Can Leprechauns Spread Bad Luck?

Can Clurichauns, Or Evil Leprechauns, Spread Good Luck?

Firstly, if you didn’t already know it, there are Leprechauns who have turned to the dark demonic side. They become Clurichauns who spread bad luck. However, technically they aren’t Leprechauns. The real question here is whether or not two supernatural beings of fortune can do the opposite of their intended missions? Indirectly, and usually, inadvertently, they can due to the Universal force known as Karma. Natures seemingly random yet mathematically calculable cause, and effect. The need to eventually bring about balance in the grand scheme of things. If a Leprechaun imbued good luck upon an individual, and another individual negatively opposes them in some way then the only outcome is for the offender to have bad luck fall upon them. If a Clurichaun casts bad luck on a person and someone counters them in a certain way then they can gain good luck through their actions.☘️

The Universe Of Karma Strives For The Balance Of Fortunes

In general, one person’s misfortune is another’s good fortune, and vice versa.  The two forces of good and bad luck are perpetually intertwined. They interact on a daily basis creating one from another. Both stem from the same supernatural stream of Neutral Luck which is, in turn, a form of metaphysical energy. This is why Leprechauns, and even Clurichauns, are so careful in the deliberate direction of their respective forms of fortune. They don’t particularly care to inadvertently spread the opposing luck thereby nullifying the global mission of their collective kinds.🍀

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