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The Last Visit Of A Ghost

A guy having relationship issues with his girlfriend devises an interesting plan to get her back. He comes to her door declaring his love for her, and urgently says he has little time to say good bye. She tells him to go … Continue reading

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How Did The NBC TV Show Awake End?

The NBC television series Awake, which aired in 2011-2012, was about a LAPD cop, named Detective Michael Britten (Played by Jason Isaacs), who was in a car accident with his family.  Afterward he began leading two lives that seemed perfectly … Continue reading

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Thirteen Questions For The Plague Doctors Ghost

Character interviews are usually done during the developmental stage of a book, when the characters are being fleshed out and brought to life, but I don’t always follow the “rules.” I thought it would be fun—and perhaps a little dangerous—to … Continue reading

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Deegie Tibbs And The Hooker’s Ghost

The day she left California, Deegie Tibbs swore she would never return. The plastic people, the polluted air, the cheesy tourist attractions—way too mainstream for an eccentric free spirit like Deegie. Yet despite the heartfelt promise she’d made to herself … Continue reading

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