What Is The Supernaturally Safest Place On Earth?

iceland-supernatural-safe-havenIn other words where on Earth could you live that would be the place freest of paranormal activity?  The answer is Iceland.  Their population originated from strong Vikings, and Celtics well versed in the magical knowledge of our paranormal planet.  Many of their ancestors were warriors, and practitioners of magic who actively fought the forces of supernatural evil.  To this day the Icelandic population has the largest number of citizens aware of the monstrous beasts that roam our Earth including the plutocratic elites of the NWO who are deep into devilish demonic beings, and extraterrestrial evil.  In fact they recently kicked the bankers, evil agents of the global plutocratic shadow government, out of their nation, and rewrote their Constitution  thereby taking back their country for the people.  Now their once economically troubled nation is flourishing again as it had before the blasphemous bankers of malevolence tried to tie them down with a dastardly debt that wasn’t theirs to begin with.

In addition being an island nation of supernaturally suspicious people allows them to more easily control who gets past their borders.  Even when the rare entity of evil washes up upon their sainted shores, deeply blessed by priests, and good witches, the threat is dealt with swiftly by the well armed populace.  Iceland has a reputation around the world as a place for the nefarious forces of darkness to avoid at all costs because any incursion will be met with a vengeance.  So they have the lowest rate of metaphysical mayhem on Earth, and are the most feared group of humans by supernatural beings.  In Iceland you can sleep easy knowing the odds are beyond slim you will be attacked by a vampire, werewolf, zombie, dark witch, or any other dark demonic denizens.  Even the non-corporeal entities, such as poltergeists, and demons, know their pathetic violent games won’t be tolerated within the hallowed haven that is almost a Heaven on Earth. Hell even blood thirsty mosquitos won’t go there! If your government goes tyrannical, or you can’t seem to get any peace from the paranormal then Iceland is the place to retreat to behind their fabulously fortified land of legendary liberty.

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5 thoughts on “What Is The Supernaturally Safest Place On Earth?

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    • Yes the cloudy weather in that region does result in more vampires, and other paranormal beings who shy away from the sun. However we’re happy to say that there aren’t any creepy vampires who sparkle in the sun living there. Vampires burst into flames in the sunlight. The combustion process happens slower depending on cloud cover since the holy light of the sun is filtered through the clouds to an extent. The older or higher the generation of vampire, the more likely they will be able to walk in cloud filtered light.

  2. Lol. Ok. Thanks. Sparkling vampires would be weird. Though the book itself isn’t all that bad. I just wonder what the author was on to think vampires sparkled. Though, the town of forks really exists.

    • I think Stephenie Meyer wanted to create a gentle caring breed of vampire that the teen girls could more easily fall in love with. I’ve made fun of the Twilight vampires because their sparkling seems to indicate they’re half Fairy in nature. However I suppose it could be said that they are a very powerful breed of vampire since the sparkling could be bursts of combustion from sun exposure that heals almost instantly so they don’t actually start on fire like real vampires do.

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