The Werewolves Of The Harvest Moon Are Afoot!

The sinister September Harvest Moon is upon us! In the blissfully ignorant human world it is seen as a serene celestial event that grants us a large low lying Moon which is sometimes a shade of amber or orange. Often beautifully bright in the spacious skies it blesses farmers with additional light to manage their Autumn harvest. Unfortunately, in the secret world of the supernatural the Harvest Moon brings us the wayward wolves of a monstrous mode! The Werewolves of the Harvest Moon!🐺

We recommend not partaking of nocturnal journeys amid the Harvest Moon until it is below 80% of Full. If you want to go outside to enjoy the marvelous Moon then stay near your home so you can run inside at a moments notice! Amazingly enough a sturdy structure ends up being too frustrating for a Werewolf and they will go find easier prey. Vehicles may provide the same protection to a lesser extent as glass may easily be broken. Speed away in a confusing zigzag pattern to escape a sprinting Werewolf. It also wouldn’t hurt to wash your car with holy water. Perhaps float the idea of sponsoring a car wash for charity at your local church. Then be sure to have the Priest bless all the water. You can raise money for a worthy cause and protect a fair amount of people at the same time!⛪️ Read More Of This Essential Paranormal Activity Forecast…

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