Santa Claus And The Story Of Christmas

The Miraculous Journey From Saint Nicholas To Santa Claus
Santa Sleigh RideChristmas is the antithesis of Halloween.  Just as the forces of evil look forward to Halloween so do the forces of good look forward to Christmas.  It is the one day of the year that the forces of truth, justice, and happiness marshal together to bring peace to humankind.  In the same way the forces of good combat the evil of Halloween by utilizing the magical innocence of children, so to does Christmas follow the same path via The Spirit Of Christmas.  The man who made Christmas what it is today is of course the most famous, and probably the most powerful Earthly supernatural being of all time known as Santa Claus. A Human-Angel Hybrid who single handedly created the greatest paranormal holiday of all time!

Santa Claus was born in the year 270 AD.  The exact day is shrouded in mystery, and perhaps in fact deliberately deleted from history by Angelic forces for Santa’s protection.   He was born simply as Nicholas (no last names back then) in the Mediterranean seaside Greek community of Patara, Lycia which is in modern day Turkey.  Santa himself is of Greek ancestry.  His family later moved to Myra, Lycia where he became known as Nicholas of Myra.   His father was a relatively high ranking non-human origin Angel, named Sarandiel, who had been on Earth in biological form partaking of a holy mission when he fell in love with Nicholas’s mother, Marcia of Patara.  Evidence indicates she was a descendant of Mary mother of Jesus Christ.  Generally unions between Angels, and humans are forbidden but in this case the Archangel hierarchy blessed the predestined union, and they got married.  Soon Marcia was pregnant, and gave birth to twin sons.  Normally this would result in blasphemous Nephilim.  However since this was a Heaven blessed union the resulting children were holy Demi-Angels.  One was Nicholas, and the other was Claudius.  He would later become the notoriously evil Demi-Demon called the Anti-Claus who rules over Dark Christmas while actively trying to thwart Christmas.  Sarandiel had unknowingly fulfilled his purpose to father the great Santa Claus, and was called back to Heaven.  Once he was gone Marcia was tricked into giving up Claudius, and his path down the dark road of damnation began by being raised in the world of those practicing the dark demonic arts.  Nicholas on the other hand displayed great caring, and goodness at an early age which was fitting for an Angel-Human Hybrid. Santa of course falls into a class all his own for various reasons.  Nicholas grew up and became known for his secret gift giving, helping the poor, and even performing various miracles including the resurrection of some slaughtered children.  He performed these miracles despite having very limited access to his Angel powers during the first 73 years of his life.  He did live his life as a human, and aged as such which is the norm for Demi-Angels until they die, and rise again with their full power complement.  It’s considered a rite of passage to prove worthy of Angel powers.  His amazing ways earned him the name Nicholas The Wonderworker, and he soon was appointed Bishop Of Myra despite not being a Priest.

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