Who Would Win In A Battle Of Dragon vs War Helicopter?

Dragon Versus Apache HelicopterIn the up coming battles of Armageddon fire breathing Dragons demonically released from the Underworld is almost a guarantee.  Certainly human military helicopters, and fighter jets going up against these supernatural flying flame blowing creatures is a very real scenario. The video above presents a hypothetical battle between an Apache Helicopter, and a ferocious flying dragon.  For this battle of monster versus machine they use an average sized adult dragon with the following physical stats:

  • 85 Feet Long
  • 170 Feet Wing Span
  • Top Speed 80 mph
  • 2 Inch Thick Armor Plated Scales
  • Fire Spitting Temperature Of 6330° F

Not including in the video are other dragon characteristics:

  • 300 Feet Fire Spitting Distance
  • 14,503 PSI Bite Force
  • Night Vision
  • Paranormal Demonic Based Rapid Healing
  • Highly Intelligent Predator
  • Ability To Empathically Read Pilot, and Crew Emotions.
  • Potential To Mesmerize The Weak Minded If Close Enough.

In the end it takes a barrage of multiple Hellfire Missiles to take down one dragon.  That is of course if the pilot gets a chance.  Despite their size Dragons are highly agile, and have the advantage of instinctively piloting their own bodies rather than a separate machine.

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