Merry March From Mystic Investigations!

Merry March!🍀 The whistling winds of winter roar in like a lion for its frosty finale.☃️ The first song of spring is sung by beautiful birds witnessing enchanting fairies and nymphs frolicking about in anticipation of Mother Nature’s rebirth.🐦🍃 Winterland white recedes in the sparkling sunlight as sprigs of glorious green wearily awaken in welcoming warmth.🌞 Emerald Shamrock sprouts in the softened soils in response to placid rains signaling the arrival of Saint Patrick’s Leprechauns.🍀🌦️ Lucky Lilliputians jigging merrily through the countryside fanning fantastic fortune while iridescent rainbows flourish forth ready to hide glittering gold at its illuminating end.🌈 Read The Rest Of This Ode To The Month Of March On Our Main Website…

By Xavier Remington

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