Is It Bad Luck To Desecrate Or Dance On Graves?

Have you ever hated someone so much that you wanted to dance on their grave when they die? Or even worse, take a leak! Indeed it might be tempting but when your deed is done realize there may be supernatural consequences! Of course, this depends on how deep your hate goes and what kind of paranormal power the deceased had in life. A power that might translate into metaphysical madness after death. You could very well end up dealing with a vengeful spirit or even demons if the deceased was into the dark magics!

Naturally, full on desecration of a grave or tombstone can have even greater ramifications. This even includes stomping or throwing away flowers that were laid upon the grave. The ultimate sacrilege would be digging up the coffin to mutilate or destroy the corpse! The only exception to this is when the body is exhumed for examination or cremation by authorities for legitimate reasons of justice. Archaeologists are also usually exempt from other worldly ramifications. However, there is a chance they may suffer some ghostly risk in disturbing ancient resting places even if their intentions are noble. In addition, Ghost Hunters can usually dig up a corpse without paranormal consequences when the deceased has turned into a violent spirit! Destroying the body will often end various hauntings. Unfortunately, there is the risk that the spirit has higher dimensional friends!

Often the Angels of Heaven or even nature deities may view any of the above as a deeply disrespectful act upon the final footnote of a deceased individual. A person who can no longer defend themselves or the property that is their grave. Many times this falls on cemetery workers who may have to fend off those who wish to violate the sanctity of the final resting place. Various higher dimensional entities can very well place a Curse upon you for such heinous acts. Naturally, Curses are swarming with the specter of dark luck that could infest the very bowels of your life! Only creatures like Ghouls who devour dead corpses can absorb Cursed energy and actually thrive on it! Depending on the severity of your crimes you may face afterlife repercussions such a stay in purgatory with Ice Demons or some other unforeseen delay in your higher dimensional ascension! It is always best to keep your ill will of the dead to yourself and not act on it physically.

Those who decide to disrespect and even destroy multiple graves for a series of reasons including idiotic pranks may face a special brand of hell they could never hope to imagine! Grave robbers and other filthy fiends should realize they could fall victim to this after their own death. For sure we’ve all had this happen in some parallel Universe or another. Ultimately, the only prevention is cremation. Of course, someone could still flush the ashes down the toilet or do something else to it. Scattering them to the four winds is the best policy. Think twice before traveling down the destructive path of grave desecration!

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