What Happens To Vampires Who Lose Their Teeth?

vampire-denturesIt’s impossible for a vampire to lose his or her teeth for any considerable length of time.  They regenerate from all injuries completely due to being supernatural creatures of demonic origin.  Despite demons being imperfect in comparison to the perfection of Angels, the DNA they pass on to paranormal creatures provides for phenomenal powers. Even if the entire jaw of a vampire was ripped clean out they would regenerate completely within thirty minutes to three hours depending on what generation of vampires they originate from.

Hypothetically let us say a witch, or some other practitioner of magic, were able to prevent vampire fangs, and teeth from growing back.  Clearly in such a case the vampire would resort to paranormal dentures.  Since such a thing doesn’t exist to our knowledge they would have to get them custom made by a Dentist who is privy to the world of the supernatural.  The dentures would need to be made of steel with silver melded into it.  Silver would be necessary to prevent the vampires body from devouring the steel if they wore them for too long, or chose to have them implanted permanently.  Silver is one of the things that act like Kryptonite upon vampires if it enters their body.  So having some silver within them, even if locked in steel, would weaken them to an extent.

If they couldn’t get the super dentures they’d probably just wear some cheap ones for show, and instead utilize sharp implements, such as knives, or their fingernails, to extract blood from humans, and other creatures.  Vampires are strong enough to rip limbs clean off of people, and animals so they could access blood that way as well.  Some might just go with robbing a blood bank, or hospital, while elite vampires would shop at secret supernatural blood banks, which are apart of the paranormal black market, that caters to those wanting specific types of blood.

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