The Legend Of Halloween

What Is The Real Supernatural Origin Of All Hallows Eve?
Condition Orange Halloween AlertLegend has it that mighty ancient forces of malevolence marshaled their metaphysical magics to allow one special day of the year in which they could be let loose upon the world.  A time when the dream plane between life and death is weakened along with an exponential increase in metaphysical energies.  All this to allow for demons, poltergeists, dark spirits, wayward ghosts, and other higher dimensional beings to more easily manifest into our physical plane of reality.  With the support of these powerful paranormal forces the calamitous creatures that already reside here were free to wreak more havoc than usual.

The history of Halloween tells us that the wearing of crazy costumes was thought by ancient humans to ward off these depraved denizens of damnation and allow them to blend into the horrific night free of hellish harassment, or worse!  “Treats” were paid as tribute to these frightening forces in the hopes of expelling them from their homes, and communities.  If they did not give a treat then a “trick” might be played upon them although in ancients times it was far more dangerous than just scaring someone, or pulling a prank. 

Later on the forces of good gathered together due to the ever greater unbridled evil that was unleashed on Halloween.  A darkness that was building supernatural steam with each passing century with the prospect of a paranormal planetary take over! Thankfully a coven of wondrous white witches, under the direction of a one of a kind Angel-Demon Hybrid met at Stonehenge, a natural metaphysical energy hot spot, and conjured up one of the most widespread spells of all time.  It channeled the magical innocence of childhood as a weapon against the diabolical darkness that manifested on All Hallows Eve. The original, and mostly ineffective purpose of trick o treating passed away replaced with a mystical mission.  The Angel-Demon Hybrid who took the reigns of Halloween into her own hands hid in the shadows for centuries due to the blasphemous bounty on her head by both Angels, and Demons who considered her an abomination to each of their kinds. We now know her name is Shala, and she is the Queen of Halloween who works to bring a harmonious balance between good, and evil.

Now the mere act of children all over the world happily going door to door for treats helps neutralize the natural nefariousness of Halloween.  The act of celebrating Halloween by all along with the magical innocence of children focused through Shala creates the Spirit Of Halloween.  An unconsciousness enchanted entity somewhat similar to The Spirit Of Christmas orchestrated by the Demi-Angel Santa Claus. Despite the Halloween Spirit’s effort to bring balance there’s still plenty of devilish disasters on the weeks leading up to one of the most supernaturally active nights of the year.  The frighteningly fun, and sometimes hellishly horrifying All Hallows Eve! This gives you a clue about what hell Halloween could potentially be if Shala had not stepped in to counter the forces of evil!  Most of you will never see supernatural evil on Halloween and will simply enjoy the cheerful controlled calamity.  Be thankful only those of us in the real paranormal community know of the many sinister supernatural surprises of the Halloween Season.

Happy Halloween & Awesome Autumn To All…unless you’re really really evil!.

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