The Child Zombie Apocalypse

The Brave Kids Of A Parallel Universe Fight Of Rabid Child Zombies In An Awesome Playground Battle.The psychokinetic artist who drew this disturbing yet awesome image of children battling zombie kids on a playground from Hell actually witnessed this horror in real life.  He’s a master of Hyperchronokinesis which is the manipulation of 5-D hyperspace thereby allowing for travel to alternate realities.  This person fell asleep one Halloween night after watching various Zombie Films, an episode of The Walking Dead, and greeting trick or treating kids in gruesome costumes.  After eating too much candy his dreaming sub-conscious mind took him to the horrific reality pictured above.  A parallel Universe where a unique zombie virus simply finished off just about all adults, and teens on Earth while only turning young children into zombies.  Older kids were in borderline territory, and would sometimes transform into zombies when directly exposed to the zombification virus while others would keel over never to rise again.  10-12 years is the gray area of the voracious paranormal virus. Read The Rest On Our Halloween Blog…

In our own reality most zombie virus types create Zombies from any human whether they be a newborn, toddler, child, teen, adult, or advanced geriatric.

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