Shocking Footage Of A Deceased Beached Mermaid

The video above was found on Youtube and appears to be authentic according to our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie.  It depicts a dead Mermaid that ended up on a Florida beach in September 2008 right after Hurricane Ike had struck the area.  The Mermaid appears to have crawled out of the surf, and actually died in that position.  The clearly once strikingly beautiful sea siren is suffering from extreme desiccation of the flesh thereby exposing the outline of her skeletal structure.  This happens rapidly after a Mermaid expires hence the freezing of the crawling position.  Also, note that their entire body is desiccated in the same brown leather-like color.   Even the upper human appearing half of a Mermaid will do this.   That human half being the physical representation of their Atlantis ancestors who were fully human before the magical transformation to Mermaid form as their lost continent sunk into the Atlantic.

Mermaids are immortal, and difficult to kill due to their supernatural powers, and protections of sea God such as Poseidon.   This leads the Mystic Investigations team to believe that this particular Mermaid was not only a victim of murder but a victim of a practitioner of magic.  A very powerful Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock, or Witch of evil who may have had a personal issue with the Mermaid or killed them as a part of a ritual in homage to an evil God, Goddess, or Demon.  We are currently looking into the present location of the Mermaid corpse so that we may study it for clues, and solve this tragic murder of a Mother guardian of the ocean.