What Effect Does Virgin Blood Have On Vampires?

Sweet Virgin GirlThe various legends of virgins blood can be contradictory with some saying it’s poisonous to vampires while others saying it has mystical properties beneficial to the living dead.  Both are correct in the right context.  The blood of virgin humans contains the magical properties of pure-hearted innocence similar to what is found in children’s blood.  This is why kids blood is always poisonous under all circumstances. Especially babies blood which is deadly to vampires.  All innocent blood tastes beyond exquisite to living dead which is why a vampire can easily be tricked by an enemy into drinking it.  The difference between children’s blood, and adult virgin blood is the fact that virgins blood can be both poisonous, and powerful to nocturnal sanguine suckers.

A virgin must give permission to a vampire to partake of their blood for it to be a power boost greater than normal human blood.  If a vampire doesn’t gain permission then the blood will be pure poison, and deadly to most vampires.  However vampires over 1000 years old, and/or in the first to second generations can withstand it. No matter how powerful they are illness with befall them but they will suffer through to enjoy what they call, “the sweetest sustenance of sensuality”.  There is also sparse anecdotal evidence that the sainted pure of heart blood can resurrect a dead vampire who was staked in the heart or even beheaded!  It’s also thought to be a key ingredient in the elusive ancient cure for vampirism.

Why Is Virgin Blood So Powerful & What Of Soul Mate Blood?
Soul MatesIn addition a virgin can never be transformed into a vampire.  They are immune to a number of paranormal viruses including the vampire, werewolf, and even some strains of the dreaded supernatural form of the zombie virus.  These special protections granted to virgins are through to reside in the metaphysical energy matrix of the Chakra’s.  When one has sexual relations there is a deep, and permanent energy exchange that causes soul entanglement.  What would be called a spiritual contamination.  Only in cases of 100% true soul mates does this not occur, and in fact a supernatural strengthening is manifested. Unfortunately real soul mates on Earth, aka perfectly aligned opposite soul frequencies, is thought to only exist less than 1% of the time.  Simply consider the size of the planet, the Universe, and the expanse of time.  What are the odds two perfect paranormally compatible spiritual frequencies would meet? It’s beyond astronomical!  In fact there’s only one recorded case when it comes to vampires.  A soul mated couple allowed a group of vampires to feed on them for the soul purpose of easy eradication.  The vampires didn’t have a clue that their blood was pure paranormal poison!