Santa Claus Prepares For Halloween

Santa Celebrates HalloweenSanta Claus doesn’t just celebrate Christmas but many other holidays as well.  Each year he takes one final break before the Christmas season, and prepares for Halloween celebrations at his enchanting North Pole City winter wonderland.  As the last embers of 24 hour twilight fade, the year round Christmas lights, and decor temporarily come down in mid-September through the first week of November. The quaint cobblestone streets lined with old fashioned shops, eateries, and other places full of small town Christmas nostalgia are transformed into spooky sweetness.  In place of traditional Christmas decor we find orange, dark amber, and black light along with a plethora of other Halloween decor. This includes beautifully carved Jack-O-Lanterns lit with candles sitting on the edge of sidewalks, front stoops, and window ledges.

Santa Claus also magically halts all snow, and has the Elves on strict snowflake clean up duty as they sprinkle autumn leaves collected by Enchanted Reindeer from places in the world where it’s Fall. Sometimes the Reindeer fly overhead to drop leaves, mixed with the glittering magical dust of the enchanted noble beasts, that flutter down lightly upon the people below.  Lucky people who are members of the supernatural community who will get the unique experience of trick o treating in the Christmas Capital of the world! There is also an orphanage of abandoned, and abused kids whose bad memories are wiped clean as they live out the dream of an existence with Santa Claus.  Any child wishing for parents has their memory of North Pole Village suppressed when they’re placed back in the human world with a loving family.  However they will remember again if they ever enter the world of the paranormal, or the afterlife.  For instance simply seeing a real vampire, werewolf, leprechaun, mermaid, or even a zombie will bring the merry memories back.

Santa also temporarily turns his stately Claus Manor, decked with the quintessence of Christmas decor, into a mildly scary haunted manor.  There’s even hints of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. The Elves act as little jokers scurrying about in scary costumes spreading fun frights to the children. Kids that include Santa’s offspring, Nicholas, Jr. and Mary, who are living out what is thought to be the longest childhoods on Earth!  It’s their choice if they want to grow up, and thus far they remain young. They see how happy visiting children are, and sense the hardships their parents face.  So they choose to live out the happiness of a perfect childhood for as long as possible.  Although they do age a bit.  The mischievous elves also enjoy pulling chilling pranks on Santa Claus, and his wife Holly as well.  Santa of course must sometimes teach them a lesson, and scare them a bit as well in as saintly a manner as possible.  What else can be expected from a Demi-Angel elevated to Sainthood? Of course some think that time he pretended to be the Anti-Claus might have went a bit too far.

Old Saint Nick does his part to fuel the Spirit Of Halloween, and marshal the forces of good through the magical innocence of children in order to keep the forces of darkness in check. This is also what the Spirit Of Christmas is about.  Spreading joy, and goodwill while neutralizing all the metaphysical evils built up throughout the year.  On October 13, 2013 Santa spoke with us over the paranormal phone at Mystic Investigations about the upcoming resurrection of the Devil, and the diabolical fathering of the Anti-Christ prophesied for Halloween 2013.  He stated he would join us, and many others to stop this heinous act from occurring.  He said,”I care not if it’s prophesy!  I will fight to prevent this atrocity from occurring!”  Santa then ended the mystical call by saying,”Happy Halloween to all, and to all a frightfully fun night! Boo Boo Boo!” 🙂 Unfortunately both prophecies did come to pass as Santa joined up in the First Battle Of Armageddon! He even found himself injured by his evil twin brother the Anti-Claus. Since then Father Christmas has had an integral role in joining all the forces of righteousness in the continued neutralization of all demonic plots perpetuated upon humankind!

Glowing Jack-O-Lantern

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