What Happens During The Transformation And Return To Human Form In Werewolves?

The Transformation To Werewolf Form

The demonic Lycanthrope Virus becomes ensconced in an infected humans DNA. It grants the individual enough enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses to be considered superhuman. However on nights when the Moon is 80% of Full or more the lunar energies cause the monstrous transformation into a full blown Werewolf! The terrifying transformation involves mere minutes of breaking bones reassembling themselves amid exponential cellular growth fueled by dark metaphysical energy. Massive muscles, claws, and frightful fluffs of fur fly forth! Despite the short period of time, the immense unimaginable pain makes it feel like an eternity! As the mindless animal takes over the pain stokes a rage deep within the beast. At completion of the malignant metamorphosis, the Werewolf gazes up at the Moon and howls wildly before turning its attention to the closest moving object. If it is a living being may God have mercy on its soul! Once their guttural growl is heard by human ears all hope of survival is lost unless they are a paranormal professional!

The Re-Transformation Of Werewolves To Human Form

After a night of unbridled carnage or hopefully a responsible stay in a silver plated cage or chains the de-transformation begins. The gentle glow of moonlight gives way to the first embers of the serene sunrise. The holy light repels werewolves on the loose who dart for cover in trees, brush or even human made shelters in the vicinity. The return to human form usually isn’t painful because the blasphemous beast falls into a deep slumber. The first thing to happen is the shedding of all fur along with some excess cellular goo. After a full Moon Cryptozoologists and werewolf enthusiasts look to collect these Cryptid materials. Sometimes witches look for them to use in potions and spells. Werewolf Hunters look for them to find regular roaming grounds for the Lycanthropes so they may hunt them down!

Unlike Incredible Hulks and some Shape Shifters, the vast majority of excess biological material isn’t shed off as a thick sticky cellular goo but rather is burnt into metaphysical energy. In essence, the Werewolf is digesting itself back to a human state. This process includes any people or animals they ate very recently and didn’t fully digest. Of course, we know that any living thing eaten by a Werewolf is considered a mild demonic sacrifice that translates through their demon based DNA straight to hell!

Digestion is usually extremely quick due to it being a paranormal process that turns any consumed meat into a dark enchanted energy. Some of this energy powers the Werewolf and energizes the return to human form. So upon awakening, the subject feels as if they had a good nights sleep despite being up all night! The alarming events of the evening are often viewed as a confusing nightmare if they haven’t mastered the art of controlling transformations and keeping some level of their humanity intact. This takes decades of practice if they even know it’s possible, to begin with! This is where being a member of Werewolf Pack comes in handy.

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