How Will The Full Moon Affect Globe Trotting Werewolves?

Wolfy-MoonyThe unseen mystical lunar forces of the full Moon can have differing effects on Werewolves if they travel far enough.  Whether it be traveling to a different northerly or southerly hemisphere, the Equator, or deep underground.  Those traveling into a small zone of not more than a mile wide in the heart of the Equator will find they can no longer transform into a Werewolf.  Not even the ones who can do it at will.  In fact any being who gains powers from the Moon will be devoid of said powers in this equatorial zone.  Some Werewolves choose to live in this tropical haven to prevent transformations in order to live a normal life.  In addition those who feel personally threatened by the supernatural tend to live there as well but that’s still no guarantee of safety from those not beholden to the Moon.

The guaranteed safe equatorial zone is 666 feet on either side of the Equator, or 1332 total feet wide.  Clearly the number 666 is linked to the Devil, and the demonic DNA that resides within Werewolves.  This Lycanthrope neutralization is the general result of polar opposite lunar forces that lie in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres blending together at the Equator.  Although the complete connection of the exact 666 measurement in this supernaturally sheltered area isn’t fully known. Most Werewolves tend to not move to the Equator because most of it is on open ocean, the areas of land it’s located in aren’t the greatest places to live, and also various supernatural entities can still detect them thereby making them vulnerable to attack.  Since the safe zone is so narrow it’s quite difficult to find a place to live even if a person infected with the Lycanthrope virus wanted to leave their family, friends, and life behind.

If someone were to travel to a different hemisphere they’d notice that the Moon appeared to be upside down from their viewpoint.  When standing on the Equator the Moon can appear one of two ways depending on which direction you look at it.  This is a visual representation of opposite paranormal lunar forces canceling each other out, and creating a balance no longer affecting the Werewolves DNA.  A unique property of Mother Earth’s life force.

The polar opposite lunar forces of each hemisphere cause unique effects in Werewolves born in the opposite hemisphere.  When entering a different hemisphere they will revert to human form yet retain their rabid Werewolf persona.  Even the ones who have mastered the ability to control their transformations, and retain their human consciousness while in Werewolf form will become monstrous beasts. This is almost identical to what happens Leaping Werewolfduring a lunar eclipse. What results are people who are mistaken as insane serial killers. There are ancient anecdotes stating that if a complete lunar eclipse occurred at the same time as a hemisphere change, along with performing a ritual, then a person could be cured of Lycanthropy permanent.  However this has never been tested.  Without said ritual the polar opposite lunar force is neutralized by the eclipse, and the Werewolf merely reverts to human form as they would in the equatorial zone.

The geographic North And South Poles also provide a unique experience for Werewolves.  There are only 6 full Moons along with 6 months of sun in the lands of the Midnight sun.  So there’s 6 months in a row without any transformations along with 2 weeks every month that the Moon isn’t visible above the horizon.  Even when a Full Moon is displayed on the rest of the Earth there will be times it won’t appear above the horizon at the poles.  Unlike cloud cover that has no effect on the mystical lunar forces the Earth itself blocking the Moon does.  Therefore no Lycanthrope transformations will occur.  There’s a lot of time to provide for a safe haven but in the dead of the perpetual winter night of 6 months the full Moon just keeps rotating about the horizon free of any sun so Werewolves could run rampant never changing back to humans at dawn as they would elsewhere.  Since Werewolf transformation can occur with a Moon that is at least 80% full that can be quite a few days for Werewolves to remain in their furry forms as the Moon goes through it phases during the 2 weeks a month it’s visible.  Really though it’s just too darn cold for anyone to live in the Arctic or Antarctic.  Not counting the egghead scientists of course.

We mentioned above that the Earth itself can block mystical lunar transmutation forces.  This doesn’t mean a Lycanthrope can just bury themselves in the ground, or even go into any cave to block the effects of the Full Moon.  However if one goes deep enough into the Earth transformation will not occur, and a fully formed Werewolf entering a cave deep enough in a mountain or underground will transmute back to human form.  The exact depth depends on the type of rock, and soil sheltering the Werewolf.  Generally a good 20 feet below heavy rock will do the trick.  Possibly 35 feet if there’s soil mixed into the equation.  Mostly soil above would require up to 60 feet below ground. Some have access to deep caverns, and utilize them instead of cages to protect themselves, and the general public from the danger they present.  This however does not extend to the deepest bowels that give way to the Underworld.  When in this paranormal afterlife realm a Werewolf can transform at will even in complete darkness.

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