Government & Media Covered Up Killer Meat Eating Frogs

The Deadly Killer Frog Of HellThe ferocious meat eating frogs reported in the media in 2007 as African Clawed Frogs were not the real species that terrorized the good folks in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Although they were right about the frogs being released from a top secret research facility that is a private government contractor. These nefarious scientists were splicing the DNA of supernatural beings with African Clawed Frogs to create a new deadly paranormal species. These killer meat eating frogs have been known to attack large animals, including humans, in swarms of 100 or more.  They latch on to bodies with their razor sharp shark like teeth totally engulfing a person. From that point they chomp away until nothing is left but bone. Our estimates indicate they can devour an average size adult male in thirty minutes or less.  Our insider sources tell us that the PDA used disinformation, and their influence in the mainstream media to keep this paranormal incident secret.

This supernatural amphibian genie has been let out of the bottle, and there’s no going back. Despite the clean up efforts of the Paranormal Defense Agency (PDA),a top secret branch of the Department Of Defense that deals with all things supernatural,the frogs still exists in the Golden Gate Park area in smaller numbers.  They have also been spotted across North, Central, and South America.  If you spot any frog beware! Even one frog isn’t worth the risk when you have no clue what it’s intent is.  Please run in the other direction as fast as your feet can carry you because it could mean the difference between life, and death!  Don’t become a mindless fatality of the Killer Frogs!


Shocking Footage Of A Deceased Beached Mermaid

The video above was found on Youtube, and appears to be authentic according to our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie.  It depicts a dead Mermaid that ended up on a Florida beach in September 2008 right after Hurricane Ike had struck the area.  The Mermaid appears to have crawled out of the surf, and actually died in that position.  The clearly once strikingly beautiful sea siren is suffering from extreme desiccation of the flesh thereby exposing the outline of her skeletal structure.  This happens rapidly after a Mermaid expires hence the freezing of the crawling position.  Also note that their entire body is desiccated in the same brown leather like color.   Even the upper human appearing half of a Mermaid will do this.   That human half being the physical representation of their Atlantis ancestors who were fully human before the magical transformation to Mermaid form as their lost continent sunk into the Atlantic.

Mermaids are immortal, and difficult to kill due to their supernatural powers, and protections of sea God such as Poseidon.   This leads the Mystic Investigations team to believe that this particular Mermaid was not only a victim of murder but a victim of a practitioner of magic.  A very powerful Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock, or Witch of evil who may have had a personal issue with the Mermaid or killed them as a part of a ritual in homage to an evil God, Goddess, or Demon.  We are currently looking into the present location of the Mermaid corpse so that we may study it for clues, and solve this tragic murder of a Mother guardian of the ocean.

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Join The Hunt For The Elusive Bigfoot

Animal Planets “Finding Bigfoot” takes on the trail of the hunt for the legendary Sasquatch.  Incidentally there is more than one.  However nobody knows how many exist.  These hairy ape like bipedal creatures roam the forests of North America.  It’s believed we, and the Bigfoot share a common ancestor, and that their DNA was manipulated by aliens for purposes unknown.  The Sasquatch has long been a friend to the Native Americans, and acted as a protector.  Especially when it came to Werewolves, and other paranormal entities which are no match for the immortal Bigfoot which is also immune to all forms of magic for reasons yet not fully understood.

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