Do Angels Have Gender?

Gender Neutral AngelHuman origin Angels who ascended to Heavenly status after death will generally have a gender in the lower dimensions. However once they evolve into higher dimensional entities that include their Parallel Universe, and even parallel Multiverse selves, that may not be the case. We’re not the same gender in every Universe since our sex is a biological trait, and not something that originates from the great metaphysical beyond. Some may still choose to identify with a particular gender in the higher dimensions of our reality while others may be gender neutral. At the end of the day everyone has equally been a man, woman, extraterrestrial, and a plethora of other incomprehensible states in the grand design of our Omniverse!

Archangels, and Angels directly created by the Omniverse God weren’t created with any particular gender in mind. So they rarely identify with one since they existed long before humans, and other biological beings.  If they materialize before humans in biological, or other form, they can appear as any sex they so choose. Often human history has recorded a number of male Angels since the masculine gender dominated so many societies across history. It seems only in modern times have female Angels finally been welcomed with open arms.  Since Angels are the messengers of God they want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.  If they sense a certain gender will be the most effective in conveying their message, or completing their holy mission, then they will manifest as said gender.

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    • Some practitioners of magic have done this because they’re weirdos. Flight can be achieved without wings. Generally only Angels in biological form manifest fully retractable glowing white wings. Dark Angels, those on the path to Demonhood, have black wings.

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