Claus Awards

The Claus Award For Excellence In Deeds Of Goodness & Bravery
North Pole Bbanquet HallThe highest award possible in the supernatural community of those who walk the path of the light.  The award is presented at a North Pole Village banquet by Santa Claus himself on December 30th.  All nominees get the honor of being the personal guests of Saint Nicholas at his stately Claus Manor. Such a level of recognition by the leader of all that is good on Earth signifies ones amazing heroism, and sacrifice in aiding, and defending the innocents of the world against the scourge of paranormal evil.  The Claus Award was conceived by Santa Claus to encourage, and motivate people to protect the world against evil, and spread the Christmas Spirit further.  He began giving out this prestigious honor in 1742.

Recent Claus Award Winners



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