What Happened To Mystic Investigations On Halloween?

mystic-office-scary-pumpkinWe here at Mystic Investigations have dealt with many forms of dark creatures over these 13 Nights Of Halloween. On the eve of Halloween Drake Alexander’s vampire mother, Duanna Sargon, flew in from Turkey where she resides in a posh palace fit for Sumerian royalty displaced from Iraq due to war. She had previously planned to visit Drake, and all of us for Halloween but she had news of a potential threat. Previously a friend of Drake’s had a vision about a mysterious vampire escaping from a dark place underground into a cold environment where Eskimos were afoot. It became clear that this individual was most likely a third generation vampire named Meistiensos who originated from the lost Continent of Atlantis. He is the vampire who sired Duanna over 4000 years ago, and there came a time when his overbearing obsessive ways led her, and her vampire siblings to over power him as one so that he could be sealed in a crypt deep underground. It was a burial chamber located underneath the Sahara Desert along the Red Sea in Egypt. Duanna recently traveled to the crypt, and discovered he was gone. He had been imprisoned via powerful Egyptian religious symbols, and artifacts. We later pieced together various evidence to gleam a picture of what happened to him. Apparently an archeological dig released him after 3000 years of being entombed, and his sarcophagus was relocated to a United States military research base in Northern Alaska. There he escaped into the snows on the cusp of a modern world full of wonders he could have never imagined. However it might not have been totally foreign to him since Atlantis had some amazing technology that was lost in the cold waters of Atlantic history. A number of fine soliders met their maker at the secret base, and were found drained of blood. A government informant alerted us to this fact, and naturally it was never reported to the media.

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In addition Zack Powers is just about healed thanks to his nanobots, the energy our users have sent, the care of Dr.Ashley Abercrombie, and the magic of Rebecca Abernathy.  He should be returning to high school Monday morning.

What Is The Average Temperature Of A Haunted House?

haunted-houseGhost Hunters always carry a digital thermometer as a general guide to gauge paranormal activity around them.  Believe it or not the average temperature of a haunted house, or any other structure, is a respectable 66.6ºF even if the furnace is running.  When an entity directly interacts in the vicinity the temperature will drop drastically depending on the power of the entity whether it be a human ghost, poltergeist,  demon, or some other higher dimensional being.  These beings pull energy from the general area causing air molecules to slow down thereby lowering the temperature.  A simple ghost can take the temperature down to freezing while more powerful entities of evil may drop it to 0ºF or lower.  One thing is for sure.  If your digital thermometer hit 66.6ºF or 19.22ºC then chances are good that you’re in a haunted house.

Ultra power demons can have an opposite effect, and the place can actually get hot as hell.  Well maybe not that hot but if your digital thermometer reads 150.88ºF or 66.6ºC then it’s time to get the heck out of that house.  Not only because you’ll be damn uncomfortable but really because a demon is afoot!  In some cases the house will erupt into spontaneous flames.  Never take on a demon alone.  Call your local demon hunter or exorcist for help.