilize their findings scientifically in sinister ways.  The billionaire plutocrats on the other hand are where they are because they worship demons and hire beings such as vampires to do their bidding.  This makes them some of the most dangerous people on Earth.

So the fight against evil is left to private enterprises composed of humans and good supernatural entities.  Such enterprises include out in the open organizations like Mystic Investigations and firms like it in all 50 states.  We've even recently begun to franchise our investigations operations to support individuals wishing to engage in battle with the nefarious forces that wish to destroy humanity and all that is good on this Earth.  The human billionaires and their paranormal cohorts wish to plunge Earth into the dark recesses of hell itself.  There are also private covert organizations run by small groups or even the handful of good billionaires and millionaires who wish to save humankind. That is why we don't tell you to call 911 or the government in a supernatural emergency.  They either will think you're nuts or simply won't acknowledge your situation.  We will always tell you to call us or the nearest reputable paranormal investigations organization in your community or county.

Xavier Remington
President Mystic Investigations

Is Freddy Kruger real and what type of being is he?

Although the movies take liberties and embellish a bit, Freddy Kruger is indeed a real supernatural being.   This has been verified in many case studies and I've actually spoken to people in supernatural circles who have dealt with the filthy fiend.  I'd classify Kruger as an Astral Poltergeist. Humans become ghosts when they die from violent deaths and deeply disturbed lives. They're usually weak willed and are unable to move on to the afterlife without help from a caring soul and sometimes even an angel.  In Kruger's mind his life wasn't disturbed but his pure evil essence prevented him from moving on to the afterlife along with his violent death.  His strong will moved him beyond being a earthbound ghost and he entered the Astral Plane due to being ripped from his immortal soul. A persons soul is linked to all their near infinite lives in the near infinite parallel realities (Click Here To Learn About The Only True Religion On Earth). He became so evil that his own eternal soul rejected him and in essence created an independent soul but really he's an entity devoid of a soul which means that if he's ever destroyed then he will not enter any afterlife and will simply be blinked out of existence for eternity. 

The astral plane is the dimension our pure consciousness travels across before birth and after death.  It's also is the conduit by which our memories are deposited within our souls and the dream realm as well. It's what connects us to all our infinite lives and our eternal soul.  Our minds often wander there in REM sleep which can account for rare precognitive dreams(4-D dreaming) as well as five dimensional dreaming aka dreams about your parallel lives.   Naturally Kruger was attracted to the dreams of children he wished to victimize and so he learned to enter their dreams and terrorize them while their vulnerable minds traversed the astral plane. The human mind is far more powerful than we think and he is able to access it's full potential and therefore actually inflict real physical pain and damage on his victims including killing them in their sleep.  Luckily some realize that they ultimately have the power in their dreams and access their full potential to defeat Freddy.  Although they win the war for their mind, it's only a battle in the war against his special brand of evil.  Astral poltergeists are a rare breed and Kruger is one of the only verified cases known to humankind.  Pray it stays that way because anyone who masters the dreams of a majority of the populace could indeed control the planet and plunge it into eternal darkness the likes of which we could never hope to fathom.

Xavier Remington
President Mystic Investigations

Why are communications from the afterlife so vague and cryptic?

In order to communicate from the afterlife of the great beyond ones consciousness must fight through the confusing molasses of the dream plane aka the world in between life and death. It warps ones consciousness and in a sense is similar to massive mental retardation or brain damage. Therefore ghosts and spirits can usually only communicate by directing their pure emotion, driven by the will of their pure thought, into a single cause which can have mixed results. In the end it's up to the focus of their communication to sift through the clues and put the puzzle of their message together.  One a spirits mission is completed by the one chosen to receive their message they can finally rest in peace.

Julia Hathaway
Professional Psychic & Communicator With The Great Beyond

Are Aliens and UFO's real?? and are they evil?? or good?? are they Demons?? Also do you know what Men in black are??

The various reports of aliens and UFO's over the past 60 years and even the ones in ancient history have varying origins.  Let's begin in our ancient history.  Humans weren't the first intelligent beings to evolve on Earth but rather the second.  The first were reptile like humanoids that evolved from dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago.  They had advanced to a society level a few hundred years beyond ours.  Due to huge dinosaurs roaming the Earth they had to exist in underground cities and later some began colonizing the ocean floor, space stations, the moon, and Mars.  In fact many looked forward to moving to Mars someday as it would allow them to live on the surface.  For their entire lives they had to scurry in the shadows and live underground.  Mars at that time had mostly desert like regions with some plant life and a few areas with more temperate vegetation.  The oceans were drying up but there were still some good sized lakes and the air was breathable for them.

Despite their advanced technology they were unable to destroy or alter the course of the meteor that hit Earth and killed off the dinosaurs.  They predicted it's arrival and knew it would devastate the Earth.  Some thought they could survive underground or under the ocean but top scientists predicted they would not be able to survive without surface resources at their disposal.  When the meteor hit many died and many of the underground cities were destroyed by the impact and resulting earthquakes.  Most of the survivors lived on the then Earth like Mars abandoning the dark cloudy Earth.  Unfortunately bad luck struck when another asteroid hit the Mars causing great devastation. Scientists figured out that a star gone super nova many light years away millions of years ago had sent the debris of many planets in our direction so they decided to leave our solar system and colonize the stars.  They moved about for millions of years as planets no longer were able to support them.  They eventually ended up in the Andromeda galaxy where they finally had the technology to terraform planets easily and there they created their permanent home.

A group of explorers returned to Earth during our ancient history and one of their last acts before leaving was the building of the great Egyptian pyramids.  Some have conjectured that a rogue group remained behind and are in league with the wealthy elite billionaires plutocrats of this planet with an agenda to take back their planet and enslave humans.  We cannot confirm if indeed they still exist here on Earth today.  We know the plutocrats themselves have a plan to create a New World Order and enslave humanity.  Some say that the visitors may have been escaped prisoners who sought Earth as a haven from their alien prison. Certainly the Egyptians worshipped them as Gods.  

In modern times we have the Roswell New Mexico incident which was in fact true.  A group of aliens from Gliese 581g, a planet 20 light years away, came here in peace although the government thought they were the lead ship of an invasion force.  The ones we're familiar with as being short, green or gray in color, with long thin limbs, and big eyes.  They had contacted the US government since it was the most powerful on Earth.  The Federal government told the UFO to land in the middle of the desert so as not to alarm the public.  The government then proceeded to shoot the craft down with an advanced weapon developed during WW II.  Some of the aliens died but the rest were held in labs and then their technology was reversed engineered and responsible for our rapid technological development in the 20th century.

Some of the aliens escaped their prison in the 1960's when they were being moved from Area 51 to Area 99.  They may be some of the ones reported as abducting people and doing experiments on them.  The purpose would be to create genetic hybrids to advance their race and create an army against humankind for the atrocities against them.  They themselves are unable to reproduce.  Other reports of aliens or UFO's could be the government testing out their technology and also seeing how the public will deal with aliens.  Also some billionaires have been known to tinker with UFO's and pose as aliens as apart of some sick game they play.  They would never be demons as demons don't use technology due to having magical powers.  Most demons are in non-corporeal form and pose no threat to the average person. Although if they were in physical form they would appear to look like an alien.

Men In Black are usually NSA, CIA, DOD or agents of unknown black ops government agencies. In some cases they may be working for private agencies contracted by the government or working for a plutocratic billionaire who has great influence within the government.  Their job is the intimidation of people while collecting and suppressing information on a variety of subjects seen as crucial to the governments various clandestine agendas.  Some years back we here at Mystic Investigations had a run in with a pair of men in black.  We were in Yosemite National Park investigating Sasquatch sightings.  We had captured the beast and had him locked in the Mystic Investigations RV when the two men pulled up in a black sedan.  They showed their ID and it said they were members of some government agency I never heard of.  Apparently an agency within the Department Of Defense.  They demanded we turn the big foot over and then come with them for a debriefing.  We informed them we were under no Constitutional obligation to do so and to show us the laws that governed their so called jurisdiction. They then pulled out their guns and said that was all the authority they needed.  I'm not going to go into detail but lets just say they never got their Sasquatch and we never went with them.  In fact they awoke with no memory of what happened many miles away after being passed for several hours.  They really didn't stand a chance against us and apparently had no clue they were surrounded by a vampire, a witch, a telekineticist, and an ex-Navy Seal among others.

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Where's Your Brother Time Traveler Michael Remington?

"Hello my name is Jacin Young I 36 yr old i wonder what happen to your brother Michael Remington a Time Traveler?? i would like to know if i can use the Device of Time Machine or there any knowledge of this how to do it…i seeking for a way to time travel and Mr. Xavier Remington i just wonder do you have a twitter of your brother?? write back thank and email me thank you."

I haven’t heard from my brother in a while but that’s not all that unusual as he gets caught up in his various temporal adventures. Last I heard he had traveled 200 millions years into the past to retrieve a watch he dropped there. I only know that because that was the last entry on his Twitter account: His blog also hasn’t been updated in a while as well:

In his blog he speaks of his method of time travel: “I finally completed my ingenious device called the Quantum Resonance Flux Accelerator which is the size of an ipod which clips to my belt. The device uses unique sound wave frequencies that interact with my bodies sub-atomic matter at the quantum level. It vibrates my quantum particles to nearly the speed of light so that I may travel into the future and it also vibrates them at faster than light speeds so that I may travel to the past as well.”

It sounds like a simple device but from what my brother told me it’s quite complicated. In fact he said he wasn’t even able to duplicate a back-up device and he couldn’t really figure out why. As for lending anyone the device I seriously doubt he’d do that. He won’t even let me hold the thing and keeps it strapped to him at all times. He even showers with it on him.

Original question posted in our blog: 

Does anybody know what will happen in 2012?? will there be a new world order?? it this new world order a bad system? also i just wonder what will happen does anybody know the future of this America??  Write back thank you.

Our psychic Julia Hathaway will tell you about the three visions she's had about that year. Also my brother time traveled there although it's technically a parallel future as he can't travel to the real futures or pasts of this exact Universe. He will answer your question on his blog. As for the New World Order it exists now and it is evil. They are a group of 13 billionaire families who conspire with most of the worlds billionaires to take over the world. In fact it's suggested that they are really secretly trillionaires thanks to all the money they steal from nations including their gold reserves. They control nations through their private central banks and international mega corporations which they own. This plutocracy controls governments behinds the scenes via the corporatist system cloaked from the eyes of most citizens who have no real idea what is going on. The USA is their main military tool to set forth their sinister agenda. Although China is their model for the future.  It's goal is to drain the wealth of nations for itself, and bring them under a global police state. Then they want to exterminate a large portion of the human population and enslave the rest so they can have total control of the planet. They feel they are superior and the common person is a plague on this planet. They want to repopulate the planet with what they feel is their superior bloodlines and intellect. If they succeed then countless generations of families will be wiped off the face of the Earth and the hell their ancestors went through would have been for nothing.

Xavier Remington
President Mystic Investigations

I've had three visions of 2012 which I've previously shared with Xavier Remington, and the rest of our team at Mystic Investigations. I'm not sure of the exact date but it appears to be winter and Xavier is wielding a silver sword with a large crystal embedded in the middle of the cross guard. The crystal emits a white light. He appears to be battling another man whose face is shrouded in shadows. This man is wielding a similar looking silver sword except that it contains a black crystal emitting an eerie black light. Their swords clash causing bright electrical sparks to fly about. The other man gives off a hideously evil soulless vibe. The vision ends when he appears to be looking right at me and his eyes glow red with evil. I think he might be demonic in nature.

My second vision is of Xavier Remington placing his sword into some sort of mystical stone located at or near the North Pole. Simultaneously the evil man is at the South Pole putting his sword into a similar stone. It appears this takes place at the time of the galactic alignment on the winter solstice. I'm not sure what this vision means.

My third vision appears to be showing me the winter solstice in 2012 when the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years. This means that whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will be even more focused on 12/21/12 at 11:11 AM Universal Time. There has already been a general increase in powers among supernatural beings. However oddly enough I sense a brief global disruption in these powers around this time due to some immense force blocking, or absorbing the Milky Way power force.

Julia Hathaway
Professional Psychic & Communicator With The Great Beyond

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