The Legend Of Halloween

What Is The Real Supernatural Origin Of All Hallows Eve? Legend has it that mighty ancient forces of malevolence marshaled their metaphysical magics to allow one special day of the year in which they could be let loose upon the world. A time when the dream plane between life and death is weakened along with … Read moreThe Legend Of Halloween

Who Is The Leader Of Halloween?

The Angel-Demon Hybrid Shala Revealed To Be Secretive Queen Of Halloween! Many practitioners of magic, The Reality Recognition Guild, and others in the supernatural community felt a paranormal presence for countless Halloweens.  A sentient enchanted entity that acted as the conduit for the Spirit Of Halloween that equally channeled the powers of good, and evil … Read moreWho Is The Leader Of Halloween?

Where Is The Spirit Of Halloween?

Something feels wrong about the Spirit Of Halloween this year.  At least within it’s good side since Halloween is a grey holiday that encompasses both the forces of light, and darkness.  Most other supernatural holidays simply have an opposite counterpart. There’s been a noticeable decrease around the world in enthusiasm during this Halloween 2013 season.  … Read moreWhere Is The Spirit Of Halloween?

The Angel-Demon Hybrid Leader Of Halloween

Our supernatural investigators have had their paranormal ears fixated on the pulse of the paranormal planet, and gleaned some more clues about the secretive leader of Halloween.  The reports first came in months ago that the leader of Halloween was in fact a neutral figure neither on the side of pure good or pure evil.  … Read moreThe Angel-Demon Hybrid Leader Of Halloween